The Mayor claims he "had no role in deciding which organizations would receive the awards," according to The Seattle Times. Lester Black



"Everyone, everywhere needs more public workers:"

Considering the public's behavior over the last several years it's not surprising there is a shortage everywhere.


This is white privilege bullshit. The Esquire has been a pillar of Seattle’s black community since before you were born, and had fallen on very hard times partly because of people like you gentrifying the C.D. It is a perfect recipient for this grant program. Your attempt to make it sound like Mar a Lago is so off I can only shake my head.
Clearly, you’ve never spent any time there.


I don't know about the rest of the public sector, but who would want to be a teacher when you have to contend with cranks like TarAnarion, lunging in with the weird, baroque gripes they learned about on Facebook.


@2 there was a great many of those workers in WSDOT, the ferry system and various gov agencies that also retired/quit rather than obey the gov's vax mandate. Maybe that was the right call at the time but now that Covid has become endemic and you can get a vax/booster if you want it would seem repealing that mandate would also help attract new workers or win back some of the old ones. I remember when the gov issued the mandate that there was great confidence we could attract new workers to those fields to replace those who quit and it seems that is not entirely true.


Could it be, do my eyes deceive ... are we in opposite world!

The Stranger is bashing contributions to a historic, storied black institution in Columbia city. One which has a long and documented history of helping the black community.

Has MAGA taken over The Stranger? What is going down?


All Packer QBs are dicks.



Those are two ridiculously broad generalizations you've made there. I'll not speak to the first point ("working with patients sucks") as I'm sure plenty of patients are insufferable shitheads, though again, there's an enormous amount of contextual qualifiers that could render the statement true or false. The same is true with regard to working for the government, but I've known quite a few people who spent either portions of, or their careers doing this work and retired happy and comfortably.


I invite Will and every other "the US sucks/great country we've got here foks/this is a failed state" bullshit artist to move to some other country so you can find your utopia. Life is hard and isn't fair, get used to it and lower your expectations.


@12 isn’t that their choice to make? The vax does nothing to protect others as you can still catch and spread Covid even when vaxxed and boosted. The only thing the vax does is make sure you don’t die. So the at risk people you are concerned about are still at risk even if everyone is vaxxed. When the mandate first came out it was under the assumption it would be like measles and we could stamp out Covid.
That is clearly not the case, at least for now, so what purpose does the mandate still serve?


TikTok is a dangerous Chinese agent, and if you think the Chinese government isn’t analyzing every post, every reply, then I have some beachfront property in Florida you might be interested in. Don’t mind the ‘gators or ‘skeeters.

I’m part of that silver tsunami, I suppose, and yes, we held on to those jobs because we were brought up to believe that you had to work in order to eat – whether you loved your job or not. Silly us.

The British people may be more in love with tradition than they are with the monarchy. So, it’s hard to say if they’ll ever shake themselves loose from the notion of kings and queens. It’s pretty safe to say, though, the QE II was way more popular than Charles III. The Queen was a stoic, blank canvas on which one could project almost anything regal. King Charles is an opinionated drip with a huge stick up his ass about such things as protocol. Gets furious if there’s any kind of slip-up. He’s already showing signs of being the elder brat, even before the Queen’s funeral.

Jesus God…what chain of events leads to the formation of a Mike Pence?

“You got-ta be a football hero
To get along with the beautiful girls.
You got-ta be a touchdown getter, you bet,
If you want to get
A baby to pet…”
Govnah Buford says, “Y’all come on down here to Miz-zippy to see how much is changed.”


@13: yes, yes, the answer is to move rather than point out the changes that need to happen to make our country better. I’m surprised you managed to take time out from shaking your cane at whippersnappers to type out this stale observation at all.



No, the government employed folks I've known have all been decent, hard working people of high moral character. And for the record, I also work in healthcare, albeit in an administrative capacity. Though this position has introduced me to several patient facing people who I've developed friendships with (couple MD's several RN's, etc) the vast majority of whom are happy with and love their jobs.

You on the other hand sound like a miserable person and I guess it's at least good to know you're no longer working such a position.


$40 MILLION and they came up with nothing (which we all knew they would). Whose money was spent? MAGAs keep donating and the liars and criminals keep on pissing the money away like it's water.


@24- every dollar that some MAGA loser wasted donating to that investigation is a dollar they can’t donate to their fascist traitor candidate of choice. That works for me.



Oh, hey my bad! Given your angry bitterness, I'd read that last message of yours to suggest you've opted out of the field. No such luck I guess, for you or your patients! And I think your reading comprehension might also be in need of a fine tuning, as I noted I've several friends who are clinic and/or facility based and we all like & respect one another on both a personal and professional level.

Maybe you should actually consider a career change? I mean, you really do sound miserable!


@27 I don't disagree with your sentiment but I also think some industries had higher rates of departure so citing an overall average may not be completely valid. I don't recall the ferry system having such a high cancellation rate until the gov issued the mandate so circumstantially it seems that did have an impact there. I hear you on the public health contract and support that notion but as noted the mandate itself does little to improve public health. As you say in @26 the vax only helps the person who was vaccinated but they are still able to catch Covid and pass it on. Following your logic we should have an indefinite mask mandate as well. It seems to me that a more nuanced approach is needed and if the mandate is a problem for certain industries (e.g. ferry workers) than pull it.


"Harrell has intermingled his official position with his membership in the club before."
How dare you criticize Harrell. He's half black & half Japanese!! You know that all people of EITHER of those ethnic groups can do no wrong. How dare you. Shame. Shame. Just ask the people who mourn George Floyd. Why, trying to kick a police officer in the face in the back of a squad car is TOTALLY justified if you can't breathe, or are claustrophobic, or have diarrhea or anything like that.....even if you just got out of a similar vehicle crowded with 2 other people in it.
And just ask Naomi Ishisaka. She'll tell you right off that Asian people can do no wrong. Why they make sure their children don't have anything to do with, let alone marry, Westerners, much less (aaarrghhhhhhh) black people. You know those types are all scum. And they smell from eating too much meat. And she's got the backing of the Seattle Times in these issues so you KNOW that's the way it is.
I mean, come on people. Fair is fair. If a race can do no wrong, then politicians of those racial backgrounds can't be criticized. What a double standard we're looking at in this article. Just look at Minnesota. The cities involved with the violence there had black police chiefs, black police commanders, the state Attn General is black......and of course, through all the screaming about systemic racism in the police departments, there and across the nation, the black bosses who were running the departments were NEVER criticized as being in any way responsible for racism in the departments OVER WHICH THEY HAD CONTROL!
So, come on. Let's stop all this nonsense that Harrell is in any way open to criticism or in any way responsible for anything at all. We all know he's just along for the ride and anything that's wrong is totally the responsibility of the white people somewhere in the vicinity. (And again, for those who can't tell....that's sarcasm. If that pisses you off....well, the truth hurts, no?)

"British royalty. Whatever you think about them, this seems like a fairly large missed opportunity:"
Which statement exemplifies why the Brits think you, I, and our relatives are stupid: No matter how you look at it, taxing the monarchy is taxing the tax man. Which is a waste of time & money and.....stupid. The tweet just notes the lack of tax, NOT that there's any missed windfall. (From one viewpoint, the monarchy owns the British Empire. From another, Britain supports/subsidizes monarchy. Potato/potatto) I also could care less about the monarchy, but your point is drivel.


"Also, trust me bro
I found a MD who
can tolerate me."

ol' doc Mengele
don't count bro
have you cons-
ulted w/doctor
Pepper? they
say he likes


I don't
trust Stra-
ngers on the
Innernet. didja
find Dr Pepper yet?


I have an idea how we can lower the anxiety rate of Washington's kids (and a number of adults, including yours truly):
How about ending unnecessary gun violence, fix our crumbling, increasingly unsafe highways, bridges, and infrastructure by taxing the rich all-fucking-ready, and keep global shitwipes like the Orange Turd and Jeff Bezos out of the limelight?
Aren't we getting cyberspace rammed down our throats enough lately? It's pretty exhausting.


@17 &@38 PrincessAngeline#2: Excellent questions! Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell, care to comment?

@19 Lissa: Keep on rocking the house, Lissa!

@24 xina: BINGO! Further proof that the Party of Orange Turd loves capitalizing on the woefully ignorant, batshit RWNJ crazy, and hopelessly stupid. I don't even want to know how many ill-gotten trillions they've reaped since Reagan's two disastrous terms in the White House. And all this to hurt the people of the U.S. as painfully and shamelessly as possible just to avenge the GOP's embarrassment over Richard M. Nixon's resignation from the Presidency on August 9, 1974 following the Watergate scandal.

@28 dvs99: Good point. How pathetic that MAGAts are still dumb enough to blame their GOP-induced losses on the Democrats.

@36 blip: Right ON!

@40: Whoa there, Bugs! Chomping too many carrots lately? You might wanna check your vitamin A intake, dude.


@7 No, now is the time to strengthen state vaccine mandates. All state employees should be required to certify that they and their families are current on all vaccines and boosters recommended by health authorities. The state should also require that every business in the state require proof of current vaccination and boosters of all employees as a condition of continued employment. The only exception would be for those who can get a sworn statement from their doctor the precise medical reason(s) that person can't be vaccinated.


@10 DOUG: Agreed. Fuck you, Brett Favre and Tate Reeves!!

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