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"If you don't think a
mass shooting that leaves
19 children dead deserves an f-
bomb, then I suggest you fuck right off."

[in]civility of
mass murder is
pretty f'ing Hard to equal

and the F-bomb
ain't in the same
fucking Universe


If "the news" keeps saying gas prices keep falling, how come every gas station I drive past still says their gas prices are all still over $5.00 a gallon?


Hillary Clinton is the worst person you know Will?


I came here to say what Phoebe said. What the actual fuck - have you been asleep for 6 years?


If you need a good laugh, the Suburban Times has discovered West Seattle somehow: Charming peninsula town exists. Little known fact, city was founded there. Density bad for neighborhood. Has had bridge troubles of late.

This is not a parody. They really need to stick with the Eastside and Downtown Seattle Association press releases, and fuck me in hell for linking to them : )



I'm assuming Will means that Hillary is the worst person TRUMP knows.


@7 I wouldn't make that assumption. Look at the other wacky "reporters" on this website. Will fits right in.


Satire - it just goes over some people's heads, like a jet airplane cruising at 35,000 feet...


Will must lead a terribly sheltered life.

Also, @2, gas prices vary wildly from place to place (the PNW being more expensive than most), but there is such a thing as a "national average."


Not to worry about Republicans finding a new boogeyman in October. Those Republican kitchen cauldrons are always simmering ready to cook up some shit at a moment’s notice. And whatever name they assign to that shit-dish? Every Republican will call that shit-dish whatever is agreed upon at every possible opportunity. Watch ‘em. They won’t give a direct answer to a question on “Face the Nation.” They will only peripherally answer with regards to how it relates to shit-dish. And all their responses will be the same – verbatim. Republican politicians have proven themselves to be pretty nefarious, I think, and entirely self-serving (at the expenses of most everyone else), but they are consistent as fuck.

I’m fine with Beto being in Congress or serving in whatever capacity he feels qualified for. I think he’s a good man, and his head (for the time being) is in the right place. But does anyone else think he’s in danger of becoming the perennial candidate? The Harold Stassen of the 21st Century? Good luck riding that tornado, Beto.

Yeah, the word “fuck” has lost a lot of its jab. People need to get over it – but with two exceptions: I abhor a conversation with someone whose every other work in a non-emergency situation is “fucking this” or “fucking that,” and I still don’t want to hear it coming out of the mouth of an eight-year-old. Little boy, you haven’t earned the right to talk that way.

Abortion. Pfft. If it were up to me, there’d be a Hoover attachment.

Have a spectacular August weekend, everyone. I bet that if you were to head over to the Peninsula, you’d start to see rare streaks of red here and there. Lovely.


@9: wouldn't say it went over my head, as I presumed it was snark - but it was not particularly well done snark, and Doug's interpretation @7 is a stretch.

"does he think that's funny?" was my reaction.


From the article:

Jail leaders defend the new building, despite the setbacks.

“From our standpoint, the new building offers a vast improvement over the Youth Services Center that it replaced,” Nance said in a written statement. “The environment is healthier and more conducive to therapeutic service delivery for youth in our custody and care, and enhances our capacity to meet the individualized needs of each youth.”

That sounds pretty necessary to me. Or is your complaint that they aren't jailing more youths? Too much namby-pamby therapy -- not enough locking up the kids -- is that your argument?


The GOP DOES have a bogeyman for October, Will. His name is Joe Kent!

@3: Phoebe in Wallingford: Thank you for beating me to it. I'm as amazed by Will's comment as you are.

@5 Max Solomon: I know, right?

Will? Any comments? Are you really THAT afraid of a woman serving as President of the United States? Seriously?
Especially after Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes in 2016, only to get screwed by the GOP in a truly stolen election? Similarly, former Vice President Al Gore SHOULD have won in 2000--but lost to the electorate due to "pregnant chads", Jeb Bush then being Governor of Florida, Ralph Nader playing third party spoiler, and the GOP's horrendously corrupt plot to protect Bush oil interests at all costs. Bring on endless wars on Iraq and Afghanistan if Big Oil sees "record profits"! "Weapons of Mass Destruction"? Noooope--nothing over HERE.....
Does any of this ring any bells, Will?

@9 COMTE: If Will meant his "Hillary Clinton is the worst person I know" comment as satire, it went over my head like a Boeing 767.

@13 Max Solomon: Or is Will among a shocking number of U.S. citizens who will never accept the idea of ever having a woman President in the White House? That was my reaction.


Speaking of langauge use, I finally stopped listening to NPR in the early 00's when their broadcasts began to describe gross civil liberty violations- including a patently unjust federal court case as "victories in the war on terrorism."

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