The Puget Sound Energy outage map is unlikely to show any outages in Seattle, because PSE hasn't provided service within the Seattle city limits since Seattle City Light bought PSE's Seattle infrastructure over 100 years ago. Ditto for Tacoma City Light's coverage area. For future reference, Seattle City Light's outage map is here:


Well, Anne Heche slammed into a building with no cops around so I guess it's tough times for buildings these days regardless of police pursuits.


«Reminder: Allowing cops to chase people in cars puts everyone in danger.»

Apprehension outcomes are always better when the fuzz relies on its superior coordination power to isolate the culprit, instead of engaging in illegal road races to fulfill their copper fantasies.


Guitar shop owner “not rock and roll” because they don’t want armed junkies camped right outside business has to be the worst take in recent Stranger memory - this is a very high bar you should be proud


You’re so punk rock, Hannah.


1st time hearing of AV. Since I've never once voted for a Republican, much less approved of one, I'm not about to start.


JHB may have voted to impeach, but she’s till a republican and went along with a shit-ton of GOP crap FOR YEARS. Why the crocodile tears now? Blegh.
It shouldn’t be that hard to counter some idiot Proud Boy. Probably on camera doing something stupid and illegal in Portland protests… ‘Lock him up!’


"I mean, I barely vote for Democrats...We may not have Democracy for much longer."

checks out.


I remember being fairly excited about Seattle’s burgeoning film industry in the late 80s and early 90s. Hollywood was filming in town and surrounding areas all the time, it seemed. Then, something happened, and Vancouver became the place to shoot. Good exchange rate, I imagine, and with its world class film school turning out more affordable technical talent – well, you know the rest of the story. It was a lost opportunity for Seattle. So much tv is produced in BC now that Vancouver is called “Hollywood North,” which pisses off the unions, the caterers, and the extras here in Los Angeles to no end.

Haven’t you heard the old adage, “You can always judge a man by the way he treats his dog?”

The recent suggestions that perhaps Rep. Herrera Beutler should endorse the Democrat? Well, that would be an awfully selfless thing for her to do, but you do know, don’t you, that even though she might win humanitarian awards for doing so, she would be kissing any future she has in the Republican Party goodbye? The most I’ve ever seen a Republican do if he or she is unhappy with a party candidate is to shut up and go into hiding. Bush might admit to not voting for Trump, but he would NEVER admit to voting for Biden.

Two other things: I know Apple has a long history of innovation that others have tried to imitate/steal, but the Mac was always too expensive for me, and I wasn’t of the age where kids trained on free Macs in school. Hell, when I was in school, a computer was a UNIVAC. So I understand the loyalty, but I don’t understand the loyalty at any price. Also, and this isn’t very gentlemanly of me, I don’t understand the sex appeal of Pete Davidson. Kind of reminds me of a chemo patient. Ok, yeah, apologies.


There is no way I would vote for Beutler with approval voting. I'd be too afraid the outcome would be her vs. another Republican in the general. But with ranked-choice voting, sure, I'd throw her a second-place vote.

(@9 I don't get Pete Davidson either, or Kim Kardashian. Neither of them appears to be famous for anything but being famous. They seemed the perfect couple for that reason. Too bad.)


As an obnoxious dog owner, I gotta admit to being briefly intrigued by the dating app. But I don't think it's that I really love dogs that much, but more so that I just kinda loathe people. What about an app for people who don't like other people? Or maybe for dating dogs? I dunno, just spitballin' ideas.


Crisis responders would never have responded to Charleena Lyles in 11 days, weeks, or months. They don't respond to calls if there is a history of violence (Charleena checked that box on the call one month earlier), threats of violence, or unsafe environments. They call police to make sure the subject is in cuffs and free of weapons. Then they send them .E.R. by ambulance for medical clearance, before they go to a mental health facility.

So folks like Charleena (violent) never will get a non-coppy response.


Frankly, I'm amazed Jaime Herrera Beutler would still want to identify as a Republican after the 2020 election.


Approval voting would have retained Pete Holmes, RCV would not - of course voters would have hedged their bet on a fringe candidate with a moderate, they want to count. There is something to Bowers’ claim in the case of Jaime Herrera Buetler.


@13 Agreed.

I think Cheney, Romney, and the other 17 Republicans in Congress (10 House Members to Impeach, and 7 Senators to convict) missed a golden opportunity to form their own party.

They could have caucused with themselves, chosen Romney as their Senate leader, Cheney as their House leader.

It most likely would not have changed any legislation in the 117th Congress but it would have given Pro-Democracy Conservatives a home, and might have grown remarkably fast.


To alleviate the shortage of Crisis Responder perhaps we should amend the Involuntary Treatment Act to allow emergency room personnel to involuntarily commit patients.

Just a walk down 3rd Avenue shows that the current DCRs are overwhelmed by the lunatics. Perhaps the current DCRs are also too reluctant to commit. It doesn't take a medical degree to understand that the lunatics screaming at their inner demons need to be committed whether they want it or not.


Toe_Tag dear, it was 1952 when Seattle voters finally decided to give PSE the boot. Prior to that, there was a choice between the two, but it wasn't a groovy choice. There were literally two separate distribution networks and it was a mess.

But your point is well taken. One would think that a budding Socialist like Our Dear Hannah would understand the history of electrical generation in our state - and particularly the role of City Light, which was the inspiration for all of our state's PUD's.

As to Hannah and her voting preferences: She, like so many young people from time immemorial, haven't yet learned that life is a series of compromises, and then you die. Which is ironic, because the purity tests that people like her engage in will have much more of a negative impact on her than it ever will have on someone like me, who is on the downhill slide to the grave.


Complaining about the outcome of an RCV primary is kind of like complaining about pizza as a pizza topping. You could put pizza on a pizza, and you could use RCV for a primary, but when used as intended, RCV is one and done - you don't need a primary.

And if you hold a primary that way, it seems real likely that unless something changes between the two elections, the winner of the RCV primary is going to come out the winner of the general. By the same token, if it took Perez sympathy votes to put Beutler in the general, she wouldn't be likely to win anyway.


I don't recall any of the rock stars I've known, hard drug users all, ever wandering the streets, waving around sheets of aluminum foil, their pants halfway down their legs, blindly stepping in the crap they just took in the bus stop, throwing the mountains of garbage from the sugary crap they just ripped off from one business into another business' doorway, and then throwing rocks at people or cars because they're pissed off at life. Just so very rock and roll....

But boy, if the Stranger writers can't get their drinky on asap due to the rampant crime wave this city is experiencing, only then do they sit up and take actual notice - though of course blaming the 'corporate overlords' vs Methew and Methany doing sketchy shit that one would never tolerate if it was your own friends or family.


CVD: "As to Hannah and her voting preferences: She, like so many young people from time immemorial, haven't yet learned that life is a series of compromises, and then you die. Which is ironic, because the purity tests that people like her engage in will have much more of a negative impact on her than it ever will have on someone like me, who is on the downhill slide to the grave."

Posts like this are why I still bother to read TS. I find far more interesting takes, and wisdom, in the comment section. If they ever get rid of it, I'm gone.


Always with the poo-poo. Why are conservatives so fixated on that? I’m blame their mothers. It’s not natural for a woman to be a Republican.

I have lived in Seattle since the late 80’s and was a frequent visitor before that. I think I have seen only one non-toileted poo-poo during that time. Barf? Yes (I used to work in Pioneer Square) pee-pee? Definitely (see Pioneer Square). But no poo-poo.

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