Maybe the cops will do their jobs just this once and figure out what happened to our former mayor's texts. Lester Black



Non-paywall NYT article:

So the Trump dude committs 15 felonies and will get less prison time than someone dealing weed in a non-legal state. White collar crime prosecution is a goddamn joke. And yes, I know it was a plea deal. Still a goddamn joke.


@1 -- It is a plea deal to get the big cheese. If he was the target, he would be looking at around ten years. But Trump is the target, and so far, he has been very helpful to their case.


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"In case this arcane argument over public records laws seems like a niche obsession of local media . . . ."

The Stranger's obsession with Durkan's texts is like right-wing media's obsession with Hillary Clinton's e-mails. They may have been relevant at some point, but now it's old news that no one really cares about.


@4 It fits in with The Stranger’s obsessive gaslighting that the 2020 Capitol Hill riots were actually peaceful protests.


@2 from a WaPo article on the plea deal: The person also said Weisselberg is not expected to help with an ongoing inquiry into Trump

other sources have also cited the deal does not involve going against any Trumps individually. this is just about the organization. there will be no consequences for any Trump family members on this issue (or any others probably)


@4, 5, - those are certainly words you both posted, but the issue is the mayor committed a felony. But its another great example of not taking white collar crime seriously.


@3, because with people like that, it's not about sex, it's about control and entitlement.

okay I'm done. I had a red bull this morning.


Since when is Dan Satterberg interested in prosecuting any felonies?

This is a prosecutor who routinely drops charges and releases violent criminals just because they are too loony. As if being crazy is a lifelong Get out of Jail Free card.


Somehow I hadn’t heard about that absolutely evil case in Pennsylvania with those judges. Fucking hell. It reminded me of how the judicial system in the (supposedly) post-slavery South used to railroad petty offenders to work in coal mines for kickbacks. Just like in those days, I’m guessing a high number of the disadvantaged kids in Pennsylvania who were sold off to jail profiteers were Black. Just a disgusting abuse of power. Fuck everyone even tangentially involved forever and ever.


@7, my point is whether the stranger is obsessed about the texts and gaslighting about the protests is irrelevant here: the mayor committed a crime. I would expect a news outlet to report on such a crime.


@7: Let it go. She's a lesbian and a democrat. Takes climate change seriously too. Always recycles and composts. Drives and EV. Uses Diatomaceous Earth instead of pesticide.


@1, @2

I believe the judge said he has to be fully forthcoming in his testimony or he's going to spend 15 years in prison.


Ah, yes... that time when those "peaceful" "protesters" decided to take over a section of the city to create their beautiful and serene community. And they created such a Utopia... what with all of the assaults, murders, and such.

@11 No one gives a shit. Just like no one gives a shit about Hillary's emails (as they shouldn't). It's cute that you now want to care about crime.


@7, To prove a felony, beyond a reasonable doubt, to 12 unanimous jurors, requires proof of intent to delete those texts in violation of the law, not just that they were deleted. I.e. A text, from Durkan, Best, or Scruggs, stating, "Hey, if you set your phone this way, the texts will delete after 30 days. Let's do that so nobody sees them." What are the odds Satterberg, or anyone else, will find that? They have already sent the phones in question out for forensic digital examination as part of other investigations. They are smart people (one a cop, one a former Federal prosecutor to boot), so you would think they would have made such communication verbally, if they did at all, and if one admits to it, they are implicating themselves, not just the others, so that ain't gonna' happen.

Waste of money to have the D.A. issue a press statement, months hence, that says, "After a comprehensive investigation, we would be unable to prove at trial, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a crime was committed." It's an element of every crime, that must be proven. Or perhaps you believe the Constitution, and hundreds of years of legal precedent, should be suspended in this case.


Next the Will with the Stranger will start saying Jenny Durkan smells like sulfur, and is literally the devil. Alex jones 2.0 in the making!


Unless you're trying to make Will's point for him, it seems the Clinton email fiasco is a terrible analogy to use in arguing against investigating the mayor's texts. Clinton's emails triggered a ridiculously exhaustive, months long inquiry by the FBI & DOJ that individually scrutinized well over 30,000 messages before issuing a formal statement concluding that no charges were warranted. Pretty sure if Stranger writers saw something even remotely approaching that level of investigation, they'd be satisfied.

I'd actually advocate for letting it go, as the trail seems to have mostly gone nowhere and I don't know that it's ever going to, but I can't fault them for being diligent in their efforts.


@17, It has been investigated by others who hired an outside firm to try and recover as many e-mails as possible and determine who set them to delete. The investigation found no evidence as to who set the phones to delete the text messages. So by all means, lets have another investigation to do the same forensic digital examination to determine the same thing.


«Prosecutor Dan Satterberg finally requested that the Sheriff's Office investigate missing texts from former Mayor Durkan's phone»

«In February of this year [2022], a forensic analysis, commissioned in response to lawsuits over the city’s handling of the 2020 protests, indicated that Durkan’s phone was manually set in July 2020 to automatically delete texts after 30 days.
The analysis didn’t determine who changed the text-retention setting on Durkan’s phone.» ~ Seattle Times

Well, let us think... to whom did that phone belong? Since when does anyone outsource their smart phone interactions? And would you not recall that you outsourced your smart phone interactions, and to whom?


I wonder if someone like Sawant or Mosqueda had deleted a bunch of official texts from their phones if the same people would be saying "meh just let it go"


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I love – really love - dairy and dairy products, but I’ve cut back over the years for health reasons. Later on, I only bought products that came from dairies where cows were purportedly treated very well because I like cows, too. That worked for a while. Then, someone told me that dairy farms are all inherently cruel because - among other reasons - they have to keep the cows pregnant and well, you can guess what often happens to the calf. So when I need dairy, I’ve been learning to enjoy the wonders of oat milk, etc. Still can’t walk away from a good cheese though.

I’m always for replacing energy sources with renewables, but the word “methane” has me concerned. May I assume that the CH4 is captured completely? We all know about releasing methane into the atmosphere.


Shorter @14:

"'No one gives a shit' means I don't give a shit and what I do or don't give shits about is all that matters to me."


I find it curious that you refer to abortion as an "uncontroversial" medical procedure. Don't know where you've been for the last few months but it is apparently controversial in the extreme.


@17 agree with Blip here. We get the government we deserve and if we are ok with malfeasance or incompetence in this case what else is going by undetected. Maybe the investigation proves nothing or maybe it shows Durkan panicked. I don’t know but we should do it. As noted elsewhere it’s not like Satterburg is doing anything else.


@17, @18, @21: For her entire time in Seattle office, CM Sawant has refused to use a city-provided e-mail account. She has instead used private accounts. At least one public-records request for some of these e-mails was completely ignored by her office:

“Sawant’s office does not use city-provided email accounts; they use gmail accounts instead. They argue this is to allow them to use Google’s online collaboration tools, and they claim to support public document requests on emails in those accounts. However the latter claim is clearly untrue: a Public Document Request filed related to the termination of employment of Liebermann and Kahn [from the city payroll - they had worked in the District 3 office at City Hall] returned no documents or emails from Sawant and her office — nothing at all.”


The Stranger knows this, and has endorsed her repeatedly for re-election anyway. They simply do not care about transparency in government, at least not when their favorite politician refuses it completely for her entire time in office, and so their pious wailing about Durkan’s (much less extensive) lack of transparency is rank hypocrisy of the highest order. Add in Durkan’s humiliating defeat of Sawant on the EHT — Sawant was out crowing about her “victory” even as Durkan lined up the votes for her defeat! — and The Stranger comes across as whiny sore losers, as well as brazen hypocrites.


@21. If there is no path to developing evidence sufficient to overcoming reasonable doubt, in order to prove a crime, then Sawant or Mosqueda gets a pass and the presumption of innocence.

The evidence of the requisite intent, can only come from the target of the investigation, and they won't talk to police investigators because they aren't obligated to and have the right Prior forensic investigation of the city phones and data found nothing to demonstrate who reset the phones.

@20, The phones belonged to the City of Seattle and were handled by tech personnel and multiple aides, any of whom could have reset the factory defaults on the phones to auto-delete after 30 days.


@22 Cows, like humans and any other mammal, will continue producing milk for years after giving birth so long as you keep the milk flowing (you do not keep them perpetually pregnant). Hope that helps with your dairy guilt.


@22 the methane from the cow waste would be created and released to the atmosphere without the digester. The digester does not create 'extra'. If this unit is well-designed and operated, the farm should release much much less compared to the farm before this system was built. This solution has been tried off-and-on for decades with varying success.

IMHO, the positive impact for water quality and salmon of reducing nasty water runoff is a more important benefit than the small amount of electricity generated.

As far as should visit a large, confinement-style dairy 'farm' to see how those animals are treated. You may be more concerned about your source for dairy products after that.


@29 - I know of these places. That's why I weaned myself off dairy...with a rare lapse, but never from something produced in a factory farm.

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