Shocking that a few yard signs and requesting humane working conditions has Amazon calling the cops on its own employees. Megan Varner | Getty



former and
Fake "president"
trumpf's 'Sycophants?

I believe you spelled


The only people to blame for the riots and the tear gas are the ACAB crowd who would night after night continue to riot.

Had they stopped rioting there would have been no tear gas.


Q. "You know what would be much more effective than sending a bunch of CEOs [Oilygarchs] a letter they’ll promptly repurpose as toilet paper?"

they wipe their arses
with hundred-dollar bills

A. "Nationalizing the culprits
of the climate crisis"

well There's a damn BINGO.


"Nationalizing the culprits of the climate crisis."

Will do you want to help the Republicans in 2022 and 2024?

Because nothing will drive moderates to the GOP faster than an attempt by the Democrats to Socialize the oil industry. If Biden took your advise McConnell would have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and McCarthy would be House Speaker with at least 300 Republican Representatives.

Good lord, read the room man, you Progressives have driven the working class (including hispanics and working class African-Americans) to fucking vote GOP, you think even more of your BS will change that?


We're now one of those countries that should have the UN step in and monitor elections.


@6 typical moderate thinking: we should kowtow to conservative ideology because otherwise people might become upset and vote conservative


lindsley graham
on FOX yesterday:

'we the (GOP)
take back Congress
we WILL be Cutting both
Medicare and Social Security.'

put That in your g.d. Pipe
& Smoke it fellow Geezers

and pretty much
Most of those

Good fucking Luck


@8 Why do you think Trump in 2020 got a larger share of working class Hispanic and working class African-Americans than he did in 2016.

Why do you think the working class of all ethnicities are leaning more and more Republican?


"Socialize" the oil industry, st2?

those guys raking in Record Profits
Driving Inflation thru the Roof
Melting the Fucking Planet
& Choking the very Life
from Our Progeny?

we need to
take it Easy
on Them?

Fuck Off.


you do this
or I miss my Guess


@11 because Democrats have no message and are too scared to actually fight for any progress or social good lest they upset the nazis?

also, punching yourself in the dick is a great American past time


@14 actually Democrats managed to pass a $1.9 Trillion Economic Recovery Plan, a $1 Trillion infrastructure bill, and a $1.5 Trillion appropriations bill, all of which contained significant help for people, significant climate change mitigations, and we’re the largest such spending bills in over a generation.

All of which should have been welcomed as huge accomplishments. But because they didn’t pass every single Progressive Unicorn the Progressives derided them from the very beginning.


I should point out the marital status of the beaver has not been confirmed.

A lot of beavers are common law, of course.



And had cops stopped killing Black people without any justification, there would have been no protests, so...

As for voter demographics, well 92% of Blacks voted for Biden in 2020, which was actually an increase over the 89% who voted for Clinton in 2016, so whatever Drumph's 2016 stats may have been, they didn't improve by more than a blip. And while the number of Hispanic voters did increase - very slightly - for Drumph in 2020 over 2016, Biden still managed to win over a slightly larger majority (66%) than Clinton did (65%) four years previously. Drumph's gain was due to an increase in the total number of Latinx voters in 2020, mainly among those with less-than-college education, and with Cuban Americans in South FL, so not really demonstrative of a widespread national groundswell.


plus far 'right' wingers
OWN AM Radio
so there's that

when you OWN
the Airwaves
you Control
the fucking

the so-called 'Right'
is very very 'Good'
at Propaganda

see: Joseph
on FOX
I think


@17. I wasn't aware the SPD had been killing black people without provocation. The SPD did not kill George Floyd the was done by a different police department almost 2,000 miles away.
I can't recall the last unjustified shooting by SPD.

There was no excuse for the rioting that took place in Seattle and Portland.


@8: Given that the far right and the far left shake hands on the dark side of the moon, I remain confidently amused, but not impressed, by such pontifications.


@14: That second paragraph is beneath your stature.


Nationalizing industry is something that happens in banana republics. You really don't want the President thinking in terms of that kind of exercise of power.


Republinazi Adam Exlax: The Tr666p shit never stops.


"Maybe once literally anyone involved with the decision to tear gas a whole-ass neighborhood faces some meaningful consequences, we can move on. Until then, check out KUOW's effort to get people to pay attention to Carolyn Bick’s excellent reporting on former Chief Carmen Best’s casual relationship with the truth."

Sounds like the Chair of Seattle City Council's Public Safety Committee should have that committee issue subpoenas, call witnesses, and get the persons involved on the record. That might help get the actual story told. Anyone at the Stranger have that CM's telephone number?

(Oh, and Ace Reporter Bick spent not one, but two recent columns completely failing to understand that Seattle's City Charter and laws do not authorize the Seattle Human Rights Commission to hire independent counsel. You see, the Commissioners kept telling her they could, and the City Attorney's office kept telling those same Commissioners they could not, so what was a reporter to do, really? Read the laws? Check facts?!? Snicker.)


either Nationalize or
Recession* which 'repubs''d
Relish 'cause Whisk there goes Biden &
we all Know who Profits from Catastrophe

and who gets Stepped On
they're comin' for Everyone
they'll get to You soon enough

*perhaps a Windfall Profits Tax?
it's been Done before why
not right Now?


@19, a majority of Americans want things like increased minimum wage, medicare for all, free community college. it's not a progressive unicorn wishlist, it's what the people want. and that hasn't been delivered. and I think you and I would both agree most Americans probably dont ID as progressive.

the things you mentioned are good for sure. but they were the bare minimum requirements to keep this country sort of functioning. and even so, no one seems to be campaigning on these achievements. why?


Gawd but
I do Miss

'a Traitor to his Class'
relected Prez THREE TIMES
his Legacy is what 'republicans'
are gunning for. Buh-bye Social Security
Medicare Unemployment Insurance the Nazis
are unbolting the door and they've got a Warrant

signed by Kavanaughtius Maximus*
Chief Justice of the United
States Supreme Court

*another Tragic
'accident' but
we're kinda
sure it was



Franklin Delanor Roosevelt
was Elected FOUR Times
and Re-Elected Three






yo someone needs to fix the caching on your server/site.
comments disappear and reappear at random.
been like this a couple weeks.


until i posted that comment @30, it looked like there were zero comments. none of them loaded until i posted.



That's probably because you have the attention span of a small piece of crumpled paper...


Yes, let's nationalize the oil industry. I mean what could possibly go wrong?

I also want to say I love that The Stranger has the spokesperson for the city attorney candidate who ran on a platform of ACAB and abolishing the police writing commentary on public safety matters. I'm sure he has no bias at all and we should take everything he writes at face value.


oh we cannot Nationalize
BIG Fucking OIL 'cause we'll
turn into fucking Venezuela?

that's the Sole Option?
fuck off with that Shite

although I 'spose we could settle
for a Windfall Profits Tax
I bet you've got a dann
fine Reason why we
shouldn't do
that as

Does it



“a majority of Americans want things like increased minimum wage, medicare for all, free community college. it's not a progressive unicorn wishlist”

Where are you getting the idea that is true? In elections, the only polls that matter, candidates who support those positions fail to win. Heck you would be hard pressed to show the majority of Democratic voters support those policies.

“no one seems to be campaigning on these achievements. why?”

Actually Pramila Jayapal is absolutely campaigning on those achievements. The mailer that showed up last week absolutely touts the billions those bills provide Seattle.

I’m sure she isn’t the only one.

Hell I bet there are Republicans who voted against the bills touting what they provided for their districts.



Charleena Lyles? Really?

She attacked the officers in close quarters. Were they just supposed to let her stab them?



That’s one way to provide page views numbers to the advertisers.

Not a very honest way, but it is The Stranger. Honesty is not highly valued.


@34 yes that is exactly right. There is no reality where nationalizing "big oil" will not result in massive underinvestment in the industry leading to eventual production declines and stagnation. Energy production is already politicized heavily and allowing the government direct control over business decisions would only result in massive inefficiency and decisions based more on political expediency than what is actually best for that industry and the country.

As for the windfall profits I take that with a grain of salt. I am surprised these companies are reporting record revenues when oil prices are through the roof? No. I am surprised they have massive growth coming out of a period when many people weren't driving and gas usage was down? No. I'd be more interested in knowing if their profit margin has shifted. Reporting record revenue is meaningless if you are also reporting record increases in costs of goods sold.

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