The Lyles family's attorney doesn't think prosecutors will charge the cops who killed her "in a million years." David Ryder | Getty



Abe's death was confirmed hours before this Slog AM was posted - I saw it when I woke up at 6:30. Assassinated by a homemade 2-shot pistol.


The Lyles family said it all. Under current law and training there is no possibility of any criminal charges. You can’t charge police for doing what they were trained to do, and make no mistake, they are trained to kill people in mental health crisis holding a knife regardless of the risk they actually face. Politician’s opinions about this one case do not matter, what matters is how they plan to change our current training, use-of-force policies, and laws governing the conduct of officers. That is the only action they can take. Complaining to authority figures to do things they can’t actually do is childish; though perfectly in keeping with The Stranger’s whole vibe.


When the check clears I look forward to the followup "Rotterdam dismantles bridge for Bezos"


But wait, Bezos' yacht being confined to Rotterdam inner harbor ventures is still a yacht, and still going on trips, just not very far.


You've been warned:

Everything you type, post or stream through Facebook can and will be later used as evidence by law enforcement.


We demand tougher regulations and laxer enforcement!


@6, I feel like if this is a shock to anyone they probably deserve what happens to them


Not sure what the point of an illegal Exec Order would have been but ok, everyone is beating up on Biden so why not pile on too


"Former PM Shinzo Abe was shot yesterday at a campaign event in Nara."
Where in the USA is Nara? In what state? It must be in the USA because shooting people is a "uniquely American phenomenon" which never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, ever happens in any other country....ESPECIALLY not in JAPAN!!!!!!!!! (Not that we shouldn't try to do something about firearms, but let's cut out the bullshit about how murder, mass murder or individual murder is uniquely American. It's pushed by the same fools who try to tell us that Man is the only animal which kills for any reason other than food. Obviously they've never seen monkeys, and a host of other animals, kill over territory, big cats, and a host of other animals, kill for sport or to eliminate the offspring of rivals. They've never seen the large number of animals which are cannibalistic....monkeys, fish, insects, goes on & on. There is no end to the bullshit. And the left is becoming just as bad as Trump when it comes to spreading manure.)

@3, "...they are trained to kill people in mental health crisis holding a knife regardless of the risk they actually face....."
When someone is running at you with a knife, just what risk are you NOT facing? I once saw a knife fight in Jamaica. We were sitting at an open air bar & the fight started about 50 feet from us. It was all a good show until the combatants started running toward us. They closed the distance in less than 5 seconds....before we could stand & flee. But I'm sure you have no fear of death. If someone ran at you with a knife, you'd put your arms around them & sing them a lullaby.

@7, an easy solution to your problem: Vote for Trump. I'm sure you'll love the job he'll do.


You can always file a civil lawsuit.

Won't result in jail time, but it will sting.

No, it's the perception of the police officer that they felt they were at risk, not an actual imminent risk. Try sitting on a jury sometime (I have).


Wait a minute...if the yacht was able to get into Rotterdam with the bridge there, why can't it get out? I'm missing something.

I know it will be harder for some to walk it back than for others, but I implore everyone to stop using Facebook or anything associated with Meta. Zuckerberg is rather sociopathic, and the very, very last thing he and his crew are concerned with is your privacy. Delete your account!


Better yet, don't delete your Faceb-- I mean Meta (gag) account. Just post pictures of flowers and kittens!


@12: I disagree. The uninfringed availability of inexpensive semi-automatic firearms makes homicide much easier. If they weren't the easiest method, they wouldn't be the most popular.

The simple ratio of Guns/Capita is what makes America unique, not a propensity for homicidal rage. That is part of our nature as Great Apes.


There's something about the lack of privacy that makes things either better or worse. Violent/suicidal gun owners should have less. People who just need medical procedures could use more. But this country is like the upside down Poseidon ship, so everything is the opposite of what it should be.


@15: the shipyard is upriver from the bridge. look at Google Earth; the historic bridge goes to Noordereiland island in Central Rotterdam, the yacht is being built at "Oceanco" in Alblasserdam.


Who tf needs 'Freedom'
when we let Billionaires
Harvest our Asses?

if Bezoz' yacht's too
Tall they can Mast it on
the other side of the bridge

I believe
it can still be
Egged-on however


@20 - Thanks, Max. So the yacht is being built. I see. Well, how bright is that then to make, sell, and purchase an item that won't fit through the store's front door?


oh and
how many
Confessions have
Alexa & Siri recorded/
Amassed with their RAPT
Listener/ Lights on Lights off

feature? will they be allowed as
Rock Solid Testimony
in an 'republican'

them Fascists are
Good at this Shite!

buckle Up!


22: yeah, I've thought about that dichotomy. I think there's 2 trends working at cross purposes. One is the overall decline in Homicides/Capita, and the other is the vast increase in Guns/Capita. so yes, there's fewer angry males wanting to kill, but the remaining ones that do have much more effective ways to kill.


why that's Right

and our
Terrorists will gun
you down and all Yours as well

because we GOTTA Have
weapons of War close
at Hand. one Never
Knows when one's
just Gotta Over-
Throw one's


I'm just here for the comments


Japan has ~10 gun deaths per year, and private gun ownership is basically banned.

In contrast, the United States has ~45,000 gun deaths and actively encourages and celebrates mass shootings--anyone can have as many guns as they can get their hands on.

Gosh, what could be the problem (rolls eyes).



you sure seem to have a Lotta
Facts to Support your Point

doesn't Everyone
have that same


That is one butt-ugly boat. LMFAO!!!


@34 blip: Where does Washington State factor in gun laws and gun-related deaths? I know that on gun safety laws we're far better off than a lot of other states. I'd like to think we're somewhere between Hawaii and New York.

@40 Call me Scott: What did you expect? Bezos is one butt-ugly billionaire. I'm surprised he hasn't already cloned his head to make a REAL global ass of himself.

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