This guerilla law professor is in fact correct about the holding of Castle Rock v. Gonzales WC



Yikes. That avatar. Holy serial killer, Batman.


The Stranger should change its motto from "Seattle's Only Newspaper" to "America's most pro-criminal web site."

What is it about these staff writers who unfailingly excuse crime and defend criminals?


"Is the answer to every problem to hire more cops?"

It's a moot question Will as no cops want to be hired in Seattle. We're just down to 838 for the entire city. No more cops being assigned to sexual assault cases. SPD’s Special Assault and Child Abuse Unit went from 12 detectives three years ago to just four. Recent recruitment isn't working as competing offers from other locals are more desirable. Who can blame them?

Thanks to assorted libs, dems, thugs, antifa, city council members, The Stranger, and the rest of the 'All Cops Are Bastards" ilk.


“I am slowly going insane watching nearly everyone in a position of power on this issue operate in a public safety debate increasingly detached from reality.”

we shouldda Learned
from Ike’s Dire Warning re
a Military Industrial Complex
so HUGE it’d soon either eat US
or the Planet up and now those Birds
have come Home to Roost – on OUR streets
girded up for a War on the Citizenry: Republican
Utopia where the Fascists know Everyone’s Place

and are most Swift
to help them
Locate it

even if it’s 6'


We also need more cops for when THE BIG ONE hits Seattle. Does that ever cross your mind Will?


and now there's
Zero comments!

ah them New Webby Blues

good Luck tS!


ok, thanks for the delete and sorry for the dig, will. i mean, look at my avatar. i'm literally an asshole.

this country will never get rid of guns. never. so access control has got to be a big part of the solution. all doors at schools need to be locked at all times. cameras and intercoms at points of public entry. some sort of security officer on site to check people when they come in. not just for people with guns coming in, but parents who have restraining orders etc.


Tiffany Smiley is typical of the sort of low-rent, halfwit, bottom-of-the-barrel non-entity that the WA State Republicans are stuck with. She's sort of a Marjorie Taylor-Greene without the accent.

Sure, there's always a reliable Republican base in Eastern Washington (in part because the Democratic Party has basically ceded to the GOP) but Murray should be able to beat her pretty effortlessly.


Will, I honestly want to know what your solution is for the victims of sexual assault? You clearly don't think the police have a role since you question the need to fully staff the SPD and follow it up with a post suggestions police in general are futile at resolving these cases. So what's the plan? Do the people out there who prey on women and children just need a fucking hug or are they committing these crimes because of capitalism? It is shit posts like this that just undermine any honest discussion of how to reform the police and how to effectively use diversionary programs. Here's the bottom line. There are predators in our society that are assholes and get their kicks off by preying on people who are unable to fight back. Those people need to be investigated and put in jail and the organization best positioned to do that is the police.


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"The school district office called the police to ask the media to leave their property."

Something tells me they had no problem responding in a timely manner to this call.


The problem with police departments, as well as any other governmental, educational or economic institution, is that they are staffed with fallible, biased, "ugly bags of mostly water." Some folks, of course, are more competent and less biased than others. Sadly, we mostly hear about the bad ones. Mr. Casey would seem to be an ideal candidate for our local police department. He has a background in law and appears to be young, knowledgeable and healthy. No doubt a position with Seattle's Finest would pay more than being a columnist for The Stranger. And I hear tell that there may be some extra cheese on the table if he moves quickly.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."


@3, in case you haven't noticed, cops are failing to do their jobs all over the country. It's not a problem unique to Seattle and it's clearly not a funding issue.

"Thanks to assorted libs, dems, thugs, antifa, city council members, The Stranger, and the rest of the 'All Cops Are Bastards" ilk."

Wow, are those words you pulled from a KOMO bingo card? I'm not sure what you're saying here. Cops have thin skin and can't handle criticism? Or they can't handle difficult situations? Neither one is a good look for someone that's paid to you know, handle difficult situations.


"This has to be the silliest idea I've ever heard for a problem with an obvious solution: build more housing, you ghouls."

I'm not sure what to make of this. Is Will suggesting perpetrators of violent crime in and around City Hall Park are exclusively homeless? And is he further suggesting that if they are provided housing, assaults, attempted rapes, trafficking, and so on in the vicinity of City Call and the King County Superior Court will stop?



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"This guerilla law professor is in fact correct about the holding of Castle Rock v. Gonzales "

If that was really the case the school resource officer from the Parkland school shooting wouldn't be going on trial for negligence this coming September.


@14 That is an excellent idea and I would include Hannah as well.

Both Will, and Hannah have expressed deep concerns over the behavior and skills of law enforcement. Since they are both young, college educated, with knowledge of both legal matters and social equity they would seem ideal candidates for the position.

Hannah has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction over the income provided by The Stranger. Perhaps a new career would give her a better income along with a chance to “Be The Change!”






@15: Handling criticism has nothing to do with it, right? There you go again, throwing out a tangential red herring. It's a personnel issue. Its about adequate public safety for the community. Including such things you wouldn't object to, like pulling over drunk drives. Or is that too 'concern troll' for you?

If Seattle Fire Department was losing as many fire fighters as SPD is losing officers, you wouldn't fire off such snarky disparagement.


"I am slowly going insane watching nearly everyone in a position of power on this issue operate in a public safety debate increasingly detached from reality."

That's two of us:

"obvious solution: build more housing"

"crimes of poverty"
"crimes of survival"
"victims of capitalism"


your most
'coherent' post
as of yet tentsore

“Dunn specified that
his [see-thru] wall proposal is
‘… [n]ot like Trump's wall, to be clear.’”

oh for transparency’s sake
it’s gonna be Glass Bricks?

‘see whatchya Don’t get
homeless Pepples?
alls ya gotta Do is
Be More Moral
and y'alls can
enter Freely.'

“Someone should familiarize him
with the old adage about cake
and whether you can both
have it and eat it.”

trumpf not only Gets his Cake
and Eat it too he
Shits in it

and his Disciples
the ‘Lucky’ ones
get all the


and then there’s This

Cancer Trial’s Unexpected Result:
Remission in Every Patient

Sascha Roth, the first patient in the trial, unexpectedly learned she had rectal cancer in 2018. Her gastroenterologist, she recalled, told her during a sigmoidoscopy, “Oh no. I was not expecting this!”

It was a small trial, just 18 rectal cancer patients, every one of whom took the same drug.

But the results were astonishing. The cancer vanished in every single patient, undetectable by physical exam, endoscopy, PET scans or M.R.I. scans.

Dr. Luis A. Diaz Jr. of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, an author of a paper published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine describing the results, which were sponsored by the drug company GlaxoSmithKline, said he knew of no other study in which a treatment completely obliterated a cancer in every patient.

“I believe this is the first time this has happened in the history of cancer,” Dr. Diaz said.

by Gina Kolata June 5, 2022

more at

well whaddaya Know?

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