Mayor Harrell wants City employees back in the office, but their union says more than a fifth may quit instead. Lester Black



Failure to repeal the Long Term Care tax will certainly affect voting for Washington State legislature candidates. Democrats will lose seats.


Good thing those young Bernie-leaning "voters" with an inflated online presence don't actually, you know, turn out to vote, otherwise we'd be in real trouble.


West Virginia is the only state to lose population over the past 70 years -

A nation of 330 million is being held hostage by a septuagenarian coal baron who represents a bunch of opiated sister fuckers who comprise less than 1% of the country. What an exemplary democracy! Maybe we should be thanking Trump for doing us a favor and trying to destroy it. Is it even worth saving?


It must be wonderful to be young and know the simple solutions to all the world's problems.


@3, California lost population last year according to those ideologues at the U.S. Census Bureau.

How can that be in an economically prosperous, progressive state?


@5 lol, this feeble attempt at a comparison does not even merit a response other than "lol, this feeble attempt at a comparison does not even merit a response."


Will, "People aren't the same?"

"How are you going to accurately lead your country if your mind is still stuck 50, 60 or 70 years ago?... It’s not the same, and people aren’t the same, ..."

Human nature doesn't change, so the people of today are no different than people of yesteryear. More knowledge and tech makes no difference if the same self-interested, my gratification first, nature is deciding what to do.


@6: lol, this feeble attempt at a dodge does not even merit a response other than, "lol, this feeble attempt at a dodge does not even merit a response."

(@5: Except to note this wasn't even California's largest recent decline in population: "The 0.3-percent decline represents a slowing compared to the 0.59-percent decline over the nine-month period between the April 2020 Census date and the year’s end."


City employees will find it isn't awful to be back in the office a few days a week. It's energizing to see coworkers in person, and it makes the days working in sweats in your basement all that much sweeter.

Plus, they should to contribute to reviving Downtown. The tourists can't do it alone - although they're making an effort.


@5 California quadrupled its population in the 70 years that West Virginia's declined, dummy.


@9: City workers who don't want to commute to downtown (having lived in West Seattle behind a broken bridge, I sympathize) threaten to quit; Stranger approves.

City might give signing bonuses to city workers whose job descriptions already require commuting and also perhaps sometimes actually include getting shot at; Stranger throws facts to the wind in a months-long jihad against anyone who dares to suggest such a thing.

I'm sure the Stranger's loss of credibility on this issue can be completely explained by the well-known presence all of the racist right-wing voters who infest Capitol Hill.


@9 - " It's energizing to see coworkers in person"

found the middle manager

why is it more important to "revitalize" downtown than to spend that money elsewhere like people's own communities? downtown kinda sucks. even vitalized. if people can do their jobs remotely, and they enjoy not having to waste their lives in a commute, and be constantly interrupted throughout the day by extrovert coworkers who need to use everyone else as their emotional sounding boards but are unwilling to find a community outside of their jobs, more power to them.


I was visiting my very politically-tuned-in friend in NYC (who, name-drop, works for Colbert now) and we saw the Crossfire clip airing LIVE. She immediately rewound it so we could watch it a second time.)


«King County is one of just a third of Washington's counties where more people were born than died in the last year.»
The MAGA hicks really are a dying breed in Washington.


"New nationwide polling finds just 1% of young voters (18-29) approve of the job Biden is doing as president."

Actually it's 19 percent. Which isn't great, but at least it's a truthful representation of what the poll found. You can view the crosstabs here at:


@6 and @10, Which state has the highest income tax rate? California. Which state has the third highest income inequality? California. Which state is number one in income inequality (2nd highest income tax)? Progressive NY.

How are those progressive policies working to make society more equal? How are they working to raise the standard of living of the poor?

@9, Who says you get to decide that for them? If they don't feel that way, are they wrong, and there is something wrong with them? Do you make similar impositions on people's own perceptions of their sexuality?

Why should they have to assume risks, time demands, etc. to prop up private businesses downtown? Why are private businesses downtown and real estate investors downtown entitled to patronage?

Shouldn't workers be free to choose, provided they produce the same work product, or more for taxpayers? Why should taxpayers be on the hook for $6,500 per cubicle, per year, of cost, if they don't recoup that in $6,500 per year, or more, of additional municipal services? In the name of equality, would you have them assume the same risks of COVID as workers, like cops, court clerks, and public works employees that need to do work at a site?

BTW, City revenue is back to pre-pandemic levels, without the sales tax activity of workers trekking downtown every day. Retail sales taxes on coffee and meals at the Seattle neighborhood bistro, and on goods delivered to the Seattle front door, are no different greater, if they are collected downtown.

The pandemic showed us, that we can achieve the same things, in many cases, without collecting everyone in vertically stacked, cubicle farms from 9 to 5 every day. The world changes. Time for business and government to change how they do things to match that. Or perhaps you think 75% of the American population should still be farming in rural areas, in defiance of the technological changes of the industrial revolution. Are you a worshiper of Ned Ludd?


@16: Google "Prop 13"


@15 Thanks for the link. 30% of 18-29 year olds would vote for Donald Trump for president??!!


Watching Stewart thrash Carlson was sure fun. So was watching Obama rip Trump at the correspondent’s dinner.

But I think both victories were short lived.


I really don't understand why people believe that it is normal to have a government run by people who are in their 70s and 80s. It's absolutely fucking absurd. Our government is full of old white men who refuse to acknowledge their time is up. And what are they doing? Making damn sure girls and women suffer and are forced into the enslavement of unwanted pregnancy and parenthood (notice the fathers are never held accountable - I mean if they want life to exist at conception how about that's when we start child support)? You can't declare a fetus on your taxes in this country BECAUSE A FETUS IS NOT A PERSON.

They're dismantling education, refusing to acknowledge and teach about the history of genocide and chattel slavery, and reinforcing, through decades of endless gerrymandering and making it nearly impossible for huge swaths of the population to vote, that only the votes of old white men should count.

We live in a society that has far outpaced it's political representation and laws. Why do you think SCOTUS is reaching back to the 1800s to justify the overturning of settled law and rights protected by constitutional amendments?

Political ageism? This country is being destroyed by old white men and people think it's political ageism? Please.

When over half of the population in this so called paragon of democracy has no autonomy over their own bodies, when the Black population of this country has been subjected to enforced poverty, murder by cop, imprisonment at astronomical rates not justifiable by any reality other than systemic racism and white supremacist terrorism, when immigrants trying to come to this country are kept in cages like animals for YEARS and abused by our so-called government agents, and the country as a whole is beholden to the 1% to the destruction of everyone and everything else - why are so hell bent on insisting old white men be allowed to remain in power? They have literally caused every single bit of destruction that has occurred since they first set foot on this land (already occupied, btw).

We don't need any more old white people running this country. And unless we get rid of them? This country is done.


@11, 12, 16: crimony, you 3 really don't want to go back to the office.


@21: Pretty damn racist of you blip. I suggest diversity training.


@24 Maybe they just don't want to be around the kind of people who do want to go back to the office?


@24, it just doesn't make sense. It was starting to not make sense even before covid.

Obviously there will always be work that needs to be done in person, but if you are a typical office worker who has to drive for hours just to sit at a desk that's connected to the internet...why?

If people need more interaction, then find a hobby and a group of people who enjoy doing that same thing and make connections. Don't hold me hostage because you hate going home to your spouse and kids. (Not you specifically, but you know)


@23: "Why do you think SCOTUS is reaching back to the 1800s to justify the overturning of settled law and rights protected by constitutional amendments?"

Because their doctrine of their male-dominated religions absolutely ruling non-consensually over voiceless non-adherents can't be justified rationally, and they know it; furthermore, they know admitting it will cause the collapse of their power. The whole original-thought scam that Alito has long grifted instantaneously collapses when you see the Court's continued reliance upon the aberrant, 21st-Century "Heller" decision, which overturned centuries of American jurisprudence when it wholly fabricated an individual's right to bear arms. That's enshrinement of modern NRA doctrine, having absolutely nothing to do with the state-sponsored, state-supplied, and state-controlled militias of the Founders' days. (I don't actually care how many macho, loudly-self-proclaimed heterosexual men go around fondle-slobbering each other's hard, manly 'pieces' in public; I just want our laws to follow consistently from our Constitution.)


@17, Prop 13 created income inequality? In what way is it responsible for differences in income and Californias huge income inequality?

@24, My work requires me to work at a jobsite.

In the abstract, what is better for the environment? A transit trip, a car trip, or no trip at all? Which of those three allows more to be spent on education and less or road repair? Which of those three creates more empty square feet for conversion to housing in an area that won't add to sprawl?

Not everyone is an extrovert. Why should one group dictate work norms for other groups?

Isn't business about revenue and profit? Why would business care where employees work if the bottom line is the same or better?


@30 Prop 13 (which is not "progressive policy") contributes to California's high income tax.


As a city employee who pretty much trudged to work all through the pandemic, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to go back to the office. My house is my house. I don't want to bring my work there any more than I already have to (via a work cell phone, etc)


@32. Said high income tax, which is progressive isn't closing gaps in income as predicted is it?

@31, Then the solution is obvious, 100% tax on incomes over $150k by the state. Disincentivize high income work. That wiil make it more equal.


Biden is doing great and even more so considering he only has 48 senators.


33 - Catalina, as a former colleague it saddens me to say that your current colleagues who have not come to work during the pandemic have very little empathy for those who did.


@36, Social justice means everyone has to get the same exposure to COVID, whether the job requires it or not?


@4 It's not about knowing everything, it's about understanding one thing. The Democratic Party Establishment caters to their rich donors, and does not give a fuck about young, and working class voters, other than to tell us they're our only choice. When we actually get people we support in power, that same establishment does everything it can to replace them with a corrupt DINO.

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