Huge crowd floods Seattle Pacific University to see LeBron, but the thrill is short-lived: Hundreds of people flooded the campus to see LeBron James return to Seattle for the CrawsOver Pro-Am League, but the game was cut short when "the building heat from a capacity crowd in the gym at Seattle Pacific University's Royal Brougham Pavilion started to cause condensation to form on the court," KOMO reports. Earlier, fans had rushed the floor and pulled a fire alarm. 

Sue Bird did something cool: Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird became "the oldest player to record a WNBA playoff double-double" during the team's victory over the Washington Mystics this weekend, according to ESPN. Indeed!

Will Seattle ever see more food trucks? Today, food trucks face a bunch of restrictions, including rules that keep them at least 50 feet from any food service establishment, 1,000 feet from a high school, and 50 feet from a public park. On top of that, no more than two trucks can operate on the same side of the street. The Seattle Department of Transportation is looking at loosening those rules, The Urbanist reports.

Two boating crashes on Lake Washington this weekend: A boat and jet ski crashed near Seward Park Sunday afternoon, sinking the boat and sending five people swimming to shore, KING 5 reports. No one was injured. In another crash on Saturday night, two boats crashed near the SR 520 bridge and five people went to the hospital in stable condition. Police are still searching for the second boat involved in that crash.

Driver hits Tacoma protester: At a recent anti-gentrification protest in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood, protesters say a driver started driving toward the crowd and hit an organizer. When protesters confronted the driver, "the driver grabbed the organizer's arm and then proceeded to drive off, pulling the driver along with them," a protester told KIRO. Tacoma police say an officer nearby called "to report protesters in the street," according to KIRO. 

RIP Dorli Rainey: A legendary Occupy protester and fixture in Seattle's protest scene who called herself an "old lady in combat boots" has died at 95. Dorli Rainey was born in Austria, and she worked as a Red Cross nurse, an Army translator, and a court-appointed special advocate. She became a symbol of the Occupy movement when a photo captured Seattle police pepper-spraying her in 2011. A couple days after the pepper-spraying, she was back out protesting. 

Inquest begins into Federal Way Police shooting: Police shot 33-year-old Robert Lightfeather in 2017, when they said he pointed a gun at two men outside a car wash and pointed the gun at officers. Starting today, King County will conduct an inquest into whether the shooting was justified, the local Fox station reports.

Police say man may have planned mass shooting at the Gorge: Around 9 pm Friday night, concertgoers and security at the Gorge told police they had seen a man in the parking lot inhale something from a balloon, load two pistols and put one in his waistband, and then ask concertgoers when the concert would be over and where people would exit. Security detained the man outside the venue and Grant County Sheriff's deputies arrested him, KIRO reports. 

Should we get rid of Highway 99 through South Park? A grassroots effort pushing to close a section of Highway 99 and put the land into a community trust is getting a little traction, thanks to $600,000 from the State Legislature for a feasibility study, The Seattle Times reports.  

They just need more training: The sheriff's office and the Mulburry Police Department suspended two Arkansas deputies and a cop after video circulated online showing three officers beating a man against the pavement outside a Kountry Xpress, CNN reports. The cops told CNN that the cops arrested the man "for allegedly threatening a gas station clerk in a neighboring town." No choice but to give them more money for training and equipment. 

Massive dark money drop for the GOP: An "electronics manufacturing mogul" named Barre Seid dropped $1.6 billion on a "political group" run by Federalist Society VP Leonard Leo, the architect of the current Supreme Court, according to The New York Times. There's a lot of money in politics, but this much cash amounts to "among the largest—if not the largest—single contribution ever made to a politically focused nonprofit." Leo will no doubt chop that money up, hide it, and deliver it to Republican candidates in the next few months.

We've gone remote: Well, one-third of us have, according to a Washington Post analysis of a study of work accomplished in the United States last year. Much of this shift happened in "the so-called knowledge industries such as finance and information, a category that includes everything from journalists to search-engine developers." As in all things, the rural/urban divide obtains. The academics caution that their report describes "rough estimates informed by simple assumptions," though, and they say they need to wait to get better federal data before drawing firm conclusions. 

We've said it before,
but the national media is obsessed, so we'll say it again: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci announced his plans to retire at the young age of 81, The New York Times reports. Earlier this year, Fauci had said he planned to step down from his role at the end of 2022, and now he's just sort of making it Official. 

Russia blames Ukraine for killing a daughter of Putin's friend: A 29-year-old state media journalist named Darya Dugina died in a car bombing in Moscow on Saturday. Dugina's father, Alexander Dugin, "is credited with shaping President Vladimir Putin's worldview," the BBC reports. Analysts speculate that they were going for Alexander but got Darya instead. 

Let's end AM with this Mirah song: I visited the old volcano for the first time over the weekend and learned about lateral explosions and lava tubes.