Manuel Ellis's family asked the AG to lead this investigation. The City of Tacoma's latest court filing shows why. Karen Ducey | Getty



To be consistent, I would expect SOTUS to outlaw vasectomies.


Hey, does anyone know the context for that Lindsey Graham tweet about the Dems wanting to "blow up the Senate?"

Would be nice to hear that this message is finally gaining some mainstream traction. Blow that fucker up, then hit the charred remains with a nuclear missile just to be thorough.


@2 Sorry, Will sucks at explaining legal issues, which is unfortunate given his background.

Tacoma and the AGO are fighting about application of Garrity v. New Jersey, 385 U.S. 493 (1967). This is an issue with a long history, and I personally didn't find Tacoma's position all that extreme: cops have advocated for an expansive interpretation of Garrity since the moment that opinion issued. Here's an older amicus brief that provides a good overview of law enforcement's view of Garrity:


Vasectomies are nominally free here, but I had to pay a $250 copay for a consultation appointment, so not ACTUALLY free. Also my health insurance is banging, so....


So, this is the time of year I get to reflect on the promise of America as we celebrate breaking away from ol’ King George III, who was either misunderstood, crazy, an asshole, or all three according to various historical accounts. It’s a nice break from thinking about all the mistakes this country has made, past and present, and think about what we still hope and aspire to be.

…as opposed to China, whose powerbase seems to be simmering in the macho notion of being the bad guy. Just watched a pretty depressing BBC Panorama about current life in Hong Kong, where up until recently I always wanted to visit. To open one’s mouth there about anything not complimentary to the government is sedition, and you go to jail for years. Vans filled with young people sent away after mock trials.The government’s justification for this is Orwellian. To state any displeasure is anti-Chinese and anti-patriotic. The UK is offering visas to all HK citizens born before 1997 when, as you know, HK was handed back to China. Thousands are leaving everything they own for an unknown future because as one mother put it, “I don’t want my children brainwashed.” That’s how bad. The saddest part of the documentary was showing past remembrances of the anniversary of Tiananmen Square in HK’s Victoria Park where thousands would come for a candlelight vigil. This year the park was completely empty. Crickets. Even the courageous in HK don’t want to spend time in a Chinese prison.

My point: Let’s don’t do anything that is going to help the Chinese government – financially or otherwise.

There was a time when urologists wouldn’t perform a vasectomy on a young man who didn’t have at least two children. Has that changed? It was considered ethically dubious to do so. Reversals are expensive, and the outcome is very iffy. Reversing a tubal ligation has a better success rate, I think. I know, it’s always on the woman, right?

Have a happy Fourth, everyone. Let freedom ring! Freedom to live and let live. Freedom to be our best selves. Freedom from poverty, war, and hunger.


China reminds me of the type of person who traps you in a marriage with children. "You can't live without me! Where would you get all your holiday decorations!"


@7 - in my 30s, no kids, got one in 2018 no questions asked @ The Polyclinic. YMMV in fundie country.


to add to @10, one of the best decisions I've ever made. Do it, men. If you want a kid, plenty to adopt.


@7 I got a vasectomy in 2010 as an unmarried person and while my consultation did involve the doctor asking me why I wanted one, there was no requirement that I had to have had kids.

The consultation was on a Friday evening and the procedure the next morning. Took all of 30 minutes and I never felt a thing (bring someone to drive you home and have a couple bags of frozen peas on hand for any possible swelling) and my insurance covered everything but my co-pay.

I remember, when I was a teen, my aunt getting her tubes tied. She was in bed for a week with significant pain. Guys, don’t put this on women when it’s so (relatively) easy for us to get snipped.

Also, +1 to what @11 said.


@8 I am a recovering Catholic and have no devotion to them, however you sharing Hit List of Senators is all too familiar. We have had two Catholic Presidents, the first of which was assassinated. the KKK in its original form was against POC and...Catholics. Look it up. beware the footsteps you are walking in.


@14 how many guys are you fucking?

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