In the face of 2 intransigent DINO Senators and complete GQP obstruction:
1.9 trillion pandemic relief plan, with $1400 payments to individuals (including Kyle Rittenhouse who straw-purchased his MSSA with it).
1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.
Juneteenth recognition bill, a new Federal Holiday.
and there's about to be a Gun Control bill, maybe. Maybe.

But, they didn't wipe out trillions in Student Debt, so "diddly squat".

How does an Impeachment over Hunter Biden's laptop sound? A couple Government shutdowns? Will that will help constituents?


Welcome to Weimar Republic 2: The Treason Finale.

The Republinazis are maliciously psychopathic, owned by the oil companies, totally incompetent, and have zero ideas on how to manage the eCONomy nor anything else, but gas prices are high, so here comes fascism : )


The midterms in November are not a foregone loss; there's still time to make a difference. I've worked up a list below of close races for Governor and the Senate where donations in any amount could make a difference, and I'm currently working up a list for the House. Act Blue makes it easy

Chris Jones AR Governor
Katie Hobbs AZ Governor
Mark Kelly AZ Senate
Michael Bennet CO Senate
Val Demings FL Senate
Stacey Abrams GA Governor
Marcus Flowers GA House
Raphael Warnock GA Senate
Gretchen Whitmer MI Governor
Trudy Busch Valentine MO Senate
Cheri Beasley NC Senate
Maggie Hassan NH Senate
Catherine Cortez Masto NV Senate
Kendra Horn OK Senate
Tina Kotek OR Governor
Josh Shapiro PA Governor
John Fetterman PA Senate
Beto O'Rourke TX Governor
Kim Schrier WA House


@6: I have realized voters don't care about facts. Long ago.

It's Keimig I'm addressing.


Why is the fact that Joker 2 may be a musical "the worst possible news"?


Comments are just not working correctly on The Stranger’s new site. I was expecting 10 comments and in only see two. Fix it, people!



Is it possible that actions other people take can have an impact on one's own life? I mean, by your logic, if I'm concerned about injuries and fatalities relating to drunk driving, I simply shouldn't drink and drive and there will be no concerns.

Genius, indeed.


Ah, yes, once again it's time to conflate Manchin and Sinema with "the Democrats" as a whole, apparently to erase the goals and achievements of the other 48 senators and POTUS.


Jes, as far as the midterms are concerned, it's not as simple as the dems losing both houses: While the house will be very tough to hold due to gerrymandering, the Senate may still be in play for maintaining a tie if not an outright majority, with a couple of potential pickups in WI and PA, plus Ryan running neck and neck with Vance in the polls in OH. Lets see how the very likely Roe reversal plays out in the mid terms and instead of lying down and accepting the consent manufacture to defeat, work for victory as tough as it may be.


If I had a problem with they way a private Methodist university treated its employees, I probably wouldn't be paying ~$47,000 in annual tuition to attend.


Jas, the James Beard article in is from February??

Did you enter one of Charles's alternate time-travel universes where news from February is considered current?


Why, why, why would you spend STOOPID amounts of money to go to a third-rate college that does not comport with your personal beliefs? I'm baffled.


It's too bad about the tampon shortage. I just threw a box away that was nearly full. Had I known menopause was impending I would have not purchased so many. Tried to donate them for years and gave up - no one will take an open box. There has to be millions of tampons sitting in medicine cabinets of post menopausal women. If you are in need hit up anyone you know over the age of early 50s. Ask them to dig around - can't hurt.


Lauren Boebert says that the tampon shortage is because "they" are stocking them in men's rooms.

Which begs the question: What is Lauren Boebert doing in men's rooms?


I'm trans and have never once thought raindrop was saying something to offend me or other trans people. He may not be correct about a thing or two but I've certainly never found him to be a bigot of any kind.


I've never seen tampons being dispensed in a men's bathroom. I do however have an early childhood memory of the bowling alley in my hometown having a couple of those seedy, coin-operated goodie dispensers. My friend said he'd heard they were full of pictures of naked ladies and so we each pitched in a quarter and bought one. Of course it wasn't a naked lady picture, but rather a condom. I didn't know what a condom was, but pretended to be grossed out as he was, so as to not reveal my ignorance. Anyway, we then tore it open and took it across the street to Woolworth's where we slipped it over top one of their little signs advertising a sale. Good times.


Mike dear, the Nitelite in the Moore Hotel used to have a cologne dispenser in the men's room. You put in a quarter, and it would give you a blast of muskiness like Brut (the 70's version of Axe Body Spray).

One night I was there with a roommate, and I doused him with whatever that stuff was as a joke. I swear he smelled like it for a week.


Why oh why would anyone pay STOOPID amounts of money to a third-rate college with a policy that does not comport with your personal beliefs? Can someone explain it to me?


@33 - I have to figure that at least part of it is parents who don't want their kids going to schools that support people and values that are not part of their wacko fundamentalist worldview. Isn't SPU the one that requires students to pledge not to have sex?


With the corollary being that SPU is likely to be the saddlebacking capital of the state.

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