The final moments before Josh Hawley became a national laughingstock. Pool | Getty



It's more amusing that so many find Josh Hawley's running through the halls so amusing than it is actually amusing. As if he'd be revered for standing by his convictions if there was photo of him arm-in-arm with the insurrectionists - not.


This was a fine morning slog.


As a staunch opponent of the 2nd Amendment, I will allow an exception for threatening line cutters.


Run Joshua Run!
some serious
Kendall Roy
vibes there


did you know that if you 764-HERO someone for ferry line-cutting, they'll get a warning, and not a $139 ticket? so whoop-de-doo.


I stand corrected: 764-HERO isn't a thing anymore. after "declining use", it was retired last year. it would send line-cutters "educational materials".


This one's for you Josh:


Pretty good today.


So glad Hawley got his ass handed to him last night. Big tuff guy giving the fist salute to the crowd, and then running from the fray like a little squirrel. Big man. Hope people remember that though I don’t expect them to in Missouri where he oozed from.

Something I hadn’t seen before last night was shown. While the Tangerine Nightmare was compelling the crowd to march on down to the Capitol, the camera was on him in all the clips I’d seen heretofore. The footage last night panned the crowd listening in the park, and what looked like a good 25% of them were giving the Nazi Sieg Heil salute. Why had I not seen that before? I guess anybody who was still into Trump at that point probably wouldn’t have cared, but knowing this, it is telling about those in Congress who are now trying to play revisionist about that day saying it was just a group of Americans expressing a legitimate political POV.

Don’t you know the Republicans are eating their hearts out because of their decision to boycott the committee? It would be hard to provide rebuttal for all this shit, but they are, I’m sure, upset over missing the opportunity to be snide with witnesses and dismissive of evidence.

That news anchor was probably just trying to fill time – or at least I hope that’s what she was doing. The weatherman seemed quite annoyed. But it’s summer. It’s supposed to be hot. Really? And also the weatherman might have been more “everyone needs to take steps to avoid heatstroke” and less “people are going to die next week!” Does GBNews take its lead from Fox?


@8 - OMG I love it. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if that isn't on the jukebox at the greasy spoon where he orders his loose meat sandwich back home right before church. Body of Christ, Josh.


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He's raging mad and posting on his dumb truth social app, ha ha. One of the posts is, no joke, him whining about Crooked Hillary.


Just as funny as Hawley running like a bitch is Trump whining like a bitch that "yesterday is a hard word for him to say." So manly, so strong.

It's almost as if all of their tough-guy personas are a complete sham and just proves that once bullies are confronted or put in a difficult situation, they fold like paper. So, keep doing it goddamnit.


@16: noticed that, too. more than a whiff of "let's all pretend things are normal" in that behavior. things were not normal.


"...never-before-seen footage from a speech by then-President Donald Trump taken a day after the Capitol attack...."
"...stunt queen Sen. Josh Hawley encourages the Jan 6 mob, then runs away like a coward...."
I'd comment but I just can't stop the vomit. Sorry.

@16, "a very stable genius", right? How does he confuse the words "a very stable genius" with "a blathering moron"?


Three types of Republicants in 2022:

1)Power hungry veterans like Mitch 'Turtle Reaper' McConnell.
2)Bully magnets/cowards like Josh 'Gump' Hawwwlee.
3)Misty-eyed, old school conservatives like our resident Walk-into-a-party, fart, then-walk out sad sack who think things can change back to...a time that never existed. See: Nixon, Joe 'Drunky Pants' McCarthy, etc. Reagan seemed nice, tho. Mommy, where's my oatmeal?


@16: I think Trump mischaracterized "yesterday" as a hard word instead of an unnecessary word, as everyone knows when the attack occurred. This is how it looks behind the scenes, like actors' presumptuousness going over lines in theater rehearsals.


@21: it's a civil infraction that sooner or later is going to get a motherfucker shot, because state troopers are nowhere near where the line jumping happens - up 305 past high school rd. is where it last happened to me.


I think part of the Committeee Coverage goes beyond the childish behavior of President Trump, hiding w/o surveillence... but in the patriotism of MANY of the Executive crew who knew President Trump was in the wrong, and the understanding that they were powerless to stop him.
This demonstrates the incredible value of the professional political class, even if many of them still speak in hypothetical, incomplete sentences, and hope this Committee follows their, you know....
In essence, government of, for, and by the people survived. I hope to see many ex-Tea party ideologues indicted, and end up doing serious time.


Thank you, Will Casey! Excellent SLOG AM. Now let's roast the Orange Turd and its entire goon squad Party of Neofascism. May this truly spell the mass extinction of the GOP--PERIOD. May all RepubliKKKans, their QAnon RWNJ domestic terrorists, Proud Boys, Patriot Players, appointed members of SCROTUS--including Brett "Babyface" Kavanaugh, Neil Gosuck, Samuel Alito, Jr., COVID Amy Barrett, and Clarence Thomas and its Ginny-bitch; Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump ho Tiffany Smiley, Kathy McMorris-Rodgers, Pam Roach; their fellow enablers, fixers, lawyers, lobbyists, Moscow Mitch McConnell and its sock puppets Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, bitches, bimbos, and snotnosed heirs, down to the most easily misinformed and dumbest of MAGA rubes get eternally cornholed in Hell.
Doug the Thug Ericksen and Rush Limbaugh are waiting fer y'all.

OMG, Nathalie----we actually agree on something! Yaay!
Leash and train your dogs to behave themselves in public places, people, and we'll all be better off.
Entitled assholes and their ill-tempered, undisciplined canines can just stay home. You know who you are.


Run, Joshua, RUN!!!!!

Oh, LOOK! Der Gropenfuhrer HAS NO CLOTHES!!
Donald, The Orange Turd Trump IS FULLY EXPOSED to its peers!!!
"Tear...down..the WALL! Tear...down...the WALL! Tear..down..the WALL! Tear...down...the WALL!" ka-BOOOOM!!!!
I wonder what Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and the late Richard Wright and Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd must be thinking right now, 43 years later. Probably glad they're in the U.K and clinking glasses that equally inept Yankee, Boris Johnson exited with his limp tail between his legs.

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