Hannah - I think stealing a car goes far beyond "rude". You should to.


@1 - Lighten up. Exaggerated understatement is a form of humor.


We need someone to come on here and try to explain to Phoebe that stealing cars and assaulting people is in fact neither rude, nor amoral, owing to the fundamental nature of reality, subjective interpretations of virtue and his plebeian understanding of fucking quantum thermodynamics or whatever.


Nevermind, we're good. Let's hear it!


4 - I understand, it just grates on me as it happened to my car.


last summer - but I'm still stewing about it. Forgive me.


Wait, I thought putting things to the voters in a Feb election was a form of voter suppression?


As a former Eugene resident, absolutely nobody ever called it Swastika Mountain. Very pleased to see it finally being changed.

And I'm also v. pleased about the Kent teacher strike, which staves off the inevitable chaos that comes along with living across the street from a high school for another few days, thank Christ. Give the teachers the raises the state promised and for fuck's sake, stop shoehorning 30 kids into a classroom that wasn't designed for more than 20.


"There are only so many days you can go to the grocery store in a bralette with jean shorts up your ass."

This is the sentence I didn't know I needed this morning. Thanks Hannah!


I gotta give protestors credit - I've seen some very nice artwork lately featuring a uterus plus the whole fallopian tube system. Nice work!


"....what’s Donnie J been up to?....playing golf! I wish I had this man’s inner peace."
It's not chill or inner peace. He's numb. The daily lawsuits he's endured over the decades have been desensitization therapy. He just can't feel anything......which sort of explains why he is totally devoid of empathy.


@12: It’s not merely voter suppression, it’s also racist, right-wing, weaselly, done by haters, and totally planned from the start for the February ballot, despite the organizers’ blatant lies about wanting it to appear on an earlier ballot.

Seriously, HON has completely failed at achieving every last one of the goals they either freely set for themselves (35,000 signatures!) or accepted as the basic process every initiative must meet. And yet, when they issue yet another loudly confident prediction, the totally-serious, harshly skeptical journalists here at the Stranger simply repeat it as gospel truth.

The starry-eyed credulity the Stranger continues to give HON sits weirdly with the long hot stream of bile they spewed at an attempt to reach the ballot which was not merely successful, but passed unanimously through the extra step of the state’s Supreme Court.


Hearts out to Kent parents having to scramble for childcare today. More missed school is a gut punch for the working class.


“Anti-Murray Ad Makes Her Look Cool Actually”

Senator Murray’s opponents have compiled a very long record of bizarre advertisements in their many failures to retire her. They’ve always followed their defeats by loud public lamenting of the form, “How does this stupid, unqualified woman keep beating all of us self-described political geniuses?!?”

Looks like they’re already far down that long road again…


and in Other News:

Psilocybin Therapy Sharply Reduces
Excessive Drinking, Small
Study Shows

Researchers said the results offered promise to the millions of Americans with alcohol use disorder.

The study, published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry, is the latest in a cascade of new research exploring the benefits of mind-altering compounds to treat a range of mental health problems, from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder to the existential dread experienced by the terminally ill.

more at

it also forces you to look
at the Status Quo thru a
different set of eyeballs

no small Wonder
the .01% wanna
keep you far far
from it.


That Tiffany cretin is a mess. A PNW version of Marjorie Taylor-Greene.


Fuck you, anti-abortionist RWNJs! Not your womb? Not your choice!
Women and girls are not farm animals!

@1, @10, and @11 Phoebe: I'm sorry your car got stolen last year. That sucks.

@16: The Orange Turd is a greedy, heartless, self-serving psychopath who has had everything handed to it on a sterling silver platter since its fecal birth. The sooner The Orange Turd and its neofascist loyalists are dead and gone, hopefully by their own undoing, the world will be all the better off.

@20 tensorna: RepubliKKKans. If their IQs were any lower they'd be underground or underwater. They spread stupidity like a disease. They blame their own extreme manmade climate change on the Democrats, and they're sore losers.
I predict that the crime syndicate that is Orange Turd and its bootlickers self destructs from all their batshit craziness, gross incompetence and corruption, and that the ensuing mass extinction of the GOP brings forward world peace.

@24 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Yep. Apparently cheap Trump whores are inbreeding like sewer rats.


Good job on the abortion rights posters!! Well done!! And Bravo, too, to everyone out protesting the Draconian atrocity that is the Orange Turd's Extreme Court.


bats a

hell I'd be a Happy
Pappy with .333.


Such a girl.

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