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Seattle is a tough place to raise kids, no such help from the push to replace single family homes with two bedroom apartments and a school system that looks like it won’t be able to pay all the bills after the 23-24 school year (which is mysteriously getting no press). Could use a little support here.


Sure the hate-KKKrazed incels and piss-ons worship Mush and believe that people should pay him for the privilege of working at $hitter, however the company no longer has a payroll department after they resigned en masse along with HR, compliance-legal, communications, and most of the engineering teams.

It’d be rude to mention that no organization can survive those catastrophic losses.

They’ll need an ocean of Flavor Aid to wash down the thoughtcrimes against Dear Leader!


No, America does not need Twitter.
America’s release valve is watching the Lions lose on Thanksgiving day, while viewers down Buds, or other crappy Midwest beers.


@2: No, raindrop. I need a Twitter account like I need to catch pneumonia around midnight on Thanksgiving Day, by stupidly camping outside in a parking lot in freezing temperatures overnight, waiting for some outlet store to open just so I and about 500 other doofuses can trample some poor, underpaid clerk in hot pursuit of a $10 gadget, as advertised, all for the corporate profiteering atrocity that is Black Friday. No thanks.
Red wine, dark chocolate, music, my Love Beetle, cats, movies, and good company are among my release valves, not Twitter. I think you need another nap.

@3: You and raindrop both need a nap.

@4 Original Andrew: And now the MAGAts are mad that the GOP couldn't piss out a red wave in this year's midterms if they had 100 billion gallons of Jim Jones' cherry Kool Aid. Kristofarian's right (in a previous related SLOG comment)----the Trumpster fire is about to get toasty.

@5 pat L: Bravo!! And thank you for beating me to it. I haven't needed a Twitter account, have never subscribed, and never will.


Lol that Twitter has someone taken a turn since Musk took over. It was always full of awful people saying awful things to each other. To use Wills dismissive term, those “pearl clutching” about Twitter are in denial about what it was before.


@7: You and CandyLips could also use a good night's sleep, couldn't you? Unless @3 means that the GOP needs an enema. Then I'd agree 100%. The Party of Trump is full of shit.
Nighty night.


“The latest round of tech layoffs has been hitting workers living here on H1-B visas particularly hard…”

This is actually a long-standing labor issue. Tech employers always want the number of H1-B visas to be as large as possible, to have the largest number of potential workers competing for tech jobs. Therefore, one could argue that reducing the number of H1-B visas would be better for local tech workers.

This might be an interesting issue for a local web site with a labor columnist to investigate…

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