What does a city have to do to get a little police accountability these days? Getty | David Ryder



First comment in new format.


Wild rabbits carry tularemia. Symptoms similar to Covid-19.



Bunnies are bad because they eat our yards, I think?


Just a formatting comment. On the main Slog page, the subject lines for each topic of the AM/PM post is bolded and significantly different from the following text in the paragraph. When I click through to the actual post, the bolding is not significantly different from the rest of the paragraph. The font also changes between the main page and when I click into the actual post.

It took me a bit to notice and realize that's what I was missing... but the significant bolding helps me demarcate the different topics as I scan the page.

Anyhoo. I like the new look, just wanted to give a bit of feedback.


We also have cute rabbits in Southern CA and they eat up people lawns, to which I say (in the middle of drought) "good for them!"


Is it just me, or is the "new" format simply a slightly different and larger font?


What about people who drink 5 to 10 cups of coffee?


Well, I guess I'm grateful y'all didn't go with a disqus comment section. But the new layout. Jesus. I've seen hoarder houses less cluttered. Congratulations on a job...done.


"GOP apparatchik Glen Morgan is back on his bullshit, organizing a door-to-door effort to "clean" the voter rolls"

PLEASE come onto my property and try this bullshit. Unlike a lot of west coasters, I love confrontations and if I feel you are trying to threaten or intimidate me, I will stand my ground.


I'm generally pretty averse to radical change and redesigns, but this isn't awful and I'm glad you all didn't thrust that dumb disqus commenting format on us. The one minor critique I'd offer is that it'd maybe be nice to have a little more of a well defined break between new blurbs. Maybe even just a darker or thicker font in the bold portion that introduces a separate item. Nice roundup anyway, I've enjoyed Will's posts to date.


That picture looks like a production still from Watchmen: Seattle.


I miss when bold text was actually bold. Now bold is like faded bold.


Comments seem to be posting funkily too. I saw a bunch (including my own) earlier, now I only see raindrop's @1.


The Strangers anti car bias is really something. An individual "in crisis" deliberately rams their vehicle into a building and somehow this is poor reflection on car culture? If they had just smashed all the windows of the business with a hammer would that be a sacrifice to "tool culture" or "home depot culture"? Truly something to behold watching them spin an incident into something else.


So you guys bothered to do what was clearly a time consuming re-deign, but did nothing at all to deal with your comment system and it's user base of trolls? Like ZERO moderation or reporting improvements?



The link to last night's Slog PM seems to be broken. I assume that's a bug, though the Mudede haters might consider it a feature.


Just posting another comment in order to see newer ones.


so am I the only one having this weird issue where only raindrop's comment loads until I post a new one, which then allows them all to display? pretty freaking annoying and is likely to result in my posting a lot of comments throughout the day here. is happening on both my home and work cpu's too.


Hello, is this healthcare.gov?



Ah, good to know. Not just me then.


@23: If you remove your username from the sign-in box below the comment preview and then "post" a comment, one can see the newer comments without actually posting a new comment.


Comments regarding mobile on iphone 12

1) The landing page heading font size is huge. I mean HUGE. Who wants to scroll a headline? At least a 20% reduction and kern those bitches (or at least slightly condense).

2) Go for slightly smaller line-height for body (1.4?).

3) Condense the body slightly. -0.1/-0.2px or equivalent em?

4) Definitely a little more padding/margin whatever on the body text margins. Will do wonders. Pushes up way to tight to container atm.

5) An incrementally smaller font size. (I have my iphone dynamic text size set the middle, btw).

Like your font selection!

Just need tweaks but otherwise it’s a fresh look. It’s just not nearly legible as it can be atm.


@17 really? are you seriously going to pretend TS writers have a hate-hate view of anything car related?

@18 They did manage to kick you off for a while so whatever they are doing isn't all that bad


this is absurd



ah, thanks.


Just so you know, Will...Seattle's bunny population is a really new phenomenon. I was born here and lived here most of my life; these creatures just weren't part of the Seattle scene back in the day. They really started appearing (in North Seattle at least) about five years ago. So, even though they are cute (I agree completely), I do think that we might be in for a problematic explosion in the bunny population. Probably will see a lot more Coyotes now to eat them up!


@33: "Seattle's bunny population is a really new phenomenon"

For you.

1) Things existed before you were born here.

2) There have been mini explosions in areas in recently history. For example, in 2005 Green Lake park had a billion bunnies:



"The perp, Jennings Ryan Staley, was a garden-variety crooked doctor trying to "profit from patients' fears,"....."
Now if we can just get him Trump as a cellmate....Please, please, please, please, please....
While we're at it, how about Mike Huckleberry (for Relaxium), his daughter Col Huckleberry Sanders (for Trump) and all the rest of the 'Supplements' scam artists!

"...end the pre-travel COVID testing requirement for international travelers."
Actually, this really is only a problem in the mind of travelers. I had to do it 2 weeks ago and it turned out that every pharmacy in France has a little Covid tent out back in the parking lot, the test & results only take 15 min, and it only costs $16. The problem was finding out where to get tested (anywhere), and what's involved (practically nothing). Like most of Covid confusion, things change so fast there's little info easily available.

"....effects of soaring food and energy prices,....."
All I know is, after finally getting the knack of making French Bread this week, I'm buying 20# of flour in case Putin nukes Ukraine.


@33 - There aren't coyotes to eat them because people in Seattle actually paid Fish & Wildlife to remove them (aka kill them) b/c they didn't want to keep their pets indoors. https://westseattleblog.com/2013/07/federal-wildlife-agent-its-a-neighborhood-problem-not-a-coyote-problem/


Good job on the redesign and bugs and kinks have a better chance of being fixed quicker with a newer web infrastructure with more extensibility. The IDE for WordPress is awful, so I can imagine the time and frustration it took.

@18: Get over it.


I hate the new format. Please unsubscribe me.


2000 pound battering ram?

what were they driving, a frickin' prius? man up or gtfo.


@31, have fun at paradise, princess. there's currently TEN FEET OF SNOW ON THE GROUND.


Any morning that starts with a classic Bigs Bunny Looney Tunes cartoon is a good day. It’s right up there with great opera and a chicken biscuit!

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