No, Seattle Pride didn’t ban cops. The board of directors is just “asking any police officers marching in the parade to do so out of uniform,” according to a Seattle Pride statement released over the weekend. Cops are free to attend Pride, they just don’t get to make people uncomfortable by wearing a uniform that many queers associate with particularly negative experiences.

We are apparently trying to blow up the ocean. This morning North Korea fired a bunch of missiles into the ocean, and so of course the US had no choice but to do the same by shooting eight missiles into the water. It's okay that this is happening, because everything else is going great in North Korea and in America, two very normal countries where happy citizens enjoy trouble-free lives of abundance.

Bring your galoshes if you’re heading to Whidbey or Port Townsend. Over the weekend, heavy rain caused flooding and a landslide near the Port Townsend ferry terminal, but we’ve got dry weather in the forecast for the next few days, so hopefully that’ll give the water some time to recede until the next climate apocalypse. Speaking of which, tonight the Port Townsend City Council will consider an ordinance, proposed by high school students, that would limit vehicle idling. 

Congrats, local Emmy winners. This weekend the Northwest Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences its awards gala and handed out 59 little gold statues to … well, it’s hard to say, since they haven’t posted the list of winners yet. But among those being recognized were Nancy Guppy, Senior Producer and Host at The Seattle Channel; KING 5's Glenn Farley and Dave Wike; and Liz Serrette at ROOT Sports. Omari Salisbury and the team at Converge Media brought home the prestigious Board of Governors Emmy. 

Very productive weekend for mass shooters. Total death toll this weekend: Twelve, including three people shot on a street in Philadelphia. Meanwhile a gun safety bill continues to plod forward, but it's already been stripped of its best provisions. Congratulations to the gun industry and the GOP on their ongoing success.

Seattle versus the suburbs, round 298729873: The latest plucky little town to outdo us is Spokane, which sent an urbanist to evaluate the northern bits of Seattle this weekend. Alas, we were found wanting. A group called Spokane Rising pointed out pedestrian-hostile streets and inefficient, low-density housing. Not a huge shock, but when the Lilac City is running circles around us, then it’s time for a long, hard look in the mirror.

New Apple stuff coming today? The Apple store just went offline ahead of Apple's developer conference address, which usually means new devices are rolling out. Or it just means someone leaned against the wrong light switch. Anyway, the event starts at 10 pm Pacific, and you can follow along here. Apple has been working on a VR headset, but it's not expected until next year, so this is probably going to be a phone update.

Oh great, now even Portland is making us look bad. I can’t imagine anything more humiliating than being shown up by Portland, of all places, but here we are. That incorrigible city to the south is home to an absolutely beautiful bike train, guiding a great big crowd of kids to school on two wheels every morning. (Here’s some coverage from a few weeks ago.) How DARE they be so much better at this than Seattle?

Today’s the deadline to vote, City employees! City workers are weighing in on some retirement system options. If you work for the City, the deadline to submit your ballot is today at 5 pm. The deadline for bugging Bruce Harrell to make the mystery soda machine on Capitol Hill come back is anytime you feel like it.

It's curtains for Boris. Just like Chancellor Valorum, Boris Johnson will face a vote of no confidence today, following weeks of particularly bad optics involving a bunch of parties his staff threw when they were supposed to be locked down. He might squeak through this vote, but even if he does it's unlikely he'll be able to stick around much longer.

Don’t act like you wouldn’t wave at a hologram if it waved at you first. This weekend England commemorated 70 years of having to put up with Elizabeth Windsor, and as part of the ceremonies onlookers were allowed to wave at a gold carriage containing a queen-shaped hologram. Sure, why the hell not.

This is a good omen for the sequel, Morb 2: Mondo Morby. This weekend Sony re-released Morbius in theaters — across from the new Top Gun, good grief — and that went about as well as you might expect. The per-screen average for Morbius was a catastrophically bad $359, according to Box Office Mojo. (Eight weeks after it opened, the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie averaged around $1,000 this weekend, and Top Gun pulled in around $26,000 per screen). Morbius has enjoyed a healthy afterlife as the subject of memes, but, as the producers of Snakes on a Plane will tell you, Internet buzz does not a happy box office make.

Happy Pride to this Twitter thread. Here you will find a very sweet, very gay story about musical theater icon John Kander:

Also happy Pride to Whatcom youths. Check out this charming dispatch from Whatcom, where the community turned out for the Youth Pride Parade this weekend. Food trucks, flags, a drag show — it looks like a real hoot.

Oregon candidates for Governor call for climate arson. All three of the leading candidates for Oregon governor want to see the bridge into their state rebuilt, but only one of them, Democrat Tina Kotek, wants to emphasize sustainable transportation. The other two, Republican Christine Drazan and partyless Betsy Johnson, want more room for private cars, which is to say more traffic jams, more pollution, more carnage. 

Somewhere, there’s a tennis ball that needs chasing. Fortunately, Maxine is on the case: