Imagine it's your job to sit in this building with a handful of old fucks and cause irreparable damage. GEOFF LIVINGSTON / GETTY IMAGES



Supreme Court Ruling
Limits Local Ability to
Restrict Guns Out-
side the Home

The 6-3 decision was based on a broad interpretation of the Second Amendment.

"The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York law that placed strict limits on carrying guns outside the home, saying it was at odds with the Second Amendment."

oh goody -- all these well-armed and dangerous well-regulated Militias of One can now keep all the Peace they desire. welcome to the wild wild west.*

thanks McMitch KkKonnel's Court!
gonna end the Gayness next?
or dedicate the Womenfolk
solely to Handmaid Status?

so much De-Regulating
to do so damn little



Regarding the New York decision: Waiting for the Hillary = Trump/Democrats = Republicans comments…


"Imagine it's your job to sit
in this building with a handful of
old fucks and cause irreparable damage."

in letters 6' high is what it says
over the Stately Entrance to this
glorious Monument to Democracy.*

they're not all Olde Fucks, Hannah
the newest far right Radicals will be
there for at Least a Generation or two

*the finer print
also carved in Stone says
IF you can fucking Afford it

but ya gotta Look
Closely to even see it.


Wait... millennials fetishize office culture? I thought we were all lazy layabouts who hated work while working 3+ jobs.

Maybe it's cause we were so so poor when we entered the job market we're happy about not having to work 3+ jobs for a living?


oops -- @1:


«Tear it down: The Mayor of Uvalde said that Robb Elementary School, the site of the recent massacre, will be torn down.»
Don't Southerners typically go bonkers nuts when you try to tear down monuments to gun-fetishism?


"it's also a deathtrap because of cars"

How is an event that closes Pike Place Market to vehicle traffic "a deathtrap because of cars?"


Heaven forbid that a job which supports you financially impacts your steps or your posture. Sit up straight and deal with it.


It's so nice living in a country that is run by an unelected authoritarian theocracy. Freedumb indeed.


Hannah, you discovered commuting! What's next, opening your very own bank account? Keep us apprised of your journey to adulthood.


Love that tech employees earning $300k+ are embraced as part of the proletariat, and fully supported to WFH in their segregated neighborhoods and no need for intermingling with the poors on public transportation etc. Some serious class confusion in this country.


@10 commuting is a goddamn joke and it says more about you ridiculing someone for wanting no part of one than it does Hannah.

what's the point of wasting hours of your day if you don't have to? all this technology is supposed to make our lives easier right? with all this inter-connectedness it is pretty ridiculous to still expect knowledge works to go sit in a cube and stare at an internet-connected computer for 8 hours a day.

all the alphas and extroverts got a little taste of introvert life these past two years and they are so upset people are working from home, because they can't peacock around and be seen. some people tie their whole identities up in their job, and expect others to suffer for it


The Supreme Court is wholly corrupt and criminal now. It's not even pretending that its not. And it's picking and choosing like the Constitution is a) not a living breathing document that has been amended over time b) it's an a la carte menu from which they can choose to uphold or not depending on their personal beliefs and basically all law that has already been settled (such as Roe v. Wade) is irrelevant.

So the states have rights when it comes to forcing women to give birth to every fertilized zygote.
But the states have no rights when it comes to regulating murder weapons,
Basically, fuck the rights of any and all people who don't have "white" skin and penises.
And the irony of it being Clarence Thomas to be the one to put out the decision about guns is ignored.

Remember Anita Hill?
Remember Joe Biden's part in that disgrace? His white male arrogance and humiliation of a Black woman?
Joe Biden is responsible for this.
Trump is responsible for the rest of it.

This country is done. Welcome to the apocalypse. It won't be quick or painless. It is going to be long, drawn out, cruel, incomprehensibly painful, sick, and sadistic, and in the end everyone will die, even the assholes who started it and thought they could destroy everything and everyone and they would get to have it all back like they did in the beginning.

I have never been so grateful to be closer to death than most than I am today.
I pity the children newly born into this shit show.
I pity anyone trying to explain this shit show to their children.
I pity everyone.


@11 Yes, in the future all professions will be able to telecommute: surgeons, contruction workers, fire rescue, bus drivers... The list goes on. But of course you are a "knowledge works." You are among the be a whiney fuck.


@15 I'm actually not, I just support those who wish to and can WFH/remote because there are a lot of jobs where it makes absolutely no sense to have to go to a centralized location. I get it. Offices are hell.


Hannah, why the fuck would I want to unionize when I make six figures and have flexible working hours? Are some teams required to work in the office for one reason or another? Sure, but by your logic, people like doctors and nurses should be able to WFH too. And let me tell you... nursing unions do nothing but fuck their members over with a smile.

The fact that you're bitching about a theoretical 30 minute commute is adorable. When I lived in Pioneer Square and worked in Fremont, my 6 mile drive home took 40 minutes, and by bus it would've been even longer. My commute now is around an hour each way if I go into the office, but if I took the bus, it would be 2 1/2.


This "ruling" by the illegitimate Tr666p court is just another Republinazi terrorist attack intended to kill as many Americans as possible by shoving guns into the hands of every deranged psychopath with a grudge.



Only people who will never be affected by the SCOTUS rulings believe anyone reacting negatively is being dramatic.

The Supreme Court majority was placed there by presidents who did not win the popular vote. So the minority in this country is making decisions for the majority based the white supremacist desire to remain in power.

The Supreme Court literally decided in their last x number of decisions:

The government can arrest and jail you without Miranda rights (and you can't sue them for doing so).
The government can execute you even if your lawyer screwed up and/or was incompetent (and you aren't allowed to do anything about it, because oh well too bad you had a bad lawyer).
The government can force any girl or woman impregnated by any male by any means to give birth to that fertilized zygote or die trying.
The government can ensure that only certain votes are counted, because anyone not "white" and with a penis is not a human being and their votes don't count.
Religious institutions (which pay no taxes) can have access to taxpayer dollars.
Anyone can carry a gun anywhere, anytime, for any reason (oh except near the Supreme Court building and the people in it) and states can't do anything about it.

And they're just getting started.


I walk right down the middle of Pike Place any time of the day, any time of the year, and I've never felt remotely threatened by vehicles going 5 mph at most. One old man mistaking his gas pedal for the brake 10 years ago does not a deathtrap make.

The biggest threats to pedestrians in the Market are bicyclists and schizophrenics.


@18 because in Hannah's and TS's world there in only black and white, good and bad thus unions are good in totality and corporations are evil in totality. You and I and most working people know in reality unions work in certain industries/situations and in other they have little impact and/or actually stand in the way or progress. The really amusing part when it comes to TS stance on unions is one of the progressive paradox. All unions are great EXCEPT for police unions. Those should be outlawed because ACAB and blah blah blah. With SPOG negotiations starting up soon I look forward to the competing articles on why the Starbucks/Amazon unions are great whereas the police union should be outlawed.


So Hannah, a college graduate who must be somewhere between 24 and 26 never had to commute between job, school, and home until she was 23.

Okay I think I’m understanding the Stranger writers and their naive take on the world.

Charles is an admitted trust funder who grew up in privilege and still uses his inherited wealth to frequently haunt up to Vancouver for lunch.

Now it turns out Hannah is so privileged that she evidently didn’t have a job until after she graduated college.

The reason those two don’t seem to understand life is because they’ve never actually experienced it.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Matt and Rich also come from similar privileged backgrounds.



Ooh, I think someone just turned me into a sexual fetish object! Did you ever get that clean sock - or have you already soiled it repeatedly in your furtive anticipation of my return? I hope you don't expect your mom to clean that for you, lil' buddy!


there is no army that imposes SCOTUS rulings on states.

State Courts can just ignore them, as the unelected extremist radical activist "jurists" legislating from the bench that SCOTUS is.

Fun fact.


A few thoughts.....

1) Granted, I am old. But I prefer to keep my work life separated from my home life. I started going back to the office when my bipolar boss discovered teams and started calling me. I'd rather keep that crazy out of my home. Besides, I spend most of my day either driving to work sites or at work sites.

2) Every single company I have ever worked for since about 1985 has been very conscientious about ergonomics.

3) The Stranger writers are quite similar to the Seattle Times commenters when it comes to how awful Seattle is. They just approach it from a different angle.


@27 - your #3 is spot on.

@24 - Hannah has mentioned dropping out of college half way through. Take that as you will.

@22 - The problem with police unions is "protecting workers' rights" includes covering up fuck-ups in life and death situations, among other things.

In days of yore, Xina would be on the street corner wearing a "The End is Nigh" sandwich board. Ignore her just as you would've in olden times. No, that won't make her go away. But engaging only absorbs the fear and anger she feels the rest of the world owes her for.

'Just don't look. Just don't look'


Comte and YCSU, your will they/won't they is just KILLING us all!

Not since Ross and Rachel have I been so invested.


Gun control: School safety police officers make matters much much worse, especially for the non-white population.

Here is why:


Sorry, just one more.

I take some great glee in the fact that the very companies (Amazon, Microsoft, et al) that have been shoving technology down our throats and making off like bandits are now saddled with these ostentatious towers, glass balls, campuses that they spent trillions on, only to make them obsolete. Watershed moment? Maybe. Turn all that now useless space into affordable housing I say!


@30 - Which is worse, that or having the police and SWAT team (they don't need) show up and stand around with their dicks in their hands for an hour while children are murdered?

Though most of the victims were non-white, so maybe all the same puzzle.


@24 SirToby, @TheStranger is hiring an editor. This is your big opportunity to a) Show us how it is (should be) done, b) reveal your biases and c) tell us all about your privileges and d) (lack of) experience. Or maybe you'd be better as a hiring manager, finding the unicorns who are all knowing, wise beyond ages, and willing to work 36hrs/day, assuming you have the budget.

But if you don't or can't appreciate this, just move on and quit whining; TheStranger is doing the best it can as a business.


@33 Wow, what a fantastic opportunity to take a massive cut in pay and benefits in order to supervise a bunch of grown up children for a “newspaper” that can’t even be bothered to print a newspaper.


nothing beats
Trolling for
a Living


'Tear it down: The Mayor of Uvalde said that Robb Elementary School, the site of the recent massacre, will be torn down.

The students will be split between two other area elementary schools next year to prevent anyone from having to go back into that building.'

then let the fucking Students
design a fitting Memorial
in its Place. those who
Suffered oughtta
Make the Call



cain't Wait
to say


@34. Well, you already do it for free for them and at great expense to yourself in opportunity cost. What does that say about you if you come here each day to correct the record on a blog that doesn't even meet your standards of a ' newspaper?' If it has no value then why not do something about it or take your worthless two cents and fuck off?


@38 you have to admit there is some entertainment value to being called a vile MAGA Republican on the Stranger's comment board while, without changing my views, also being called a Communist Sawant lover on the Seattle Times comment boards.

I believe in the power of the press, and know the alternative press can be a powerful force for positive change. Which is why the sorry state of the Stranger's journalism inspires me to comment about it.


@31: But the technology shoved down your throat enables you to shove your words onto the internet.

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