You've got just under 12 hours to vote in today's primary: Look, no shame if you haven't gotten to it yet, life's crazy, amirite? Don't stress about who to vote for—our Stranger Election Control Board has the best of the best already picked out for you. At this point, you might be better off dropping your ballot in a drop box. And later this evening, the board's members will scatter across Seattle to be at candidate parties when the ballot drop comes in. Watch this space!

Washington isn't the only state having a primary today: Arizona will have their pick of election deniers in several federal and local races, including the battle for governor. In Michigan, voters will decide what nutjob Republican will face Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in fall and whether GOP Rep. Peter Meijer will be ousted for voting for Trump's impeachment. Also, Kansans are going to vote on abortion in a confusingly worded ballot measure. 

Oh, yeah, and Missouri: Three Republicans are running for an open Senate seat—former Gov. Eric Greitens, state Attorney General Eric Schimtt, and Eric McElroy. And when it came time for Trump to make his endorsement, he simply threw his weight behind "ERIC"—not specifying which Eric he meant. NBC News reached out to Trump's team for clarification, but they said that the "endorsement speaks for itself." Truly galaxy brain move there, Trump.

The Cathlamet ferry captain resigns from his post after Thursday's West Seattle crash: According to the Seattle Times, Washington State Ferries still doesn't quite understand how exactly the ferry slammed into the Fauntleroy docks last week. However, WSF isn't ruling out mechanical error just yet. 

Has your iced oat milk matcha latte been tasting a little different recently? That may be because Oatly's Oat Milk Barista Edition has been recalled due to possible bacterial contamination, reports NBC. Yummy! The product is just one of 53 specialty drinks in the recall, which also includes protein drinks and several pre-made Stumptown coffee beverages. 

Biden's really edging student loan borrowers: His administration confirmed that the president will announce his decision on what to do about federal student loan debt later this month, reports Business Insider. Repayment is also supposed to resume at that time after a two and a half year pause. Do what's right, Joe—cancel it all for everyone regardless of income. It's all fake, anyway, and it will make Gen Xers/Boomers who paid a nickel and a riddle for college tuition mad. 

In a secret vote, Teamsters Union Local 174 members rejected a recent contract proposal from their employers by 170-1, reports KOMO. The workers had previously picketed for 145 days early this year, causing delays on projects like West Seattle Bridge repairs and Link light rail extension. But they went back to work in April as a measure of good faith that has now reached its end. “It feels like we’ve rejected this same offer 20 times at this point, but now the ball is back in their court," said bargaining committee member and Cadman driver Denny Emerson in a press release. "[I]t’s time for them to make a real move in their proposal rather than continuing to move the deck chairs around on the Titanic."

Nancy's officially in Taiwan: Despite China threatening "serious consequences" if the House Speaker stepped foot on Taiwanese soil and reports of Chinese warships and aircraft edging into the Taiwan Strait. 

Oh, monkeypox: In Washington, cases of the disease have been doubling every 8-9 days since the first reported case back in May, reports KUOW. And though gays have been having to participate in the Hunger Games to get access to a vaccine here, a King County health official told the outlet more are on the way. Meanwhile, in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a state of emergency to address monkeypox. This is all sounding so familiar...

The American government kills an al-Qaeda leader: The CIA killed Ayman al-Zawahiri in a drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan on Sunday, reports the BBC. Authorities say he and Osama bin Laden were responsible for planning the 9/11 terrorist attacks and had been on their "most wanted" list for awhile. During the attack, other family members were present, but government flacks say that Zawahiri was the only one harmed or killed in the attack. 

God, I love being nosy: Which is why Sarah Anne Lloyd's Property Watch column is such a satisfying read. Last week, SAL covered a beautiful, ornate home on Tacoma's Commencement Bay. Yours for $1.9 million!

How long until local, overfunded police departments use this thing on people stealing milk from the grocery store? Gonna give it, like, five years.

Beyoncé's Renaissance is truly a masterpiece: But it came under fire for the pop diva's use of an offensive, ableist term. Bey apologized and said she'd change the lyric. 

Ana de Armas is about to EAT as Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik's Blonde, a new biopic fictional NC-17 Netflix film about the star: Go watch the trailer if you haven't already, but some fans are upset at de Armas' casting because of her accent. Monroe's estate gave their blessing, however, saying de Armas "captures Marilyn’s glamour, humanity and vulnerability." Plus, it's a film about artifice and celebrity—of course it's going to stray from realism!

For your listening pleasure: Rosalía's "Despachá."