Was William Shatner or John Lithgow on that Alaska flight to watch for goblins?


"The former President [FAKE 'prez']
is suing the Justice Department
over their Mar-a-Lago raid… "

FOX is calling it a "raid" too
but it's Not a raid just 'cause
the Reactionaries call it one.

a Raid is when your
Disciples swarm the Capitol
and try to Overturn an Election.


"Trump's....his and Melania's portraits. ...two artists have already been commissioned, but mum's the word on the identity of said artists...."
I have it on good authority that the two artists are William Hanna & Joseph Barbera. The background for the portraits will be Jellystone Park.

@2, You watch FOX?


"I don't believe in prison," writes The Stranger.

Then The Stranger doesn't believe people should pay the taxes it constantly calls for either.

If someone doesn't want to pay their taxes, or follow any other law, they don't have to. If you come up with some alternative to jail for people who don't pay their taxes, they don't have to participate in that either. If nothing will happen to them, if they engage in every selfish, anti-social whim, then there is no reason for them not to.

We must do better in terms of making coercive consequence more rehabilitative, less punitive, and constructive, but it requires an empty jail cell, and the willingness to forcibly put someone in it, if they won't participate in non-jail rehabilitation.


Again with the Student Loans?
Jas, Will, Matt et al should all form a union to get Index Newspapers to pay them a living wage and throw in student loan payments as a perk.


Some beer hall has an 8 hour dinner for $333 and then slaps 27% fees on top of that? Sounds terrible.
That story, coming right after one about a consistent con-man (ask the Atlantic City contractors, or trumpox University students, or…), draws inevitable comparisons of brazen egos and shifty schemes.
Fire Island, anyone?


"We must do better in terms of making coercive consequence more rehabilitative, less punitive, and constructive... " -- Fax70s

YES. Bingo.

and weed out most of
them back into Productivity

and then Locate the PTSD
in put it to Rest as well

@3 -- ya don't gotta be a
Weatherman to know
which way the Fake
'news' Blows


at some point trumpf's gotta
come to terms with

oh and Joy!
Cheney, jr.

will there be a Knight
of the long knives
here too Caesar?

or will the
trumpfster go
quietly into that Night

stay tuned.


Again with the Student Loans?
Jas, Will, Matt et al should all form a union to get Index Newspapers to pay them a living wage and throw in student loan payments as a perk.


saddling Generations
with the yoke of 'student
Loans' is one of thee Most
Repressive things we can Do.

no Homes
no Families
or do shared*
basements count

Sayonara Middle Class

is This the American Way


it's the Opposite
of pragmatic.


*two or three
at a Time


Trump may sleep till Noon,
but he is definitely NOT smarter than the average bear!


Trump's lawyers are so incompetent the judge told them they filled out the paperwork wrong and had to go do it again (dismissed without prejudice which means they can re-file). Meanwhile, the judge should be thrown out for incompetence as well, since one can't file a lawsuit without citing law and "the FBI is mean to mean" isn't going to fly.
And claiming the FBI is being used for political reasons to prevent him from having another stay in the White House? Seriously? Comey? Her Emails? Lock Her Up? Anyone? FFS, I wish the media would put a full on black out on Trump. No more attention AT ALL IN ANY WAY until the shit bag is in prison or DEAD. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*mean to me


Interesting article over at the Seattle Times.

“Forgiving student loan debt will cost between $300 billion and $980 billion over 10 years, according to a new analysis, with the majority of relief going toward borrowers in the top 60% of earners.”

Let’s spend close to a trillion dollars helping out high-wage earners.

Sounds like a great way to win over all those working class voters who have been abandoning the Democrats.


Forgiving student loan debt is just retroactively restoring state support to higher ed that was hacked away in the 90s. If states hadn't stopped supporting colleges, tuition and debt would not have skyrocketed.


@17 -- So you are saying it should only apply to state colleges and universities? Oh, and what about those who have already paid off their tuition. Will they get a refund?

It sounds like you have the makings of a reasonable approach -- but it would be dramatically different than what various writers on The Stranger propose.


@8 sure home them first, no one argues with that but where to home them? In the most expensive city in the state and one of the most expensive in the country? That doesn't seem economically feasible. You also need to come to terms with the fact some of them are incapable of self care at this point and need a managed approach. What are you going to do when they refuse to accept that care because it will come with expectations? So home them yes but until you are willing to put up some parameters on what that means its really just an empty slogan.


Nobody forced you to take out a student loan. Is that your signature, there? Pay up.


"Trump's Save America PAC contributed $650,000 to the Smithsonian Institute for his and Melania's portraits."

only Ralph Steadman
or a Gahan Wilsom
might do that pair
Justice. speaking
of which it'd be
Nice to see his
USSC appt'ees
in the back-


not that I
Support it.


"Oh, and what about those who have already paid off their tuition. Will they get a refund?" --@Ross

how 'bout we do like
Corpse Americana does
and give 'em a Coupon
good for 20% off their
next Solar Array or
Windmill? or let's
get Creative here

good ole
Tough Love

have you been
Fed today?


@22 blip I’m curious who you think the Democratic Party base is.

Is it the same core voters who propelled Biden to the nomination?


Student loan forgiveness is going to be better than the alternative. Both will have consequences. But loan forgiveness the consequences can at least be more predicted and better managed.

One way or another the house of cards is coming down.


His portrait - he'll be sitting on a golden throne, all bronzer, beige, and bouffant with white concealer trying to hide his bags. He'll be looking straight out at you, the viewer, with the expression, "How stupid are you?"

Her portrait - She'll be wearing some simple $21,000 job cut on the bias, an icy stare with as much of a smile as Botox will allow. She'll be trying to look all First Lady and all, but she'll be thinking about the coming season in St. Moritz. "Thank goodness," she'll remind herself, "I'm not back in my village making piroshkies."


@1 Teslick: That was William Shatner (pre Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame), in "Nightmare at 20,000 feet", from Season 5. The unforgettable b & w Twilight Zone episode originally aired on October 11, 1963.
It is interesting to note that the screenplay for "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" was written by fantasy / sci-fi / horror author and screenwriter Richard Matheson, who also wrote "Duel", based on his own true published short story, and adapted to iconic director Stephen Spielberg's taut 1971 thriller and his first theatrically released film. Matheson [b. 1926- d. 2013], like bestselling author Stephen King, knew how to scare the shit out of people, particularly television viewers. Matheson in his biography credited King among his intense storytelling influences.

And Jas---it still makes me nervous about flying, too, as "Duel" does about driving on freeways and deserted highways.

@13 pat L, @14 xina, and @27 Bauhaus I: Hear, Hear! Bravo for the WIN!!!

@20: Down, Swifty, down. Don't they feed you in there?

Donald and Melania Trump: talk about corrupt, over-glorified toxic waste. Now, if the Orange Turd could just eat an e coli-laced Big Mac, swallow its own shit, and DIE already so the rest of us could get on with our lives......


Please do not refer to gremlins as goblins. They are different things.


Alternate headline: Former Twitter Chief of Security boasts he was terrible at his job after being fired for, allegedly, being terrible at his job.


@13, one of the problems with Trump is that, when viewing & commenting on Trump, people confuse 'stupid' or 'ignorant' with 'evil'. Trump, most unfortunately, is NOT stupid. He's evil as all get out. But he's not stupid. He may even be, when he expounds on all the things whereof he knows nothing, as ignorant as he sounds. But when it comes to gaming the system, he's definitely NOT stupid. Which is the reason I also think he will probably never go to jail.....which is a heck of a shame and a disappointment.

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