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What a silly thing for the president to say. 'The pandemic has dissipated' would have been wiser.


So we're now in the rounding up people phase of what's totally not a rehash of the late 30s and early 40s. Nope. These people totally aren't nazis. No sir.


Biden's shooting from the hip'll
be good fodder for the Reich wing
to sling at the Socialists and Commies

tho the Nazis'll Never Notice
trumpf's Abrogation of
the Pandemic (now-
epidemic) COVID
that Killed circa
One Million of
our Citizens


@2 not even close. Sending people to Martha's Vineyard is not the same as sending people to concentration camps. Your comparison dishonors those who were victimized by the actual Nazis and is offensive.


I think it's over, too. It's now ENDEMIC, like the flu, just far more contagious and deadly (for the unvaxxed).

Maybe Joe jumped the gun by a few months, but everyone is profoundly Pandemic-fatigued. My impression is that those still dying in the US are unvaxxed idiots or have serious co-morbidities. And poor people. Poor people always have worse outcomes.


@4. Okay snowflake.

It has to start somewhere. Germany didn't jump immediately to gas chambers.


@4 why don't you tell these holocaust survivors they are being offensive: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2022-01-21/holocaust-survivors-what-worries-them-about-today


@6 call me what you will but stop using the holocaust as a political tool. If you can't see what a truly awful thing that is I don't know what to tell you.

As for your article that was written in Jan and has nothing to do with the current immigration debate. In fact it speaks to the polarization of politics and the insular nature of the extreme edges. You could argue the points made are just as much about the progressive wing of the Democrats as it is about the MAGA republicans.


Two things:
1. Bolt Creek update: You said "...Highway 2 remains closed to only local residents..." but I'm pretty sure you meant to say "...Highway 2 remains closed to all except local residents"
2. As the accelerating rate of extinctions bends upwards, Ants will be one of the survivors. Whether humans survives depends on whether or not virulent diseases develop enough to kill us all, like super-ebola.


@9 " You could argue the points made are just as much about the progressive wing of the Democrats as it is about the MAGA republicans."

I guess you could. You'd be a goddamn moron. But you could.

We're on a dangerous trajectory and there are a lot of parallels to the rise of Nazi Germany. I can't make you believe that, so keep being a good little centrist with your head buried in the sand.

I'm guessing one day you'll have a pickachu shocked face and say "how could this have happened?!" if we keep allowing people like DeSantis, Abbott and other fascists to run amok.


And if you can't make the connection between 1/6 and the emboldened behavior of RWNJs since then you are blind.


@13 Nice pivot to change the topic. If you want to believe Republicans are facists I won't stop you. I think that word is about as overused as racist anymore but have at it. Just don't invoke the memory of millions of people who were exterminated because of who they were to make your political points. We should be better than that.


4 Fuck Nantucket! Vineyard RULEZ!


DeSantis' team imitate the deplorable* "Reverse Freedom Rides" of the Jim Crow South a mere sixty years ago in the USA.


See what I did there?


@17 are these things not terrible enough on their own? Do you really want to defend the need to politicize genocide so you can label your enemies? The English language is wonderful in that we have so many words and phrases to describe awful things and awful people. Use those words instead of desecrating the history of other people.


@19 what’s really amazing to me is you are so locked into your facist war you can’t even find agreement on trampling the memory of a victimized people. Is it really so hard to agree using the Holocaust for political points is gross? I’m sorry Blip but you’re the one who can’t see the forest through the trees here.


@20. Good lord you are so full of shit.


@11, If the mass killers hadn't been citing immigration and race, they would have cited something else. Mass killers have a pathology, where they irrationally latch onto some slight or grievance. The grievance can't be resolved because its irrational. So to draw all our attention to it, and escape it (by death), they engage in mass murder. If it wasn't immigration or race, they would irrationally latch onto something else.


"Do you think political violence
is not a threat to people's lives,
their civil rights, or democracy
itself if it doesn't involve liter-
al concentration camps?

We've endured 6+ years
of people saying we were
over-reacting to trumpism,
up to and including an attempt-
ed coup, and at every step along
the way people like you were tone-
policing and telling people they were
over-reacting. If you want to wait around
for death camps before you find it within your-
self to be concerned, you are as much a part of the
problem as the fascists themselves." --@blip, brilliantly

thank You.

@5 -- a nasty & catchy
Endemic Covid
is correct.

whist allowing Mutations
will certainly Weed Out
the naysayers but omg
the Collateral Damage

in a Nation sans Healthcare
for the "bottom" third How
on Earth can we fucking
Afford THAT?


I, for one, welcome our ant overlords.

My money is on ants and bees attaining interstellar travel before us.


"You are the one
dishonoring their memory
by using it to silence dissent against
escalating political violence. You've got
this whole thing upside down." --@alsoblip

thank you

[pardon my stacking?]

@23-- and you have the
Facts to back that up?


@27, They would just fixate on another source for their grievance on something else, if immigration and civil rights were discussed without fear-mongering. You would still have the Buffalo supermarket shooting, probably by the same guy, he would just be trying to draw attention to people depriving us of our fossil fuels, depriving us of disco music by conspiring to flood the airwaves with other genres, or some other obsession.

The issue is why do we have enough of such disaffected people, to make our mass killing RATE (adjusts for population differences between countries), the 11th highest in the word? What is about our culture that produces that outcome.

Hint: Most of these people were traumatically rejected in their formative years. Be it by being bullied, just being chronically not included in one clique or another, or other means, they were excluded from normal human connection.


Breaking: Mayor Harrell selects Interim Chief Diaz as the permanent Chief.

Not a very inspired choice, to put it mildly.


@30, Absent grievances against minorities and immigrants, they would just latch onto something else, and still engage in mass killing to draw attention to the something else.


@32, Yup. The targets would change, and who dies would change, but not how many.

You have to get the overall level of violence down in the society.

Mass killers are a unique category, driven as they are by their irrational grievances, born of alienation from the world they live in, during their formative years. What happens in that category, will be independent of what happens with overall levels of violence.

As far as Tucker Carlson goes (I don't watch him), the real problem isn't him, but us, and our own neurological wiring, according to this documentary series by PBS's World Channel. https://worldchannel.org/show/pulling-thread/


I thought this was interesting when I saw it a couple a years ago.

The Billion Ant Mega Colony and the Biggest War on Earth


I'm disappointed that Slog staffers haven't yet seized on the drag queen getting mistaken for Lady Gaga.


@35, Terrorism is a sub-branch of Mass Killing. Both are committed by people with grievance pathology. If you have that pathology you have the ingredients and mindset for mass killing. The only question is whether you employ the pathology for an ideological grievance, or a more personal one. Take the former off the table, and someone with that pathology will pick the latter.

It's not my hypothesis. Google it. You'll find quite a number of articles in Psychology Today and more formal studies in academic journals for the field. Google "Mass Killer Characteristics" and you find a panoply of academic research and non-fiction articles.


They are in the US legally.


speaking of Hot h20
one may Kidnap
through force or

here get on this plane
you're gonna Meet

& don't Worry
about your Paperwork
we know Just what to Do with it

see ya!
wanna Be ya!

pawns in their Game:

Life is Cheap
in Naziville.


I think we should drop 'fascism' and just call it what it really is, 'Hitlerism.'




they was Gonna
MEET the President!

you know
the Ole
Bait 'n

which is not OK
even if they're
Fucking for-

we'll just hafta see
how this plays out
but the Reich wing
don'f GAF about
no stinkin'

til they Write
their Own.


"The migrants allege . . . they were given misleading information promising cash assistance, employment services and housing assistance, which they called 'bold-faced lies.'"


and meet the PREZ!
omg Dress!

sure, repubs 'do it all the time'
and think that 'makes it okay'
but they haven't Stolen
the Country quite yet
gotta Wait lads.


@22 so you and I absolutely agree on that point which is why I also think it's important to use such examples in the right context so as not to devalue the entire point you are trying to make. I'm not silencing dissent, I'm against using history so callously that you undermine the future use of such analogies rendering it inert. So let's go back to the original post that set this all off. Brent compared sending people to Martha's Vineyard (literally an enclave of the 1%) to the Nazi's rounding up people in the 30's and 40's. Here's your big moment, please educate me on the lesson we are learning from that analogy and why it is appropriate.


Nice to see that now that the school strike is over, you can relax again and really put a dent in the Franzia.
Some ants communicate via vomit, so have at it!


@19: “…up to and including an attempted coup…”

Oh, please. Assume that dumbass mob had achieved whatever the heck they could — stolen the Electoral College ballot box, set fires in our Capitol, even murdered VP Pence — would any of that have delayed President Baden’s inauguration by so much as one hot second? No. Would the Secret Service have barred him from the White House on the orders of a ‘President’ Trump? Of course not. “Attempted coup”? That fiasco barely qualified as an attempted putsch. Take a deep breath, sit back, have some popcorn whilst you watch the trials. That’s what a functional government does with such criminals.

And stop abusing language; as noted above, you have plenty of words to describe what happened without abusing useful terms such as ‘fascist’ and ‘coup.’ For example, ‘Rebellion and Insurrection’ (18 U.S. Code 2383) and ‘Seditious Conspiracy’ (18 USC 2384) will do nicely.


your Lies are olde
and you tell
them well

they were looking for Pence or Pelosi
to murder sos trumpfy could declare
MartiaL Law, hand the Election over
to the States -- with a Republican
Majority guess who Wins that
one. nah. you're White-
Warshin the Insurrect-
ion won't Change it
even if Tucks Carl-
stone Says so.

se' my


@43, Asylum seekers, and other temporary visa holders do everything by the book to get here. Then not so much. The number one source of undocumented aliens is people who overstay those visa's. The people in question haven't been granted permanent asylum. It's temporary asylum, while the permanent claim is reviewed.

That said, they are suing DeSantis. Rightly so. Hope they take the State of Florida for tens of millions.


the fourth Reich's
just waiting in the Wings

staying calm
standing back
& standing by

they will have learned
valuable lessons from
their Failed coup and
they'll be Much Better
Prepared Next Time:

first they came for
the Trade Unionists
and since i wasnt one
I kept my mouth Shut

then they came for the
socialists and commies
and anyone with an IQ
higher than their shoe size
& my IQ test came back Negative
so where the Hell's the big Problem?

it's just
a Stupid
train ride.


Enough already. Fascism is bad. We get it.
But we're not in 'Nazi Germany' - get real.


@53, @55: If Trump had declared martial law because of the assault by his volunteer goon squad upon our Capitol, the very first thing the mobilized troops would have done would have been to secure said Capitol, and detain any members of said goon squad who hadn’t already been killed by the troops. So not a really good plan for a coup, that.

A coup attempt, by definition, must have some chance of success. As I wrote, this was an attempted putsch, and now we get to watch the trials. If anything you’ve claimed is correct, then Trump committed Seditious Conspiracy, and can be sent to a windowless cell for twenty years. Let’s hope!


so we'll just Wait'll
we Get there eh
Dewey? 'good'

by that time
in Nazi Germany it
was OODLES too fucking Late.

with el trumpfo's teensy
fingers on the mechanisms
it may not have played out quite
like "normal" specially with VP Pence
hanging from the Terrorists' Gallows.* who Knows?

they thought Ahead
and Built their Own!


@59, @60: No one in this thread has said “it couldn’t happen here,” rather, we’ve noted death-camp analogies are not appropriate for current events, and as @50 noted, there’s been no real attempt to justify these analogies, just personal attacks upon anyone who questions whether use of these analogies is a good idea by defenders of constitutional democracy. (Furthermore, it HAS happened here: at the very least, denial of the vote by racist regimes is as American as apple pie.)

I’ve also been making a subtle point about how to defend our constitutional democracy from fascist* tendencies. Hitler* and other conspirators in the Beer Hall Putsch were not seriously punished by the Weimar government for their seditious conspiracy. Demanding serious punishment for Trump and his goons now would be a good preventative against future attempts.

Finally, on the danger of taking analogies too far: Hitler and the Nazis assumed power in perfect accordance with the Weimar constitution. So voting always leads to fascism?

*See? I used the word! Happy now?


“When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.'”


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