Good morning, friends: Shall we check on the weather?

Microsoft may not go back to the office in 2022: And you know what? Good for them! Your boss already wants you to fry your eyes, ruin your posture, and sabotage your daily step-count. Don’t let them lock you in their cave designed to pacify man-children with "free" Doritos and La Croix instead of a union.

I’m sorry. I’m salty about millennials and their weird fetishization of office culture. I entered the world of office work during the pandemic, so I’ve mostly avoided going to the office for the sake of going to the office. I’m grateful for it because commuting is no joke. If a worker adds another 30 minutes to the ends of their day and the time it takes to get ready to the social standards we hold for young women, they’re working 10 hours a day just so some guy can justify owning an office building. No thanks. Rant over.

Sko dawgs: The Seattle Times reported that this week might be the biggest recruitment week in UW Football history. 

Yo, night market: Pike Place will be open late tonight from 6 pm to 10 pm for a 21-and-over night market to celebrate Pride. I know, Pike Place is touristy, and it's also a deathtrap because of cars, but with farm-sourced cocktails, live music, and drag performances, it could be kinda cute. 

Perfect, no notes: The Seattle Eater reported that the chef who brought us Sri Lankan food truck Kottu will strike again. This fall, patrons can sit down for a 36-course Wu-Tang themed dinner. That’s 18 courses of food, nine courses of drinks, and nine courses of experiences like live music.  

Tear it down: The Mayor of Uvalde said that Robb Elementary School, the site of the recent massacre, will be torn down. The students will be split between two other area elementary schools next year to prevent anyone from having to go back into that building. 

FDA bans Juul: The government accuses the company of perhaps playing a "disproportionate role in the rise in youth vaping," according to Axios

SCOTUS *eye roll*: This morning, the Supreme Court struck down a gun law in New York, so now more people can legally carry guns on the streets of the nation’s largest cities. According to the AP , this ruling effects not only New York City, but also Los Angeles, Boston, and other cities with similar laws. Still no word on the final abortion decision.

Gun control: Today, the Senate will vote on the most significant federal changes to gun laws since 1994. The legislation, which is expected to pass with bipartisan support, includes millions for school safety, crisis intervention programs, and mental health. The bill would also incentivize states to include juvenile records in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. As far as rule-changing, the bill increases background check requirements for those aged 18 to 21, and it closes the “boyfriend loophole.”

Speaking of gun violence: A dude with a gun began shooting inside a packed train car on the San Francisco Muni Commuter. He shot two people, killing one.   

Helicopter accident: Six people died yesterday when a Vietnam-era helicopter crashed in West Virginia.  

Jan. 6 hearing continues: In the House committee’s fifth public hearing, we head to the Oval Office to focus on a Jan. 3 meeting where Justice Department leaders threatened to resign and Trump promoted a political appointee who would back up his false claims that the election was stolen. 

“The tiny mites that have sex on our faces have a problem:” That’s the real, actual headline from BBC. The little bugs might soon go extinct, which, if you’re (reasonably) freaked out that something is living in your skin, sounds like a good thing. Until then, find comfort in these words from Dr. Alejandra Perotti: “Don't be worried. Be happy you have a small microscopic creature living with you, they don't do any damage."

Coach saves the day: A swimmer fainted in a world championship race, but luckily coach dove right in.