«How long until local, overfunded police departments use this thing on people stealing milk from the grocery store?»
For now that Hunka is reserved for kerbing the rampant jaywalking problems in Seattle. Poor cars getting inconvenienced and all.


Really Jas? Adding the word "Baby!" to create a headline? We all expect more from you.


@2, no, we don’t.


Expect the Admin to give a definitive date when the student loan pause will end.


Only on SLOG would the killing of al-Zawahiri be five stories below an oat milk recall.


I don’t know about the diplomatic wisdom of Nancy’s visit to Taiwan, but I won’t ever stand for the government of the People’s Republic of China telling this country where it can and cannot go. Fuck China and its 3000 years of culture if it culminates in leaders like Xi Jinping – a racist and a chauvinist pig who is hell-bent on pushing, pushing, pushing the world into war. Even Mao would say, “Dude…” Remember, this is the guy who runs citizens in for questioning when they are bold enough to joke that he kinda looks like Winnie the Pooh.

Ayman al-Zawahiri is dead? Goody, goody gumdrops. Twenty-one years too late, but I’ll take it. Makes you wonder, though, how a pediatrician could have been so heartless and blood thirsty. I guess being a physician is no guarantee of having humanity. I mean, look at Bashar al-Assad, who was once an eye surgeon practicing in London.

It's going to be interesting – sorta – to see if the Missouri MAGA people will be willing to put aside all that is known about Eric Greitens – embezzler, wife and child abuser among other things – and vote for him anyway. All the Republican senate candidates in Missouri are, to be sure, flies on Trump’s shit, but Greitens is the biggest and greenest. If he doesn’t do well, it might be the beginning of the end, and wouldn’t that be wonderful?


This “Gen Xers/Boomer“ would not be mad if student loan debt was canceled. I do however think it would be a complete waste of time without reforming the entire way we pay for a college education.

If you think Millennials and Gen Z hate Gen Xers/Boomers just wait to see the disdain future generations heap on Millennial/Gen. Z for getting their loans dismissed without lowering the cost of higher education.

It’s kind of moot, if Millennial/GenZ borrowers get their loans forgiven it will simply push the working class members of Millennial/GenZ (who vastly outnumber the college educated) into the GOP, which will screw us all.


@8 blip you are completely blind to the fact that the Democrats are losing working class voters to the GOP across all class and ethnic demographics.

It’s the working class Hispanic vote that has turned Florida into a reliable Red state instead of a swing state.
It’s the working class that is preventing Texas and Arizona from turning purple.

Stick your fingers in your ears all you want but all those demographic trends people were saying would thrust the Democrats into a permanent majority are instead doing the exact opposite.


@7 also, some of us Gen X are still paying off student loans.


@8 Gen Z doesn't vote


@7 yeah gen x still have debt. i am a younger gen x though. siiiiigh i forget predjudice is unacceptable UNLESS it's ageism.


More than a few physicians stormed the Capitol on January 6.


@7 also you are spot on.

the ageism comment is just my issues with what the writer of the arcticle wrote. i normally love their work but it annoys me when people make assumptions on others just by age (or any other demographic).


@6 "put aside all that is known about Eric Greitens – embezzler, wife and child abuser among other things – and vote for him anyway."

In the GOP, those things are selling points


Pelosi is dumb to go to Taiwan right now. Just needlessly stirring the pot, to prove what?


@13: "booked with some god type"? i've yet to meet one of those, and i've seen 3 different docs there. $800 eye exam = no insurance.


@19. Right, so it's okay for us to make their policy and ease our cognitive dissonance with jingoism because we don't give a shit what they think. It's this kind of asinine and irresponsible rhetoric that ends up with millions of innoncents dead and murdered and worse. We can show strength without being provocative at the worst possible time.

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