Dan takes on a couple of heavy calls this week. A woman learned that her ex-boyfriend of eight years was convicted on child pornography charges. He will almost certainly go to prison. He was once her fiancé. Rough stuff.

Then, Dan helps a woman make the heart-breaking choice between a single or a double mastectomy.

Our guest this week is the sharp, hilarious comedian, Jared Goldstein. He and Dan talk about how gay men reject long-haired homos, how straight men don’t get “headaches,” and definitively answer whether dreams get weirder and kinkier as we age. A little is on the Micro, the whole thing is on the Magnum.

Finally, he’s dating a woman who isn’t quite over her ex. And her ex is the caller’s boss. And the ex is a super-hot guy who hunts caribou. He was “like a drug” to his girlfriend. How can the caller ever hope to compete?

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