Remember: Trump fellators are best ignored.


I used to work at the place where Dow got his haircut. If memory serves, twice a month seems about right.


Isn’t “freedom gas” what happens after Trump eats his third daily Big Mac?


Thanks for the news roundup!
I know where I would like to blow some 'freedom gas'. Preferably after lots of French fries (oops Freedom fries) with garlic!


Why is this not an Onion article.


"published fortnightly"


"Freedom Gas" just made my decade. If I die tonight, know that I died happy.


"Freedom Gas" should only be a reference to Ben Franklin's essay, "Fart Proudly/"A Letter to a Royal Academy about farting".


Actually, the Energy Department may be on to something:


Pelosi: "I think they have proven—by not taking down something they know is false—that they were willing enablers of the Russian interference in our election."

The source of the doctored video of Pelosi is unknown.

But for our crazed, red-baiting liberals, absence of evidence is evidence of Russians.



You should do your homework before spouting off.

That's a photo of the Počerady Power Station in The Czech Republic, a lignite coal-burning electric plant. The cooling towers are releasing water vapor, but the stacks next to them are pumping CO2 and other pollutants into the Earth's atmosphere at a rate rivaled only by other coal plants.


@4 thank you.
WHY do we keep seeing this misleading image.
Why do we keep seeing so many damn staged or stupid looking Getty images in the first place. It makes the Stranger reporting look cheep, mainstream and lazy.


But the point about this image being over used regardless if correct is still a good point. Tired of seeing it.


People who make their homes next to a river or on its flood plain will get flooded.
I grew up in a river city. At least every ten years a high magnitude flood occurred. This was no secret to anyone.
Poor people long made their homes well away from the river.
But the Rich people? They built big flimsy glassy homes all along the river banks. When this predictable event happened over and over again, they cried to the city government with no end to their flooded plights. This is a predictable and solvable catastrophe; people just cling to stupidity. Money seems only to encourage it.


Shorter @11:

"Imma just gonna ignore the scores of actual, verified examples of Russian trolling and focus my entire attention on one example that may - or may not - be Russian trolling, beecuz, stigginit to teh libtards."


@11 might want to read Cheeto’s admission today that the Russians helped him win.

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