Just like every crisis, this heat wave is hitting unhoused people the hardest. David Ryder | Getty



Loving the heat. It will pass in a few days, and in a few months you’ll have all the chilly, rainy days you crave.


As someone who claims to have a law degree you would think Will would understand the difference between the SCOTUS ruling on a case and refusing to hear an appeal.

Martin v Boise is only in effect in the 9th District. I’m certain Will does not want the Alito Court to review the case.

As for the sweeps they are important tools of public health, safety, and hygiene. They need to be conducted no matter the weather and obviously should not have been stopped during the pandemic.


"heat wave gave us little relief overnight" ......dude, try Phoenix, where the low overnight temps are 85' to 90'F!


@2: It would be grand to watch Will & the Stranger goad someone into that lawsuit, only to watch the current Supreme Court overturn "Martin v. Boise" entirely. (I can just hear Alito's voice, mocking the poors for their own misfortunes.)


Hahahahahaha.... Will walked into a typical Slogger contradiction this morning.

So you complain about the heat due to, quote, "no shortage of heat-trapping concrete," and then, in the next section, state that we should "build more denser housing in our urban areas."

Huh... build more dense housing ("more denser"... is that legalese?) .... I'm sure that won't increase the amount of heat-trapping concrete cause no trees or backyards will be ripped out, right?

Which is it you prefer, counselor? Amaze us with your brilliant logic!


Man, what a list of personal grievances and pet issues masquerading as a news digest. If you listen closely, media outlets seem to be chattering about the news more than actual people I know.


Your kitten MUST sleep in your bed. There is no other place.


LOL, “chattering about the HEAT” is what I meant to say


you shouldn't be complaining about your thumb and index finger being severed in that accident, some people have their whole hand cut off!


"Federal courts have ruled that enforcing criminal laws against trespassing or sleeping outside when insufficient shelter capacity exists violates the Constitution, so if any enterprising attorneys out there decide to challenge the Mayor's office on this policy, let me know."

Will is apparently unaware of Yeager v. City of Seattle, 2:20-CV-01813-RAJ, 2020 WL 7398748 (W.D. Wash. Dec. 17, 2020).


Stranger staffers like to imagine that they are "edgy" for seeming to question everything, yet I haven't yet seen them question the basic premise that building more and denser housing in cities will somehow stop or lessen sprawl. I see no evidence that it will, no evidence that it has, and no evidence whatever to reinforce the assumption. Only repetition of the proposition, as if constant repetition somehow conferred validity. Sort of like "The 2020 election was stolen."


@5 almost all denser housing is not made out of concrete and actually is generally built with white roofs to reflect sunlight and reduce heat gain, as well as fulfilling city requirements for trees and green amenity spaces surrounding the housing to provide shade and help with stormwater retention. Now parking lots, parking structures, and multi lane traffic sewers on the other hand...

Sorry about the facts bud.


I'm complicit for a bunch of corrupt Indiana prison guards, got it. (eyeroll emoji)



They don't write that bullshit because they think it's true. They write it because it's in-group signalling. They know it bothers you because it's bullshit, but their in-group likes it because that bullshit bothers you and stymies change. Win-win for them. You may as well explain it to your cat for all the good it's going to do.


FFS, Will, read up on the Urban Growth Boundary. The most forward-thinking policy that's ever been done in WA.

Stop whinging about the low 90s with no humidity, FFS. As you stated, many of us moved here to escape sweltering weather, but it's HUMIDITY I ran away from. Fuck. Humidity.


@13 and @14. FTW!


“Some of us moved from thousands of miles away to escape this kind of glaring, unmerciful solar radiation“

It is exactly this kind of self-absorbed thinking that is causing the housing crisis you decry. ‘Oh boo hoo sweeps’. You are part of that problem!!
How are you any different than the white male colonizers who flooded Seattle in the first place, Matt? You’re in it for yourself, period. You decided to come here despite the very well-publicized housing crisis.
WHO DID YOU DISPLACE FROM WHERE YOU LIVE NOW? Where are they now? Do they ever cross your mind? Have you reached out? I dare you.

There has been zero change from the original profit-seeking pioneers here. Gold, then Old Growth timber, Boeing, Amazon/Google/Expedia/f5, on and on; all sought to build fortunes on ‘cheap land’ and resources ‘for the taking’, inciting mass migration into the area.

You opportunists, who move to a city in crisis, and have the gall to whine about housing problems, are the problem!
“We should be building _”. Oh really? What exactly are you building?
Same goes for all the newly degreed ‘social workers, city planners, ‘activists’ who show up, demand housing for themselves, and then tut-tut about housing costs.
Fuck off! Go home. You’re an invasive species who are so delusional that you think you’re welcome here because of your vast unique talent or sexual availability. Wrong.
I’ve lost my apartment because of you fucks. You never talk about DISPLACEMENT because you selfish imports are the displacers!
Yeah. I’m hot. I’m actually at high risk to my life in this, but I’m having to move in this mess BECAUSE OF YOU OPPORTUNISTS.
What will it take all you ‘bros’ to leave? Earthquake? Recession, a Republican war on on privacy?
You’ve ruined Seattle. The arts scene is now commodification and poseurs. The artists have had to flee the crowding and costs.



So you need to see some evidence that having more people housed in a downtown core, rather than in the sprawling suburbs will result in less people living in said sprawling suburbs? I mean, I've not personally seen any evidence that chewing up and digesting a large pile of broken glass will result in my having an upset stomach, but I think sometimes you've just gotta take a leap of faith.



Yes, but 86% of dwellings down there have AC; we have about half that amount up here in Seattle and most of those are newer structures built in the past ten years, although I have seen a fair amount of retrofitting on older dwellings recently.


Tammy was making it sound like there was enough shelter capacity, just not the kind where people want to go. You know, because shooting dope is better than being inside and cool.
So, which is it? Not enough shelter, or people refused because they couldn't pick-and-choose their shelter?


@14 I lived in a high rise apartment in Pioneer Square for 6 years. Before that, I lived in an apartment in Bellevue situated on a greenbelt. If I could have a do-over, I'd have never moved out of that apartment in Bellevue. Being surrounded by trees and actually having a functioning balcony that I could enjoy these hot summer days on is FAR more superior than having no personal outdoor space and being baked to death on the roof top "patios" that many downtown buildings have.

I got the fuck out of Pioneer Square during the pandemic and bought a house out in the suburbs. With lots of green space, no homeless addicts sleeping right outside my building, and - gird your loins and clutch your pearls - I drive everywhere because nobody in city planning gives a fuck about proper transit out in the suburbs. Living in a building packed like sardines is something I'll never do again.


That apt in Bellevue is going to double in price or be torn down for big bux condos. With corporations descending on Bellevue like locusts, anybody over there that’s not rich or owners are screwed. They’re not as progressive there and don’t give a damn about anyone but businesses.


Thank you healthcare worker. It’s amazing you’ve survived all the crap of the last few years.
My x is a HP at UWHospital and I know the cheapskate crap they try to pull on you!

I had an accident 8 years ago; shattered my ankle, and Virginia Mason couldn’t get me outta there fast enough. I couldn’t even walk to the toilet but, they discharged me anyway (no caregivers at home either). I saw another woman, this was November, discharged directly to the sidewalk.

What has changed that hospitals are stuck with incorrigible criminally insane patients now? Laws? Funding? (Maybe she was just meek and poor and not truly belligerent enough?)

I can’t imagine 95% of other countries putting up with the self-induced insanity in their healthcare and criminal justice systems! They’d be dead fast in so many we could/ all name!

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