Bernie and Ted leave the senate after the Inflation Reduction Act passes. I wouldn't want to breathe Ted's air either. Drew Angerer / Getty Images



maybe the word got out after that parkland kid got killed and the driver wasn't cited; stopping for pedestrians is optional. I almost got hit in a crosswalk yesterday, along with FIVE other people.

WSDOT: "Every intersection is a crosswalk - It’s the law. Drivers must stop for pedestrians at intersections, whether it’s an unmarked or marked crosswalk, and bicyclists in crosswalks are considered pedestrians. Also, it is illegal to pass another vehicle stopped for someone at a crosswalk. In Washington, the leading action by motorists that results in them hitting someone is failure to yield to pedestrians."




where on Meridian is this crosswalk?

(have the 5 Ws of journalism truly gone extinct: who what where when why? why why why?)



It’s the passive-aggressive driving style endemic to the Northwest.
Also see Almost Live’s ‘Ballard School of Driving’ - still a classic!


@2, 5,

Have posted this here before, but certainly do enjoy it. Guy's my hero.


Matt, don’t l look a gift horse…..

Yeah, DC never gives us everything that’s needed, but progress is progress – inch by inch. So, I hesitate to bitch about not marching all they way to Pretoria. The depressing thing isn’t that Progressives didn’t get everything they wanted. The depressing thing is that all Democrats couldn’t support the Democratic agenda. You’ll notice that Republicans have nooooo such problem. In fact, if you stray in the Republican Party, you receive a scolding, are dropped from the retreat/party list, and get primaried out of office.

Let’s just be glad there’s some action on climate change and that Medicare won’t be a slave to Big Pharma’s greed…after 1926 (sigh).

I’m warning you. Yes, the three or four days of 90s in a row may be over by the end of August, but September and October are way hotter in Seattle than June and July. It’s just that the days are shorter, and it isn’t still 85 degrees at nine PM. I remember people from back East bitching about Seattle’s July evenings being sweater weather. Just you wait, I’d tell them. On the other hand, the light in Seattle in late August, September, and October is incredible – and those blue, blue dusks. Beautiful and mesmerizing. Like nowhere else in the world. Not even Paris.

It's hard for me to imagine at this point turning a Trump supporter knowing what we now know about his years in office. If one is still able to say, “He’s my man,” even now, then I’m pretty convinced that changing his/her mind would be rather like convincing a psychopath not to chop you up and then make a soup out of you. It’s hard to believe that there seems to be so many of whom the world has utterly failed to teach compassion or social morality. This is not just stupidity at play but something more heinous


@8 - If cops can't issue a citation for an infraction they did not see, that's a good thing.

If there's is damage or injury resulting from an event, that's reporting a crime.


Republicans vote against everything that supports life. They are a literal death cult hell bent on murdering as many people (and all other living things) as possible. It would be so much easier if they just pulled a mass Jim Jones like event and left the rest of us to try to salvage the planet. It makes no sense to force millions of more people to be born and foisted onto the planet when all they have to look forward to is a horrific, dystopian existence.


It will always be hard to enforce traffic laws by hand, especially if you build an excessive amount of roads (as most places in the United States have). Making things worse, we expect more people to drive, which means we have a lot more bad drivers.

One solution is to invest in more traffic cameras to catch the various infractions. Fail to yield at a crosswalk -- get a fine. Go ten over -- get a fine. I can tell you that the cameras around the schools definitely work. I've known people who drove too fast -- in broad day light, with no kids around -- that got a ticket. They could have fought it, but it wasn't worth the trouble. If they had been pulled over, it is possible a cop might have given them a warning. But instead, they paid a sizeable fine, and ever since, slowed way down in those zones. But the entire city -- as well as most major roadways -- should be treated the same way. The end result would be people driving a lot safer.


Charlena Lyles would not have had a response from a mental health team even if the City would have had such a team like Eugene does. She still would have died attacking the responder.

"For example, CAHOOTS, an often-cited model out of Eugene, Oregon, that’s been around for over 30 years, sends out a mobile crisis team staffed with a medic (like a nurse or EMT) paired with a mental health professional. ... They do not respond to any 911 calls that include criminal activity, a weapon or any kind of physical threat or unsafe setting."

"Jessica Shook, a designated crisis responder in Thurston and Mason counties and president of the Washington Association of Designated Crisis Responders, said the result is people in acute crisis sometimes don’t get immediate help because the situation is too unsafe for mental health workers."

We should have a CAHOOTS style response unit and more units like the one featured in the article, but such units would not go to the call Lyles made because she was reporting a crime and because of the violence she perpetrated in a prior call.

Let's have realistic expectations of what can and can't be achieved with mental health crisis response units.

A good read.


I've got two schools near me with speed reduction zones during school hours. One is photo enforced and the other is not. The one with photo enforcement has one light that blinks briefly, almost as if that is the least it would be allowed so as to catch your attention. The other which is not photo enforced has two lights which blink opposite of each other and is difficult to miss. The two schools are about a mile apart the enforced one is inside a municipality and the other is in unincorporated King county. It sure looks to me as if the the enforced school is more about revenue for the city than safety.


@8, There is an exception in State Law for traffic enforcement where an officer sees it and radios it to an apprehending officer up the road to pull them over up the road. Port Angeles to promote a walkable retail district put plain clothes officers in crosswalks who radios vehicle and driver descriptions up the road to 3 or 4 waiting units. They write 50 to 75 citations an hour, then repeat in 3 months when everyone starts backsliding in their driving behavior. They do it as publicly as possible so that passing motorists get the memo that it could have been them getting $124 of joy.

@12, Traffic cameras won't work. All the scofflaw registered owner has to do is sign a statement that they weren't driving, and.send the ticket back. The state can't disprove that beyond a reasonable doubt, so that is the end of any camera ticket in WA. Only the honest pay them. Camera tickets also don't go on your driving record and don't impact insurance.

So we need cops to ticket people in the act, as performance art, for passing motorists, not just the offender.


'When it comes to public safety
their* hands are tied. The only
safety they have the capacity
to defend is their own.'

Wow great comment blip

'These are arguments
for abolishing the police,
but for reasons I can’t fathom they
are regularly presented here in their defense."


*la Po-po


@15: Well Goldilocks, may you find something between a fascist police state and anarchy that suits your disposition.


"So we need cops to
ticket people in the act, as
performance art, for passing
motorists, not just the offender."

well put fax 4
if it won't Sting
it's likely Ignored

peeps are only Human
most of us need a
Prod every now
and Again

& some a Cattle Prod
can we wire one into
Scofflaws' cushy sea
-ts? just a little Jolt
to Waken 'em up


Matt thanks for the cat and dog videos! Pets are much happier when they are not caged up!
Our pair of cats entertain each other, when the humans are at work!




@18, The way they are staffed all they do is chase the 911 call queue. If you want pro-active policing, community oriented policing, then there can't be 11 calls queued up every time they get back in the car from the last one. France has almost double the police per capita of the United States. Great Britain has slightly more. Spain has more. Belgium has more. The reason those police kill far fewer of their citizens is they police societies with up to 1/8 the murder and assault rate of the U.S., and in no case more than 1/2 of that of the U.S. If you police a population that is less violent to one another, they are less violent to the police when the police try and apprehend them.

U.S. cops kill about 1,100 per year, which is about half of what non-police do in legally justified willful killing in the U.S. Your non-police fellow citizens justifiably kill 2,200. Less than 50 of those killed by police are unarmed when they are killed. That is far less than the 200,000 my spouse's profession kills (healthcare) through preventable, and in most cases, negligent errors. It's far less than your fellow citizens kill with negligent operation of their vehicles, but you are calling for tens of thousands of people who negligently kill with cars to be incarcerated. You are OK with them being merely sued.

You get upset when they shoot someone like Charlena Lyles. But here is the dirty little secret, the mental health brigade, even if it was structured like the models of other cities like Denver or Eugene, would not have responded to Lyles. The policies of those mental health first responders forbid it because Lyles was a) Reporting a crime, and b) had perpetrated violence to the police the month before. They won't attempt to treat someone like Lyles, until the police have first disarmed her, cuffed her, and then had an E.R. Medically clear her, to make sure her behavior isn't the result of a medical issue.


@22 you are confusing resources with capability. Of course the police could eliminate crime or issue a moving violation for every infraction but to do that you’d have to hire a massive amount of officers and depot technology. No one would like that and the cost is prohibitive so we settle for a measure of inefficiency. This is hardly a case for abolishing the police unless you plan to abolish every profession that doesn’t achieve perfection (hint: it’s all of them)


@18: Hmmmm. Seems a fascist police state and anarchy are right up your alley, Elmer, especially after your being on record for praising Hitler.
Try not to fall in when flushing. Puget Sound already has more than enough toxic waste.

@23 Seventiesrocked: Then why the hell DIDN'T the SPD officers disarm and cuff Lyles, notify 9-1-1, and transport Lyles to the local ER for psychiatric evaluation? What a shame that the SPD didn't just restrain Charleena Lyles in 2017. According to SPD policy, the officers "had" to fatally shoot a pregnant woman with a chef's knife against two armed men--7 TIMES-!!!-in front of her own children?! Lyles' sister, Monika Williams, was quoted in The Seattle Times as saying that she "could have taken her [Charleena] down".
Does anyone in mental health and law enforcement care about the trauma these kids suffered then and most likely still are now?


Hooray to Democrats for finally getting important measures passed in the Senate. We still didn't get everything we wanted, but it's a lot better than doing nothing.
Now if we could just gag and hogtie obstructionists Mitch McConnell and its equally draconian RepubliKKKan sock puppets, Joe Manchin and Krysten SInema, along with Orange Turd and the rest of the GOP, and fire them all off one-way into a distant galaxy via Jeff Bezos' atrocious space dildo. May they get swallowed up in a black hole, and good riddance.

@25: Oh, that's right, I forgot. According to the SPD, guns= good, human lives=bad.
Shoot 'em first, and testify in court later.
No wonder the vast majority of good police officers of Seattle have been retiring, quitting, and running for the exits en masse.
It's like Morty once said in a previous SLOG from April 2021: Law enforcement agencies are so desperate for cops they'll hire people they wouldn't dream of recruiting 10-20 years ago. And Mayor Bruce Harrell's offering cash bonuses still isn't enough.


@11 xina for the WIN!!!


Smart move, Bernie. I wouldn't want to breathe Ted Cruz's MAGAt death breath, either.


@19: Good idea, kris! I'm all for using a cattle prod on RepubliKKKans. We could give 'em all a big zap in the badoobies.


It's a shame Ted Cruz didn't just drop dead of COVID upon making his escape to Cancun with his wife and family, willfully abandoning the very idiots who ecstatically voted for him down in the deep-fried Lone Star State of pro-Trumpist MAGA-Confusion. This was during Texas' severe winter cold snap in mid-February 2021 that took the lives of 246 people. That's a weird way to try to turn your red state blue, Ted! So much for having your own power grid. How long before all the neofascist red states all go into an unseasonal deep freeze or burn to a crisp from continued flagrant climate change denial?

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