Who would have thought that hotspot policing wouldn't work long term?? HK



More bullshit from Hannah Krieg. SPD is hardly "terrorizing" 3rd between Pike and Pine. As someone who works on that block, I can unequivocally say their presence is welcome. Shit, if SPD were actually "terrorizing" the Fentanyl-addicted criminal population downtown (the proper term for these individuals) the problem may actually be solved. Instead it's a lot of officers in their cars and an occasional bike patrol. The only terrors are the Fentanyl addicted criminals treating our city like their toilet bowl. Glad that Harrell is sweeping up another RV camp too. Was at the Ballard Fred Meyer yesterday and was greatly relieved to see big ol concrete barriers on the surrounding streets and no criminal activity. Seattleites are sick of the criminality. You guys are on the wrong side at the Stranger on this one.


Fight the real enemy: Tech bros on e-bikes.


The magats are certainly triggered today, the 6JAN hearings must be really getting to them.

In other news of the day...
The Whiskey war has ended with a truce between Canada and Denmark


“Virgin” and “violently displaced” are some other choice, inflammatory/biased phrases. Not sure why anyone cares if anyone had sex or cares/dares to define that in 2022.


another provocative roundup, hannah.

a billion/year to address the housing crisis just in this city is not wrong, but that level of funding is not forthcoming. not from Seattle, Olympia, or DC. ever.

some of our homeless neighbors might want to consider leaving town for places that are more friendly, have more benefits, and have more robust programs for affordable housing.

unfortunately, i don't know where that is.


the little bitch lit them on fire.

Seriously? It's not enough that this misogynistic slur has resurged all across the mainstream internet, but now we get smacked with it on The Stranger, of all places, too? You all are better than that!


I wish those cops would 'terrorize' the dude my ten year old daughter and I watched yesterday at the 12th and King bus stop, his pants down around his ankles shooting himself up in the leg. But I would assume that wannabe Edge Lord Hannah Krieg would excuse that as a poor 'houseless' person having nowhere to administer their 'insulin.' C'mon.... there will always be drugs and junkies, and their behavior has never been great, but there's something about this new batch of fent/supermeth that is really really disturbing for us all. There is zero modicum of respect for themselves or others. It is as if the zookeeper opened all the cages, and then locked the entrance on their way out.

But thankfully the meth forts are slowly but surely being swept away. Sure, they can just go set up shop somewhere else, but then sweep those asap and eventually they'll get the idea to leave town. But the tide does seem changing, and now my family and I can go support local struggling businesses again without that looming threat of craziness everywhere. It's too bad so many restaurants and businesses at 12th and Jackson and elsewhere had to fold up shop first, thanks to the 'terrorized' doing their own terrorizing (oh I'm sorry, smoking insulin off of foil and 'flipping merchandise.')

And, yes, I voted for Sawant the first time around - what a freaking mistake that was...


@3 to be fair there is a lot to be scared about when it comes to cops


I kinda wish no one would've reported these low tides because it's just brining out the morons who don't respect animal life and are just looking for instagram pics.


I’m intrigued by the dissonance of competing values, re: Pride safety. On one hand, we live in a country full of mentally ill psychos with guns who think a magic man in the sky commands them to kill gay people. We also have a police force that, for all its many faults (including a history of violence against gay people), is the only real protection from those psychos. Lesser of two evils in this case, I guess. But it’s amazing, given that paradigm, that some people still don’t understand the necessity of Pride events in the first place.

As for the homeless issue, Charles just last week said we can solve the problem “by pressing a few buttons on a keyboard.” But now you say we need a billion dollars a year? If you figure out which buttons I can press to produce that billion a year, please let me know.


Raindrop, if you want to move money, it's Ctl-X, then Ctl-V.


@12: Best typo' of the week: "...low tides because it's just brining out..."

I see what you did there, saline!



I always enjoy when there is a paradox in the progressive worldview.

Cops are oppressors they should not be allowed to march in Pride parades because it may trigger someone. Oh shit there's an actual threat from a crazy person, we need the cops to protect us (just don't do it in uniform I guess?)

Someone took the Pride decorations down and had the audacity to burn them up cause they are an asshole. That makes me so angry. Antifa shitheads are throwing rocks through the windows of small business, looting their store and/or trying to burn it down. Right on, down with capitalism.

I would hope by now everyone has learned to take Hannah's posts with a grain of salt. Her goal is clearly to post outlandish opinions to generate clicks and drive ad revenue and for the most part she is pretty good at it. Her posts seem to get more engagement judging by the comments than the other writers. Enjoy it for what it is but don't assume she is doing anything more than that.


"....reports that Dinsmoor, a Christian fundamentalist fascist, has been fantasizing online....."
Someone might want to ask the Christian fundamentalists what ELSE Dinsmoor fantasizes about, and what he does with his fundamentals when he's fantasizing.

I emailed Anacortes Pride:
I called up the Anacortes Police Department.
....Cops at pride:"
So now, after all these years of telling us how the authorities are lower than dirt, Hannah calls them for help. I really expect that they will snap to attention & march to her call......Yeah, riiiiight.
My father used to tell me, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
If Hannah followed that advice, there'd be no SLOG at all. Hey!! There's a thought......How about the First Annual Hannah Krieg Challenge: Either write helpful, constructive suggestions & ideas, or write nothing at all. That should be really productive.

"Red line go down: I do not pretend to understand the economy, so....."
So in the next line she offers financial advice. What a rocket scientist Hanna is!! ("Chin up: Also, if you’re feeling doomer-pilled about Bitcoin, here are some comforting words.")

@7, The thing is, you can take away the license of a human who has accidents. You can't keep demented, incapable software of driving ALL Teslas. No one claims all humans are infallible & will save the world the way they claim AI will save us from auto accidents.

@9, No, unfortunately, SLOG & The Stranger are no better than Trump & any other MAGAots when it comes to rabble rousing & bigotry.

@10, "....this new batch of fent/supermeth that is really really disturbing for us all...zero modicum of respect....as if the zookeeper opened all the cages, and then locked the entrance on their way out."
And unfortunately this is all driven by the fine example of our last President of the United States & his Brown Shirt Nationalsozialismus.

@20, Yeah, what he said.
"...take Hannah's posts with a grain of salt. Her goal is clearly....."
Her goal is EXACTLY the same as that of Donald Trump: There is NO SUCH THING as BAD PUBLICITY when it comes to advancing your career or lining your pockets!

@21, "....repulsive white trash that has gone bald before the age of 27...."
People who dress bald up top, beard on the bottom, with razor cut border at the ear look like fools no matter what color trash they are.


@20 It's not a paradox to say that police ensembles do not EVER belong in the Pride parade itself, and expect the police to do their fucking jobs protecting the people in that parade. The police are not heroes. They get respect when they earn it, not just for showing up to their over-paid jobs.


@23 the driver is still responsible to pay attention and take control if need be.


You can't correctly point out cops have a history of contributing to the oppression of historically oppressed communities and then also ask them to instead protect those communities from willful harm since that's ostensibly what they're paid to do. That's ethically inconsistent!


@26 how is that supposed to work? The whole argument for banning the police is the sheer sight of one of them in uniform is triggering to attendees but now it's ok for them to be standing in uniform on the sidelines? No one is debating whether they will do their job (they will no matter how bigoted the organizers of the event are) but if you don't see the humor in saying attendees are so traumatized by events they have no personal involvement with that they can't even look past the uniform and see the person in it than I don't know how you can ask any officer to be at the event in uniform whether they are marching or standing guard.

@28 always love the notion that we should scorn an entire group of people or a profession because some of them have proven to be complete assholes. I'm sure nothing bad has ever happened when you apply labels like that categorically to everyone in said group.


@30 "always love the notion that we should scorn an entire group of people or a profession because some of them have proven to be complete assholes"

I'll remember you said that next time you're commenting on the homeless.


@31 knock yourself out I’m pretty consistent about condemning the vagrants vs the entire homeless population but feel free to keep score if you’re so inclined.


@7 re: autopilot. Human errors causes 1 traffic fatality per 100 million miles driven per the NTSB. Admittedly, I haven't seen autopilot data newer than 2-3 years old, but at the time with a handful of fatalities already under their (robot overlords) belts and only a few million miles completed in fully autonomous mode, they were about a 100x more dangerous than human drivers.

I realize they're improving, and Tesla's (and GM and Ford) silly little camera system is way more prone to errors than massive Lidar setups like Waymo uses, but the fact remains that unfortunately, we're (humans on the street, and possibly sidewalk, maybe sitting on our living rooms) are simply soft, squishy corporate data points until it's 'perfected.'


@15, @20: The other big one here of late is:

Living outside is hazardous, and even deadly.

Encampment sweeps are the best way to get homeless persons into shelter.

Therefore, we need to end the sweeps.


@26, NO! The police get respect, #1 in theory, because they represent lawful authority even though they imperfectly exercise it, and #2 as a practical matter, because they can shoot your dumb ass. And when your dead it doesn't matter for you if they were right or wrong. That might not be how it should be, but that's the way it is.

@27, Yes, yes. One of the first fatalities was when the Tesla couldn't distinguish between a light colored sky and the white side of a semi trailer turning in front of the car. As the Tesla went under the truck, decapitating the car as well as the driver, I'm sure the driver's last thought, as he woke, was, "I must take control & save the day!!"
I'm still waiting for the family of a person killed by a self driven Tesla to sue Musk till he's living on welfare. Totally autonomous self driving cars are a stupid idea & will never happen. The story of the woman who drove off a cliff because her GPS system told her the road continued at the bottom is why.


"The police get respect, #1 in theory, because they represent lawful authority", except of course when they're flagrantly abusing the authority with which they've been entrusted, which is so fucking often it's a wonder anyone trusts them at all, which apparently almost no one does, given how many of those "Blue Lives Matter!" far-Right types amass huge arsenals to defend themselves against that same "lawful authority" or who attack them with murderous intent when they get in the way of their attempting to overthrown the lawful authority of the United States Government.


@37, if you really believe it's true that you only need to act respectfully toward police officers when YOU think they are acting without error, I suggest that the next time you are confronted by a police officer, and you feel he is incorrect in some way, you should pull out a very realistic toy gun, point it at the officer, and loudly threaten and insult him. Certainly that will wake him to his error and you will just as certainly suffer no ill effects. I'm sure the Seattle Times will print several articles extolling your courage & insight......possibly the entire obits page. (For the censors, the forgoing is sarcasm.)

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