@3: "but what about the blacks?"


The Lyles' case isn't about police accountability, it's about allowing persons with known mental-health issues to walk around with access to weapons. That situation will probably not end well, no matter who responds, so we should preclude it by getting the persons with mental-health issues the help they need, whether or not they consent to receiving such help. Blaming the cops harder won't resolve these problems, and worse, will distract from the real issue of police assaulting innocent persons who are not crazy.

The Stranger could do a tiny little bit toward this effort if it would just stop glorifying the practice of letting persons with mental-health issues camp in parks and greenbelts. Although the Stranger bitterly refuses to admit it, crime in the camps, and crime from the camps, is a huge problem in Seattle, and much of that crime originates from the untreated mental disorders of the campers. (That some of them 'treat' their mental disorders via street pharmacology does not, in fact, help anyone.)


Becomes ‘dominant,’ not ‘becomes dominate.’ What is this headline, a poorly written personal ad?


"Hiring bonuses for ferry workers! NOW! "

Have they even murdered enough unarmed civilians to merit a funding increase?



You are the absolute worst kind of human being - it's not a fucking game where you keep score.



Halfwits: Chicago is dangerous! So much gun violence!

The same halfwits: More guns make us safer!


The badge licking trolly-trolls are certainly triggered this morning, keep up the good work Hanna.
As to ferry workers, the entire maritime industry is having crewing problems right now, I've gotten no less than three cold calls in the last month alone, then the Washington State Ferry simply doesn't pay all that well, seafarers make substantially better pay hauling frieght or casting nets, add to that, the GOM oil patch is hiring like crazy right now.


In every other developed country Charleena Lyles would be alive, because their police are not trained to kill people brandishing a knife. Currently investigating police is pointless because they are trained and encouraged to kill legally. People refuse to believe that police are actual trained that way but it is right there in the training materials. Any small blade is to be treated as a deadly weapon, and deadly weapons should be met with gunfire to the most high percentage target, the torso. Until that is changed more people will die pointlessly. Some commenters here don’t care about that needless death, but their disturbed viewpoint is the minority locally, nationally and internationally.


Dominant, not dominate. [ahem] I'm afraid that the only lesson our own worst politicians will glean from Johnson's downfall is "never, ever, apologize for anything."


Technically, Boris has not yet resigned as PM, so that he can force the UK Taxpayers to pay for his wedding shindig, instead of doing the honourable thing and paying for it himself on his own property, but then, like Trump, he is both a Russian operative and a money-grubbing sell out, so that's fairly standard for this fucktwit.


Therefore we should allow gun on planes!

Impeccable logic, dipshit.


"The more the pursued escalates, the more legal protections they surrender to their pursuer. Call it applied, real-world civics. Teach it in every school."

but make Sure you begin
where the Shootings are

in neighborhoods blighted
by 150 years of Jim Crow

they oughtta be 'used
to' the Slave Patrols
by now Shirley


Interesting commentary by the local intelligentsia


@19 So one mentally unbalanced, physically encumbered woman is equivalent to four combat-trained, highly disciplined and mission-focused men, as long as they're all armed only with small knives? Just seeking clarity on that point.


@28: Just quit while you're light years behind, you verbally flatulent ultra maroon.


That photo makes me think more of storm troopers than police officers trained and paid to protect and serve.
But I believe that was your point, Hannah.

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