A rendering of CAPSTONE in orbit. Imagine getting to nearly kiss the surface of the Moon... Illustration by Daniel Rutter/NASA




Sometimes, it's okay to blame and belittle BOTH your religio-fascist fellow countrymen AND those with money and power...


Aren't you one of those people who are always complaining that the state doesn't spend enough money on roads and freeways? So, why shouldn't the people who use them pay for them? Because, IIRC you're also one of those people who freak out over the idea of people getting free stuff they didn't pay for, amiright? Or does that only apply to people besides yourself?


"If all goes right, NASA wants to put the first person of color and first woman on the Moon's surface in the next half century."

How about we put equality aside this one time and send the asshole Elon Musk up there to stay permanently. We can still say we sent an African American.


Immigration should be free and unrestricted. So many people still want to come here for some reason. Let them. 30-40% of our own citizens are hellbent on destroying America and refuse to recognize legitimate elections. Unlike immigrants, they have nothing of value to add to this country.


@2 my god you are dumb. Trump’s tax cut (TCJA) all came with sunset provisions for the lower brackets incrementally raising them. And keeping them only for the highest brackets. By 2027 they were going to be higher than these proposals. So you cheered to find billionaires stock buy backs and a tax increase. Moron.


@2 Also, you only need new plates if you're buying a car or motorcycle. $10-$30 is less than a rounding error on those purchases. Can't afford new plates? You definitely can't afford a new car anyway.


Oh yes, in addition to everything else going wrong, our border is totally out of control and a humanitarian disaster.

Kamala, isn't this your work item?


@4 for the Moon Shot win!

Good thing the Secret Service swear an oath to the Constitution, huh?


I belong to a FB group for eastern WA residents, and they predictably had a collective toddler tantrum over those DOL price increases. Anything that takes away from their Meth and Tithing budget makes them cross.


Donald Trump is a seditious criminal rat turd heap who deserves nothing less than to be behind bars (or worse) for the rest of his pathetic addled excuse for life support left. There must be real consequences of the rule of law will never be taken seriously again in this country if it doesn't apply to the most harmful shitheads who invite the total destruction of what all our soldiers have fought and died to protect over centuries. FUCKING DO SOMETHING, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DO YOU STILL NEED TO KNOW?!


that was some serious testimony today. Inciting an armed mob, trying to accompany them to the Capitol, assaulting a Federal (Secret Service) agent, witness tampering, and ketchup tossing. Way past time to lock Naranja Gorda up.


And has Ms. Maxwell's totally completely unexpected suicide been scheduled yet?


@15-- they're
disabling the

they're say-
ing she seems
a little 'despondent'


@14 We knew about pretty much all of that, but ketchup tossing crosses the line. We're done here.


When you are in your twenties or maybe even your thirties and you read something is going to take place in the next half-century, you might say, “That’s going to be cool.” But if you are over 40, the reaction is more, “Yeah, well, whatever. I won’t be around to see it.” It’s most irritating when some agency announces that a train line or some service that you could really use now will open in 2030 (I slap my forehead).

Looks like the costs of government services are catching up with the rest of the market - and like gangbusters. High registration fees, license fees, etc. Were they artificially low before? A passport is $165 now – and its renewal costs $130. I remember when they went from $10 (where it had been for years) to $35 in 1983. Now, I know that was 40 years ago, but bloody hell - $165? Probably not an issue for those who casually spend $25 for lunch.

The whole point of the Supreme Court is to override popular wisdom and opinion when need be in order to protect constitutionality, In last week’s cases, and with the Bremerton case yesterday, the Court has made egregious errors which historically, it has done – like Dred Scott, Plessy, Hardwick, Citizen United - quite a few times. These new decisions will join other embarrassments in time. Right now, the emphasis seems to be theocracy at all costs. The correct response to someone who wants to kneel and pray on the 50-yard line after a game is, “Get your ass off the field, fool, and go do that in church. Prayer isn’t a sideshow.”

I’m getting the feeling from today’s congressional hearing that we got ‘im!

Tragedy in San Antonio, but Abbott wasted no time in blaming President Biden for it saying it was because of Biden’s open border policies that this was allowed to happen. He should teach a class called Scoring Creepy Political Points. Open border? Really? Since when? And if the border is open, why were all those poor folk hiding in an 18-wheeler. Abbott is such a lost soul and a spineless drip.


"And if the border is open,
why were all those poor
folk hiding in an

never overestimate the
stupidity/critical thinking skills
of those who tend to vote for Fascists

"Abbott is such a lost soul
and a spineless drip."

but he's a damn
good Fascist.


@1, ""public opinion has a minuscule, near-zero, statistically insignificant affect on public policy.""
I don't suppose you could possibly cite from whence you retrieved that extremely surprising statement.

@2, the opposition is constantly claiming it's the injection of excessive amounts of money into the economy that CAUSES inflation.....and now you are claiming that it's caused by TAXES removing money from the economy?

@4, "...send the asshole Elon..."
Only if he has no radio. If he has a radio, we could still hear him which is the main problem anyway.
"Immigration should be free and unrestricted."
Yes, yes....immigrants never send every dollar they make back home so the mullahs can teach suicidal fanatics to fly hijacked jets into hi rise buildings. And they never bring their own religion, politics, or native bigotry with them to practice it here. And they always make sure that they have fought & died to bring democratic, tolerant values to their own nation before they move here. And they come here to be workers, promoting union solidarity, rather than to become businessmen taking advantage of the business tax laws to social climb over the backs of even their own countrymen. (I've got no problem with immigration. I'm just tired of people acting like immigrants, minorities & others are gods created without fault, rather than ordinary human beings.)

@13, "...is a seditious criminal rat turd heap..."
I wish you wouldn't let him off so easy. Hitler was far worse than a seditious criminal rat turd heap and Trumpenstein was following his playbook to the letter. I'm equally concerned about all the Trump supporters still running around amongst us. Nationalsozialismus is still alive and well in America and as Trump has shown us, all it takes for Vlad-the-Pootin to take over the US government is a few dollars paid to the right politicians.

@14, "Naranja Gorda" Now THAT'S funny.
@15, Now THAT'S even funnier.....in a creepy way, of course.
@17, I was watching as she said that & all I could think of was that Trump now qualifies for the Oscar Madison "Now it's garbage." Award. (Felix: "It's not spaghetti, it's linguini.", Oscar: "Now it's garbage.")
@18, "“Yeah, well, whatever. I won’t be around to see it.”"
If, at 73, I may suggest.....you'll live a much more rewarding life if you refrain from being aggravated over the fact that the world wasn't created without pain & suffering. Forget bemoaning that you won't see it. Count your good fortune that it's coming.

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