I hope the Supreme Court Justices live to see the disasters they have created. JINGXUAN JI / GETTY IMAGES



@2: Your rant about other persons' ignorance of our government might work better if you'd noticed that the laws in question are state laws, not federal ones. The Congress can pass laws about interstate commerce, privacy, and so forth, but it cannot legislate to "make abortion legal in the entire US through the first trimester." Only individual states can do that. Roe forbade states from banning abortions because a woman HAD a right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution. Republicans (note: not Democrats) are now working hard to make those bans into law at the state level.


Only old people use catalytic converters any more.

The kool kids use plug-in electrics, they glide fast 0-145 in 0.6 seconds, no wait, no emissions


I think those changes will REDUCE Cat Converter thefts, not eliminate them. We've been hit twice; the 2nd time they failed (anti-theft rebar installed after the 1st theft) and left the Prius jacked up on a slender, single stack of landscaping pavers.

Now, what metal is left to steal and sell? Bronze sculptures!


It’s really bizarre that people are treating the Republinazis’ ending of abortion and privacy rights as a women’s problem.

Millions of men are also about to become legally and financially responsible for children they don’t want.


Crime went up when forced births were routine, and dropped when forced births stopped due to access to health care services.



“There was a compromise bill that Schumer rejected because getting out the vote in more important that trying to create the most basic protections of women through the first trimester. ”

Fucking nonsense.

Good Christ. Any protection fall to the states. Period. You don’t what you are fucking talking about. Any federal law could be unraveled by Fridays decision no matter what it was. And unless you can find a quote from Schumer cackling and rubbing his hands together admitting he deliberately torpedoed some mythical law for votes you can go fuck your self.


Actually, the problem is with the people not the environment. For too long we have let the council leftists frame the drug addicts and criminals living in public spaces, most of whom are not from Seattle, as the victims and the solution as “affordable housing”. In most cases they are the perpetrators not the victims. One third need to be swept out of the city, one third need mandatory drug and mental health care, and one third need to go to jail.


And, btw, the Senate has never had a pro-choice majority since 1973 so even your debunked Fox talking point has no basis in what was even possible.

The only way to maintain these rights was to maintain court majorities, period.


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There was little or no homelessness when we had powerful labor unions and many good jobs available. When the ultra rich were highly taxed and not given refunds while milking the workers. You have to be practically a millionaire to get a house now.

25 Maybe you might consider leaving this city if you live here since you have difficulty in comprehending how difficult it is to live without shelter since selfish, narrow minded politicians and others have attacked the economy of the working class and left many of us in dire straits. Who cares where people are from we all belong to the human chain??

Corporate landlords are having a major field day by charging sky high rents so now it is a luxury to have a living space even though the US signed onto human rights laws which guaranteed decent shelter for all.

If you take everything away from people by abuse, illness, accident, loss of job, discrimination, or crime etc. You have desperate people period. Sure hope it does not happen to you. Low wages, stark living conditions and plain old greed have caused this mess while you pour your cowardly hate onto the victims. How many crooks are in the establishment we wonder.

Every other industrial country in the world has less problem with poverty than this one.
Vienna offers social housing and health care for women far superior than most of what this nation offers. Maybe because the french people get out in the streets and fight back they have superior social services to offer their people.

At least 20% of prisoners are not guilty of the charges that brought them there. It is an international disgrace that we have more people in prison per capita than any other nation in the world. Explain why they are almost all poor people and many of color.

The 10% are laughing all the way to the banks while you lick their boots.

You are out of step with the living situations of millions today when half the population in the country is now poor because of what has been happening in the last fifty years.


Think how nice it would be now if Seattle’s government had had the will and courage to go ahead with a train/subway system back in the late 60s when it was first proposed. By now, you could have taken the subway to anywhere in the city. Yeah, I love Seattle. I always will - fabulous memories even during some pretty bad times, but its government always seemed to be late to the party. And there were two or three developer-mayors in particular who almost killed what was once a grand little enclave.

Tourism, yeah, is kind of annoying even though it brings needed dough in. I don’t want to sneer at tourists. I’ve been a tourist (although I do everything in my power to try not looking or acting like one). But the thought of souvenir shops selling Grey’s Anatomy t-shirts at Pike Place makes me kind of sad. And they probably charge $30 for them, right? I mean, the series isn’t even shot anywhere near Seattle.

You know what? You should count your blessings if you can’t get Comcast or Spectrum. So many other better alternatives these days. The Spectrum ads here in Los Angeles market themselves to, shall we say?, intellectually-challenged people. That’s who they have to count on these days. So much more expensive than what it needs to be. They still act as though they are the only show in town.

Can’t wait to read the justification for the Supreme Court limiting the power of the EPA over power plants vis-à-vis carbon dioxide emissions. The five justices must feel as if they’ll always be able to afford moving to where there is clean air and where it isn’t 120 degrees in the shade. Holy shit on toast points.


No law, no court of elites, no group of sanctified male supremacists have the right to own women's bodies ever.

That is for the woman to decide. Period.


40 They would not be so poor if they were able to live their lives in a system that worked for the common people and lived in communities that were not occupied by brutal police. This is not a democracy. It is ruled by the super wealthy. Like George Carlin said. "Its a big club and we are not in it."

Sorry you are worried about people stealing your stuff. it used to be a lot safer when people were better off with better incomes. Time to start up the UBI.


45 You are right. I was merely addressing the general economy at the time since there was far less poverty and jobs were much better in general for many.

It was also very unfair and the sixties flareups were a result of those injustices you refer to.


18 Can you be anymore lewd and disgusting????

As an old woman I take your comment as a physical threat and I would take every means to defend myself and others. Fascist.


45 It was more than unfair it was very nasty for those of us that were not white male.



Those WalletHub "experts" appear to be unaware that city budgets cannot be trivially compared.

Seattle owns an electric utility and a water utility. About half the "city budget" is those utilities.

Some cities have ports or airports as part of their budget.

Some have such things but report them separately.

Some cities are also counties.

Cities can have significantly different sports of responsibility with the county or the state.

If you just line up "total budget" what you ended up with is a list sorted mostly according to the specific organization of each city, which is meaningless for the purpose they intend.


HK, I adored this write-up. Mwah!


"This put Seattle at 118 on the list....They put fucking Nampa, Idaho as number one."
I think that should tell us something right there. As in, How many people are dying to move to Nampa? (And what are those dozen or so spots inside the town borders which seem to be 'outside' the town, like the golf course & the Mormon compound?....Places where you can receive all the benefits of city services yet pay no taxes? Ah, MAGA....it's a wonderful thing. Charity toward all.....as long as we don't have to pay for it and our guns enforce our frugality.)

"....the problem is not with the people but with the environment – which, you know, they helped to create and have the power to fix."
And God bless Hannah.....always doling out responsibility while never, ever taking any of it herself.

"Of course, the people who commit such crimes will still be poor, so they’ll probably just find another illegal way to make money."
Much as I think homelessness & poverty are real, actual problems, I have to wonder about anyone who has enough creativity to never have a problem making a living as a thief, yet lacking enough creativity to find a real job. Maybe Hannah has an answer for that.

Hannah....please.....real lady like, with just 2 fingers for the pills, and the pinkie raised from the water glass....take a chill pill.

"$27,000? For some WIFI?"
In this paragraph our darling Hannah uses 70 words: 10 to tease us with a story she can't be bothered to investigate & write about, & 60 words to uselessly rag about Northgate. More outstanding journalism!! Hooray for Hannah!!

"....The Supreme Court’s ruling in West Virginia v. EPA undoes once-settled precedent and eliminates the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate...."
In fact it does neither......unless Our Darling Hannah can't tell the difference between the SCOTUS news about abortion vs news about the environment.

"Hannah Krieg is a staff writer at The Stranger covering everything that goes down at Seattle City Hall."
Of the 13 items in this column, only ONE has anything to do with City Hall......and that item is to basically steal from Will Casey's writing. In my career I got fired from a number of jobs, but I would have been ashamed if I ever got fired for a record of Zero for 13 with one theft.

@2, close enough
@3, who says the Fed can't make abortion legal in all 50 states?....unless you're telling me that next the states can pick & choose which states shall be slave states & which shall be free? The only reason those states are working so hard on the trigger laws is that Roe has been overturned rather than replaced or modified. It could be 'reinstated' if revised. Further down about @27, you're mixing apples & quince.....Congress can pass a US abortion law. SCOTUS can invalidate laws, but if SCOTUS starts to call well crafted, constitutional laws "unconstitutional", congress can reduce the funding for SCOTUS to $0.50/year. Your theory that SCOTUS can invalidate any law they please.....well, it just doesn't work that way.
@4, those kids are so cool they don't seem to realize that electric cars have just relocated all the emissions to electric power plants. Out of sight, out of mind. Those kids are so perceptive. You can't hide anything from them.
@39, "There was little or no homelessness when we had powerful labor unions and many good jobs available."
(sigh) But along with that, those jobs were making typewriters, Bell (dial) Telephones, slide rules, adding machines, and buggy whips.....but other than that, you're correct: The rich are screwing the bejesus out of the rest of us, and other, far less prosperous nations have a far better overall standard of living. As always I cite the fact that Greece (the poor house of Europe) and Cuba have lower infant mortality than the good ole US of A.


So, poor people steal because they're poor. Some poor people work instead. Seems like there are a couple of jobs available.


@42: "Think how nice it would be now if Seattle’s government had had the will and courage to go ahead with a train/subway system back in the late 60s when it was first proposed. By now, you could have taken the subway to anywhere in the city. Yeah, I love Seattle. I always will - fabulous memories even during some pretty bad times, but its government always seemed to be late to the party."

Seattle's been late to that party for much longer than fifty years:

"...Bogue designed an extensive transportation system, including roads and streets, street railways, and "rapid transit" (rail lines separate from streets). This included a network of arterial highways linking downtown Seattle to locations throughout the region, and even a tunnel for a light-rail line under Lake Washington, connecting Seattle to the Eastside. Bogue was a big advocate for "grade separation," and his plan called for eliminating grade crossings where rail lines crossed roadways, by raising tracks and/or lowering streets in "subways" ("Plan of Seattle," 163-64). His roadway plan for the central city included multiple traffic tunnels, including several connecting to the waterfront. The proposed Spokane Street Tunnel (actually two separate tunnels totaling more than a mile and a half in length) was to connect Lake Washington and Rainier Avenue to Harbor Island and West Seattle. The Interlaken Tunnel would run under Capitol Hill, connecting Union Bay to downtown, while the Blanchard Street Tunnel would run from the central waterfront to the intersection of Westlake Avenue and Virginia Street.

"Perhaps most ambitiously, the Bogue Plan called for a grand new Civic Center, with municipal buildings housing all the city's departments and services. Aiming to locate it centrally given the city's future growth, Bogue placed the Civic Center north of the existing downtown, at Fourth and Blanchard in the recently regraded area that would become known as Belltown.


"With all three major Seattle newspapers urging a no vote, and confusion and uncertainty as to what adopting the plan would mean, voters convincingly rejected it by a vote of 24,966 to 14,506." (In the Seattle general election, held on 5 March 1912.)

Read it and weep: https://www.historylink.org/file/160


Wasn't it just a month or two ago that Hannah was bragging about her unpaid parking tickets for having expired car tags? Then is this new "I FUCKING HATE YOU ANTI-TAX MOTHERFUCKERS! INDIVIDUALISM IS A CANCER" shtick representing an actual change of her behavior--or rank hypocrisy?


Nampa, Idaho beats Seattle? Of course, if your information source is FOX TeeVee, Hannah!

@12 Original Andrew, @21 Will in Seattle, and Ivy R. Nightscales for the group WIN!!!

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