This very good boy would like to remind you to get off your ass and get that ballot in! WC



city, county, state, tribal, federal = police are absolute scum at every level and it seems like there is a perpetual contest to see who can be the worst. and they're all winning.


I moved out of Kurt Schrader's district prior to this last election. I always voted for his primary opponent but caved and voted for him in the actual election. So even though I missed out on the opportunity to be part of the vote that finally gave his pseudo-conservative, "centrist" ass the ol' heave-ho, I'm glad he's out. Hiss exiting sour grapes endorsement of another shadow-Republican doesn't surprise me one bit.


Secret Disservice
in regard to the well-being of democracy and the citizenry here.


If you’re surprised that Ivana Tr666p is dead, imagine how she feels after she beat herself up and threw herself down the stairs.


@4: Are you implying suicide or foul play? Anyhow, Ivana isn't of the Trump ilk you loathe so much and some of us are saddened by her tragic death.


Will mocking the virtue signalling of Quidditch rebranders, just wow. Must have cleared his 90 day probationary period.


IF all texts, deleted or not, are still recoverable from the cloud, servers or NSA; then there is no excuse for SS to be bullshitting the Congressional Investigation. NSA is snooping on everyone, why should SS be exempt?

IF the SS is indeed so partial to Trump, then we have a serious problem now!!! If they have been corrupted, (and their track record regarding Democrats has a huge fail: the Kennedy assassination), this requires another major investigation.

When the SS tried to ‘whisk Pence away’ from the insurrection, he refused to even get in the car! It wasn’t just a matter of not bailing on his responsibility to stay and certify, I think he feared for his life.

He’s the guy who should be spilling all the secrets in that investigation! He knows more dirt than anybody. He’s been used and crassly disrespected by trump, and he’s been sitting on that for long enough that it must really fester by now.


Those ballot threat signs, at least in Ballard, are nothing but trash littering public property. Just rip ‘em out and trash ‘em. That property gets ‘swept’ by police frequently, so there’s a precedent for restoring it to a litter free status.
There is no law protecting litter on city property


Merrick Garland's problem is that, so far, he doesn't have enough evidence to charge Donald Trump with a felony. He can meet the "preponderance of the evidence" standard for several possible charges but based on what has been made public, he can't get to "beyond a reasonable doubt." The applicable federal statutes require that the prosecution establish a criminal motive. Trump says that he believed that there was massive election fraud and he was simply doing his patriotic duty to "stop the steal" by all means possible. Can the prosecution prove otherwise? I'm not sure what Trump really believes in that twisted little mind of his. Merely because you can prove that his behavior was irrational and reprehensible doesn't mean that you can prove that it was criminal.

And Garland would have to be stone cold certain that he can get a conviction if he decides to bring charges. Regardless of the facts, tens of millions of people would see the prosecution as purely political. Thousands would react violently. And if he were acquitted, guess who would be President in 2024?


@4, 5, 9...

Trump could come out and say "yeah I murdered Ivana. Watch this video of me doing it."

And Rip Van Garland still wouldn't arouse from his perpetual slumber


@9 Neither soliciting election officials to violate their oaths in administering elections OR participating in a scheme to falsify electors turn on what Trump believed. That's all documented through audio recordings and emails. Now, for obstruction of Congress, seditious conspiracy, and conspiracy to defraud the United States, you cite the correct standard, but assuming you've watched the hearings then you should know that mens rea has clearly been established through sworn testimony. All of the most authoritative experts within his administration told him there was no evidence of widespread fraud, and yet he baselessly claimed the contrary. He was informed by numerous legal advisors of the illegality of his plan for Pence to change the election outcome, and he pursued it anyway. (Heck, even Eastman admitted it wasn't legal.) Important to your point, willful blindness is not a sufficient defense against a reasonable doubt standard, according to the US Supreme Court (see Global-Tech Appliance vs. SEB, 2011). Furthermore, according to testimony, he knew the crowd was armed, and nonetheless incited them to descend on the Capitol. Trump will never admit to any of this, and you are right to say that we will never know what's in his twisted little mind, but do not confuse circumstantial evidence for weak evidence. The Jan 6 committee has done incredible work tee-ing up a very legitimate case against Trump. It would be tragic if the DOJ pursuing justice leads to violence, but that's not a good enough reason to avoid it. And it's a bit gangster to even bring it up.


"....with one in five stations offering prices below $4 per gallon."
While I'm out renting a tank truck, can someone tell me where that 5th station is located? (Sorry. My sister used to catch me making that mistake all the time. The memory of her brought a tear.)

"Now if only Merrick Garland would show some of that same energy at the Department of Justice..."
My money says Garland never prosecutes Trump, just like they never prosecuted Nixon. Prosectution of executives for exercising power (as opposed to manfeasance), even as Trump did, opens too big a can of worms. The only thing I can figure is, the top dogs figure that if the American people are too stupid to NOT vote against a second term for Trump, they deserve what they get. Hey, they re-elected Shrub, didn't they?

@1, No, police aren't all scum. But most columnists & journals trying to generate the most clickbait, strive to be just that.
@3, again I say, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes". It's starting to look like this is the Achilles' Heel of democracy, both for law enforcement AND governing.
@4, She's not the first aging, fading celeb to be found dead at the bottom of the stairs. I haven't seen any toxicology report for Ivana. Not to say it's what happened, but you've got to wonder if that's the fate of a lot of rich people.....home alone & falling down drunk. (Why would Trump murder Ivana?)
@7, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes" You...we all....have to make up our minds: Do we want Doctors, Lawyers, Priests, Presidents to be able to speak freely (in front of those who MUST be there) or do we want to hold them accountable for every thought they express? This is where the screwdriver meets the lid on the paint can full of worms. If they prosecute Trump with testimony from Secret Service agents, the Republicans will just start prosecuting every Democrat President. Hell, the Republicans haven't gotten over Nixon yet. That's what White Water & Benghazi were all about. Pence knew that for him, the end of the line was NOT getting in that car. We'll see if the American people know that the end of the line for us is NOT voting Trump back in office. As the light of day is the best disinfectant, the info from the Jan 6 Committee is our best hope.


"...soliciting election officials to violate their oaths in administering elections..."

I agree with you on that particular point but it would be handled at the State level (i.e., Georgia). He wasn't "falsifying" electors, he was merely trying to get the correct electors recognized by the VP and Congress. ;-)

Gangster, huh? No one has ever called me that before. What do you think would happen? There are thousands of "militia" members out there armed to the teeth with military grade weapons and spoiling for a fight. There would be blood in the streets.


@ 14,

So Merrie Garlandtoinnette is refusing to hold $hitler accountable because of white trash terrorism. Makes sense. “Let them eat endless investigations.”

Problem is that when those in charge refuse to hold the leaders of an attempted coup responsible, THEY GET MORE COUPS. It works the same in every country.


@ 5,

It’d be irresponsible not to speculate.
Could also be a decoy body, and Ivana has joined the conga line with Jeffrey Epstein, Ken Lay, and Osama bin Laden at the Bu$h family compound in Paraguay.

She did marry $hitler and raise three cruel, sadistic, horrible, evil children, so that’s all on her.


heh heh heh


@9, "Trump....believed....massive election fraud and he was simply doing his patriotic duty to "stop the steal".....Can the prosecution prove otherwise? "
I think you're confusing some mythical "beyond a reasonable doubt" with what it takes to simply disgust & convince a jury that a mobbed up, asshole, New Jersey casino owner is actually a mobbed up, asshole, New Jersey casino owner. If they stack the jury anything like the way they stacked the Chauvin jury, Trump doesn't stand a chance. But, yeah, who knows what Garland has on his mind. You're correct: If you come after the King, you better get him on your first try. As to violence, I'm not sure after all the people who are going to jail, or even just paying for lawyers, for what they did on Jan 6, that there will be much violence. Esp if Stone & Bannon are muzzled.

@11, now THAT'S really true. I hadn't thought of it that way.

@12 to @9, No.....calling it gangster is appropriate.

@17, (yawn) yeah, I corrected it. But when you cut & paste one character, if you don't type anything else, the correction isn't saved when you post. So it wasn't misspelling, it was lack of proofreading.


"....make Governors solely responsible for submitting the results of state elections, which will cut down on....fake results.... However, the nation's most deliberative body still cannot produce more than nine Republicans to back the legislation..."

I really don't think it matters. First, no system, no matter how safe, is going to produce a righteous government if the majority of the politicians are evil & corrupt. I feel fairly certain of that.
Second, the light of day being shone on Trump's pathology by the Jan 6 Committee is the only thing that will save us from Trump being elected again. Either the American People are honest enough to recognize & reject a lying, cheating, racist, mobbed up, casino owning sexual deviant, or there is no hope left.

@16,17,21,22,23,25,30,31.....Just an aside.....are you all forgetting that at the presidential conventions the parties publish their Platform, which is a statement of their principles. Not that the Platform of the current Republican leadership is worth two dead flies. The last I remember about the Republican Platform was Trump taking out the part about Russia & Putin being something other than angels siting at the right hand of the father.

Sorry, I forgot my manners yesterday. Thanks for reading, fluxum.

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