The Mayor would like you to provide input on our next police chief, if you can find the venue to do so. Lester Black



"Sinema (D-Goldman Sachs) held the line for her wealthy donors and spiked the attempt to close the carried interest loophole"

BUT she supported adding an excise tax on stock buybacks and that is going to generate more revenue than closing the loophole would have.

I'm all eager to shit on the Republicans in centrists clothing as much as possible, but this is overall a good bill and I'm glad she's on board.


Spoiler: it's Lake Mead and Lake Powell. No one could have ever predicted...


"I, for one, would be perfectly fine if this balmy mid-70s with civilized overnight lows in the high 50s stayed around for the rest of the summer." --@Will

Bart Simpson: this
is the Hottest
summer of
my Life.

Homer: this is the
coolest summer of
the Rest of your life.

whilst Oilgarchs
rule the world
we rue the

slavery comes
in many guises


so foolish of us
to worry about the
after-affects of spent
nucular material* we haven't
a Clue how to Dispose of properly.

oh hey look
there's a Sun
in our Sky! if
Only we might
(somehow!) har-
vest that mother-
fucker. if only it pro-
mised more Proiteering

*ooh! -- look at Putin
invading Ukraine whilst
hiding behind a Nucular Plant!

why he's
Crafty too!

more Nukes
is The Answer.


remember Nagasaki?
remember Fukishima.


@7 what is your solution to generate more power then? You simply can not generate enough electricity with solar and wind especially if you eliminate hydro to mitigate impacts to salmon runs and natural gas for heating.


is it Fireseason there?
or Floods? not yet
Biblical here but
do stick Around

ok. so how's the Fukishima
'Clean-up' comin'?

have they built
a Park over it

we've been creating
Sacrifice Zones
on this Planet
like there's No

we keep it up
there's Won't be.

Not harvesting* the Sun's
gotta be the Stupidiet
fucking Mistake
'human beings'
could Ever


and Willing to throw it All away
to save a few Rich some money

we're gonna
Darwin Award ourselfs
right off the fucking Planet

Most of us.



We're cool with 100s of millions of gallons of oil being spilled in our oceans without natural disasters to blame, so forgive me if I don't get too concerned about a rare reactor meltdown. Of course they're not great but can be mitigated like anything else.


"Our knowledge and capability to 'harvest the Sun' is only a couple decades old and we are still perfecting it." --st

like when your Hero
Ronny Raygun took the
fucking Solar Panels OFF the
Fucking White House. that was 20
years ago? as a Denialist, you do well

Raygun said it Best:
fuck the sun. we
Like OIL & the
Bigger the

it's Called FUNDING
as in, WWII was able to
turn our Economy AROUND

Massively Funding alternative Energies
would likely return our Investment
tenfold -- if it postponed
a Climate Armageddon
it'd be Thousandsfold

plus we'd Have an
Inhabitable fuck-
ing Planet.

any smoke
out your way?


meanwhile the War
on Infowars rages on:

"On Friday, a lawyer for Ms. Lewis and Mr. Heslin [parents of a six-year-old student Massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary] asked the jurors to award nearly $146 million in punitive damages, saying they had an opportunity to 'stop Alex Jones. Stop the monetization of misinformation and lies.'

Mr. Jones’s lawyer asked for a $270,000 award, saying Mr. Jones had 'apologized repeatedly and offered to have the parents on his show.'"

Waaay more at

also this:
Just In

Alex Jones
is Now Trying to
Cast Himself as the
Hero to Sandy Hook Parents.

gonna profiteer


"Oh and Kristio, there’s a huge difference between using solar to heat water for the White House laundry and generating the amperage needed to move a 200-ton locomotive."

when ya take
the fucking solar panels
OFF the fucking White House roof
it's symbolic but half of you Knew that already.

ronny raygun set US back
how many Decades in exchange
for What, exactly? we couldda been
the Planet Leader in Solar Innovation but
we gave it all away to enrichen the already Rich

and now here
the fuck we are

your Heroes SUCK.


alls 'republicans' want is
Gated Communities for the chosen few
and open sewers cum concentration camps
for the rest of us. they're good at Whitewarshin'
History meting out Punishment & vacuuming up Money
but suck at shit like Humanity Governing and Justice. and so on


ok. so Japan's
dying to Dump their
nukular Waste into the
Ocean and s. Korea says
hold the fuck on there Pard

we SHARE this
Ocean it Ain't
your Personal

oh look
it's Sunny!


Actually, some in your parents' generation did do stuff.

I was one of the first 100 cofounders of SESCI (solar energy), and did an alternative energy TV series on cable in BC (back when we only got 5 channels, 2 in the North, so a lot of people outside of the Lower Mainland watched that.

But, hey, it's not my problem that you keep subsidizing fossil fuels.


oh, and @8 etc are wrong. You can get a more reliable mix of energy using a combination of solar and wind plus storage (many options like pumped water, compressed air, flywheels, and batteries are storage) and it's 10 times cheaper than any nuclear power is, and doesn't take 20 years to become carbon neutral like nuclear.

Try doing the research.

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