Has anyone considered putting DeSantis on a plane to the middle of nowhere for awhile? Joe Raedle | Getty



«The complaint alleges DeSantis and his compadres in Florida's government engaged in “a premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme ... for the sole purpose of advancing their own personal, financial and political interests.”»

DeSantis' lawyers claim that stuff is not illegal nor recoupable.


Sheremetyevo airport will likely resemble the Last Plane Out of Saigon for the next few weeks.


humiliating and kidnapping people, forcing mothers to endanger their lives or birth their rapists children, robbing the poor to give to the rich - do these Christians ever get around to doing, you know, Christian stuff?


Who exactly are Gen Z kids supposed to vote for? The geriatric who doesn't give a shit about the planet? Or the other geriatric who issues some faux-concerned empty words about the planet?


@7: I think they're smart enough to find some other differences between the two men to make the choice you would agree with.


Good SLOG today, Will.


The same book says Fox News also refused to call Nevada for Biden even after it was obvious he'd won the state, because having already called Arizona for him meant they'd be proclaiming him the president-elect -- which they didn't want to be the first network to do.


@9: Ivanka is not ugly. Misguided, yes. But not ugly.


Why are you attacking Ivana now? She's dead.


@16 pretty sure Ivana was a model as well. Trump has a type as most power tripping men do. Thanks for not co-opting something awful to make your point today though.


Jerod's the Ugly one but

ten years.

here's to Hoping
her Heart's not as
Ugly as her father's
and that she pulls a
Lee Atwater* post-Pops.

*yesteryear's karl rove
who had an Epiphany on
his Death Bed and recanted ALL
of his Dirty Deeds servicing 'republicans.'


@7: yes, they're supposed to vote for the latter geriatric.


@22: Bravo! Agesim coming from a middle-aged man no less. What gall!


Oh, was the "ugly" discussion about physical aesthetics? I assumed it was an "ugly on the inside" stance, making Trump and all his politically-involved spawn S-tier for their soulless actions.


@24: How Machiavellian of you.


also don jr is clearly vince mcmahon's kid


CBS Colbert is a shell of himself at Comedy Central, but I do thoroughly enjoy his frequent mockery of Eric Trump's physical persona. Starting at about 3:00 in for this clip is pretty funny.


And he's still good in general I'll note, just lacks the satirical bite from Colbert Report and his DS reporting.


You fucking idiots are arguing over which of some evil fuckwhats who is basically just a huge distraction puppet put forth by the evil fucks slowly boiling all of us frogs alive kids are better looking.

Get a useful fucking hobby all of you. None of you accomplish anything but stroking your own oversized egos arguing on here all day. And none of you are clever or bring anything to the party that is helpful to any of your causes. Fucking useful/less idiots the lot of us.



To be fair, in addition to my own ego, I spend an awful lot of time also stroking my dong. And if you can't see how that's accomplishing something and helpful to my cause, then I'm sorry to say you're woefully misinformed.


@29: How thoughtful of you to point out such observations. We would never have known otherwise.


@30 that escalated quickly!


"In a world that allows [VERY Few] people to have billions of dollars, that much public embarrassment [from #3 Billionaire to 22!] is just about the most we can hope for in terms of accountability for a tech bro [el Zucko] who accidentally destroyed democracy."

oh well.
Shit happens.

he's Still
Wealthy tho, right?

tell us All about
all the Cool Shit he
may (or may not!) Buy so's
be just as Happy as good ol' zucky.


Did Ron De Santis just step out of a Godfather movie? In the above photo he looks like the epitome of a shameless crime syndicate thug, among the Orange Turd's fetid pigsty of sock puppets.

I'll be bringing out the popcorn, red wine, and dark chocolate when Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, ad nau$eum file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as a fitting consequence for their insatiable greed and corruption.

Zoomers on up: if eligible, exercise your right to vote and DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE GOP!
Willfully inactive "meh" sayers only helped put the Orange Turd illegally into the White House in 2016.
Our future is yours, too. Speak out.


@9 blip: May all the Trumps and their entire Evil Empire go down in flames. Everything the Orange Turd and its loyalists touch turns to shit.

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