Another Tuesday, another primary: Alaska and Wyoming edition. "Three of the best-known women in Republican politics" compete on primary ballots today, says the New York Times. Rep. Liz Cheney faces voters in Wyoming, where she'll surely be defeated for defying Trump. Meanwhile, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is angling for a House seat in an Alaskan special election. Finally, Sen. Lisa Murkowski is also looking to get re-elected in Alaska. We probably won't know who has won in Alaska until the end of the month because of all the mail-in voting (it's a huge rural state), but as long as Palin and Murkowski place in the top four, then they'll make it through to the general election. However, Cheney is definitely toast against a Trump goon.

One exciting thing about the Alaskan primary: They are using ranked-choice voting for the first time. Should be interesting to watch!

I've only ever seen Atlas moths on Animal Crossing, but the behemoth Thai moth was spotted in Bellevue recently, scaring the shit out of entomologists because its leaf-eating caterpillars pose a threat to our state's cherry and apple trees, reports KUOW. Apparently, a Bellevue-based eBay account was selling live Atlas moth cocoons for $60 last month, though the ad has since been taken down. If you see one of these big beautiful orange boys, report it to the Washington Department of Agriculture and try to collect the moth if you can. They are huge and hard to miss.

The United Kingdom has approved omicron-specific booster shots: Moderna got its "bivalent" shot approved. "Bivalent" means it's a mix of two different versions of the vaccine: half targets the original strain of COVID, and the other half is a new formula designed specifically to target the omicron variant, reports NPR. This UK version isn't the same booster that officials hope to release here in the fall, however. That one will target omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA. 5. The U.S. has purchased 170 million doses of omicron boosters from Pfizer and Moderna, so if you can avoid COVID until after summer, then you might have more protection! 

Relatedly: First Lady Jill Biden just tested positive for COVID. She's taking Paxlovid and said to be experiencing "common cold"-like symptoms, reports CNN. 

Thousands lose water in West Seattle: A 24-inch water main broke on 24th and Kenyon in the neighborhood yesterday for a couple of hours, causing around 2,000 customers to lose water, reports West Seattle Blog. Seattle Public Utilities said they don't know what caused the break, but they are looking into it. Witnesses who saw the water main said it looked like a "geyser." 

Washington is getting hotter: According to research from New York-based nonprofit First Street Foundation, Benton and Franklin counties—where the Tri-Cities are located—could be hit with more 90+ degree heat waves that last twice as long by 2053, reports the Seattle Times. And the moist corner of the state—which is made up of King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties—"could see twice as many days in the mid- to high 80s" according to those same projections. The state better invest in air-conditioning as soon as possible.

DWARF GOAT STOLEN FROM GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY FAIR! Penny, a 3-year-old Nigerian dwarf goat who is the most precious thing west of the Olympics, is believed to have been swiped by three people on Saturday, reports KIRO. The suspects apparently brought the literal cutest animal I've ever seen to Walmart shortly after they took her from the fair. If you see this ball of light, you know what to do.

Ezra Miller update: If you've been following this saga as I have, the actor has really been on a tear and was recently charged with felony burglary. Yesterday, Miller issued a statement saying they are "suffering from complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment" and apologized for their alarming behavior. Of course, this apology comes as Warner Bros is trying to save public opinion of the actor so they can release Miller-vehicle The Flash, which Vulture says "lays important groundwork for future DC movies." Corporations are going to corporate! 

Last celebrity news of the day, I'm sorry, I grew up reading People and Us Weekly issues while on the toilet: Rapper A$AP Rocky has been charged with "assaulting his former friend with a semiautomatic firearm during a confrontation last November," reports CBS News. He now faces two counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and "allegations of personally using a firearm," according to a statement made by L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón. 

ACT Theatre's entire board stepped down: Apparently it's because of this American Theatre Mag article that argues nonprofit theater boards should dismantle and rebuild themselves with an eye toward community inclusion. What a piece of writing! According to KUOW, ACT says they plan to make a new board with 12-15 members who will "be involved in all aspects of board responsibilities to provide fiduciary oversight, strategic guidance, and risk management." 

A meme before you go: Dedicating this to my editor who loves Lord of the Rings.

For your listening pleasure: If you've never listened to Kelela's Take Me Apart, you've been missing out. Play this record on a date and thank me later—here's "S.O.S."