The darlings of business owners shaking hands Shitty Seattle Channel Screengrab



Was there ever any doubt it would be Diaz?

That man has the vision we need to lead us right where we are.


"Martyr's Day" is the neo-Nazi Burning Man.


It's against my freedom and inalienable rights as an American for the FDA to tell me how to prepare and cook my chicken.


With a name like “solidarity” talking about the budget sounds like a group that’s going to spew BS. But.. reading the actual budget they proposed, other than about 3 changes that need to be adjusted it is decently proposed. 1.15 mil for bathrooms seems like just a trickle when there are loads of places that need bathrooms?


Those RVs are not just "near" a hospital, they're clogging up traffic getting into the hospital, including emergency hospitals - and have been for several months. The sweeping is justified.



Have you tried doing so using a dishwasher? Highly recommended!


I don't know if there's any room left in the Big 10. They plucked the 2 most glamourous programs from the Pac 12, and are probably preparing to boot Rutgers to the curb.

What's left for the Pac 12 is to find new schools (Nebraska? Boise St.?), or just limp along with 10 teams again.


Once again the Stranger fails to be the rest of the internet, oh for the shame of it all.


Oh. The poor trolls. Here just copy and paste this next time:

“Waaaaah! Why can’t the The Stranger rage out about [ insert racist MAGA shit bag talking point I need to relentlessly grind my axe over! ]”


"I don’t expect a leftist rag from
a far left city to cover pertinent
currently events evenly... "

nor should you*

disingenuous writing
should be pointed out."

and what a Disservice
it'd be to Humanity
were you to Ig-
Nore the Dis-


*'pertinent'? sorry
Wrong rag

tS tends to Focus nearly
exclusively on The Poignant.

but as They say:
Never miss an


hmmm I say:

why Y'All should oughtta
Write for tS wot'nTarnation!
heck they're ALWAYS looking for
young go-Getters such as your Self.

you're Charming
Funny and (I'd
venture) Good
Looking too!

then you might could
even take Potshots
@ Your-Self



".....the cop's most valued constituents, Seattle business owners, what they think of the new police chief."
This is more SLOG that's just a total waste of my time. I don't much care for business organizations. Businessmen are nincompoops always crying poor as they stuff their pockets. But they are also the easiest people in the world to inform of your opinion & even to get rid of them: JUST STOP SPENDING MONEY WITH THEM AND THEY'RE GONE!!!!!!!!

Now THIS is really noteworthy!!
"Bye-bye fake vax doctor: Anna Elperin...cannot practice medicine....charges in eight ongoing investigations."
Talk about not spending money at a business.


“Waaaaah I psychologically come here to an outlet I hate every day and obsessively scour lefty loonie comments to see if they pay attention to me and shit-post because my life is empty and meaningless. Waaaaaaah!”


@12: Oh, I get it, Tar-Zany. You're Elmer's latest roomie, aren't you? Watch the stairs down to the fruit cellar, especially during the dark months.

@13 blip: That's what I suspected. Although, if there are people dumb enough to vote for a psychopathic con man twice and believe that the 2020 election got "stolen", therefore the January 6, 2021 coup attempt was "justified", these same idiots will try anything as batshit crazy as cooking chicken in cough syrup. Especially if the main ingredient is hydroxychloroquine.

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