Demonstrators rallied for gun control yet again this weekend in DC. Drew Angerer / Getty Images Staff



The cats pulling on the volunteer’s neck strap - a little kitty S & M during pride month!


4 WA Fascists are from Ravensdale, Concrete, Des Moines, and Ellensburg:

Address: 34909 SE 257TH ST, ROVENSDALE, WA 98051
Statute Offense Description Jud. Status Bond Amt. Remaining
18-1701 Criminal Conspiracy J1 $300.00

Address: 44990 CONCRETE ROAD, CONCRETE, WA 98237
Statute Offense Description Jud. Status Bond Amt. Remaining
I18-1701 {M} Criminal Conspiracy J1 $300.00

Address: 20927 2ND AVE SOUTH, DES MOINES, WA 98198
Statute Offense Description Jud. Status Bond Amt. Remaining
I18-1701 {M} Criminal Conspiracy J1 $300.00

Address: 6051 MANASTASH RD, ELLENBURG, WA 98926
Statute Offense Description Jud. Status Bond Amt. Remaining
18-1701 Criminal Conspiracy J1 $300.00

There's some from Spokane, too.


"So are we about to enter a recession now, or what? Well, chances are that if you are capable of understanding that question and taking any meaningful action based on the answer, then you have already done so and you don't need some two-bit local blog to explain anything to you."

Self-awareness is the first step to something something...


the Po-po
caught some
fascist terrorists
Before the Fact?!

Kudos! to the guy
who spotted them
and called it in and
to the Po-po who this
one time didn't poo-poo
the White Terrorism Threat

I guess we can
keep them Afterall

and to think
what set Fake
'prez' off on his
Wild Goosechase
to Steal his way back
into the White House

was a drunken
Rudy Ghouliani
on Election Eve.

Good ol Rudy
tutti fucking


@5, 6: they responded to a 911 call and pulled the van over; they had units in the area already. so impressive.

@4: you're a callous dick. you know what bike helmets are for, and their limits.


Bollards preventing parking/protecting bike lanes would have prevented the death of a 3 year old a few days ago, caused by a truck blocking a bike lane.

WorldBollardAssociation @WorldBollardAssociation


Good for Germany. Meanwhile we can't take a train north of Seattle.


@11: do you ever read what you're about to post back to yourself? you should sometimes.


Again enjoyed today’s hearing because it isn’t a rehash. I’m learning some astounding things, and Trump is clearly looking like the psychopath/narcissist mad man most knew he was. He was refusing to listen to trusted advisors who told him, “Mr. President, it’s over.” And all his claims of election shenanigans were being shot down one by one. He was saying (and had alluded to this before the election), “I’m not winning, therefore something must be corrupt.” Glad this is getting an official airing. I fear those who should be watching, aren’t. To all you Trump supporters (still), today’s takeaway is this: He was way, way more interested in injecting doubt into our government and its electoral processes than he was in discovering the truth.

About lesbians and U-Hauls, remember when the Tea Party was just cranking up, and they were calling themselves “teabaggers”? Weeks and weeks went by before someone told them, “Uh…dat means sumthin’ else.” And when they were told what the alternative definition was, they blinked three times in horror, and ran into the house to watch Hannity. They also stopped calling themselves that. People on the far right do not know camp. Any one of those turds in Idaho, if they heard the old joke about what a lesbian brings on a second date and got it, would be considered a scholar amongst his/her peers.

Don’t get too excited yet over that pretty weak gun control bill. I see it as Republicans shaking and fluffing that area rug before asking the Democrats to come stand on it, then snap-pull. “See?” they’ll say, “Damned ol’ Democrats can’t get nothing done.” BTW, did anyone see that ad from Trump’s Save America on the Sunday news shows? Democrats wasting time on a witch hunt while they should be tackling gas prices and inflation. Showed Biden slipping on Air Force One’s air stairs, and ends with a still of Trump rigidly saluting something. Really sickening and I wonder if it doesn’t violate the Standards of Good Broadcasting. I saw it both on CBS and NBC, but it looked pure Fox. Maybe even too over the top for Fox.

Unless we get churches out of our government locally all the way to federally (Mass at the Supreme Court), I think we’re headed back to the days where if you need an abortion, you have to travel to where you can get one, and as safe as we LGBT+ are feeling these days in some places, and assured in our newly acquired recognitions, I see returning to a dangerous past insofar as if you are gay, you’ll have to move to where your friends are. Don't you think religion is behind all that shit?


@Bauhaus I
that was when
them good ole Teabaggers®
with their tri-cornered aluminium
helmets discovered Political Correctedness
and shamed an entire Nation away from TheWord.

"[trumpf] was saying (and had alluded to this before the election), 'I’m not winning, therefore something must be corrupt.'"

trumpfy hadn't 'alluded to it'
he declared it Early and Often
and said the Onliest way he could
possibly Lose was if he got Cheated out of it

like he cheated everyone else
his whole fucking Life from his
stone-cold Father to his siblings
to his contractors to Anyone fool-
ish enough to lend him the time of
day he took for a Ride he knew it was
Over but if you've Never been held Ac-
Countable you're likely to just Go for it.

he'd been setting it
up since day fucking one
when he declared 2016 Rigged

even tho he
fucking Won

so he listened to
a drunken Rudi
at just the

all the Best

the Fascists are Banging
on the Fucking Doors.


re: persuasive trumpf commercial aka
we never shouldda Defunded our Schools

trumpfy's coffers are Overflowing
so expect some Most EXCELLENT
Propaganda to hit the webbery
Broadcast teevee & AM Radio

it's gonna be a GINORMOUS
Windfall for Networks and
everyone who $ells ads
Corporate America
Wins yet again

& the Profiteering
NEVER ever


A Jan. 6 panel member
says Trump raising money off
bogus election claims was ‘the big rip-off.’

… the House panel investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol also made the case on Monday that his false claims amounted to a fraud perpetrated on his supporters.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Democrat of California, wrapped up Monday’s session by laying out how Mr. Trump’s campaign, a related political action committee and his allies raised $250 million by claiming they were fighting widespread election fraud at a time when they knew there was none.

“Throughout the committee’s investigation, we found evidence that the Trump campaign and its surrogates misled donors as to where their funds would go and what they would be used for, so not only was there The Big Lie, there was The Big Rip-off,” Ms. Lofgren said. [caps mine]

“Donors deserve to know where their funds are really going. They deserve better than what President Trump and his team did.”
by Michael S. Schmidt

more at

the gifted $cammer
$cammin' his
& gal$


It's 5pm and no comments? Were all of the usual Slog commenters in that Uhaul truck?


@21. That was weird. It showed 0 comments until I posted that comment.


@21 -- nah. not All of us
just the Young Fascists
which is why
they're all


Just had to join the chuckle about how useless our police are ... until they prevent a terrorist attack on Pride. Pride essentially BEGAN because of a terrorist attack BY the New York City Police Department upon gays. (How soon we forget.)

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