Hurricane update: Hurricane Ian, "one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the United States," has left 2.5 million people in Florida without power. So far, authorities confirmed at least one death of a 72 year-old man, but they predict hundreds more before the storm passes. You can see live updates here

Weather at home: Nothing shocking today. The weather will be similar to yesterday, just with less rain. Expect a cool, cloudy start to your day, but don't rule out a nice walk under mostly sunny skies and near 70-degree temperatures after work. But don't take my word for it. Here's the forecast on

Remember that big teachers strike? No? Okay, read this to get caught up about the Seattle Education Association's demands, and then come back here. Ready? Okay. The union and the school district came to an agreement earlier this month. According to Crosscut, "Now they just need to figure out where to get the money." Apparently the three-year contract will put the district in a nearly $190 million budget hole, which just goes to show that this problem needs to be fought further upstream with more state funding. 

Get those numbers up, King County: The Seattle Times reported that in effort to meet its goal of bringing 1,600 homeless people inside, the County keeps buying up buildings. We love that! Except, the County is not filling up the 10 buildings it already has. In fact, the County is not even filling them halfway up. 

Victory for Magnolia: Guys, this is important. Redistricting council districts effects the kinds of leaders we elect to make our laws. Earlier this summer, every commissioner's proposal split up Magnolia except for one. Now, the commission voted to change course. 

Budget update: I already told you that the Mayor's proposed budget sucks for progressives, and that it peeved Council Member Teresa Mosqueda to see his administration attempt to reverse her hard work to increase wages for shelter workers and case managers, but there's another not-so-happy camper on the council. Council Member Lisa Herbold released a statement calling to amend the Mayor's decision to cut a vital fire truck for West Seattle. 

Without the ladder truck at Station 37 there is only one ladder truck to serve all of West Seattle. The nearest medic units are Medic 28 in Rainer Valley and Medic 32 in the Junction, far away from the Delridge neighborhoods, Arbor Heights, and South Park. As our population continues to grow it’s critical that we reevaluate the need for new resources, especially in historically underserved areas, Herbold wrote. 

Need the emergency room? Get in line: According to KIRO 7, Seattle Children's Hospital is absolutely swamped, facing "multiyear highs" for emergency room wait times. Medical experts at the hospital blamed the pandemic-induced pediatrician shortage for these long wait times, so there's really no end in sight. If your child needs medical attention, then Seattle Children's staff recommends first visiting your primary care physicians or urgent care, and to resort to the emergency room when you've exhausted other options. 

The "homelessness megaplex" saga continues: Protesters in the CID marched to SODO, upset about the expansion to the existing SODO services hub, which they say the County did not do enough to notify their neighborhood about. Seattle's left and right are still divided on whether the CID protester's movement is only anti-Dow Constantine, or if it is also anti-homeless. Here's the latest:

Me and who? I'm a sucker for a soirée, especially a scary soiree. I'll admit, it's probably pretty cheesy, but I really want to go to the House of Spirits Haunted Cocktail Soirée in Capitol Hill. Check out some pictures at Seattle Refined.

Speaking of suggestions: Every week, the much cooler half of our staff (arts and culture) puts together suggestions for the cool shit to do in town. Check out the latest Stranger Suggests and let us know if you try anything out! Especially the pastry omg. 

Don't fuck with Black Coffee Northwest: Black Coffee Northwest, a Black-owned coffee shop in Shoreline, once again got robbed. When the store first opened, the owners reported incidents of vandalism and racist threats very frequently, so they've got the place under surveillance, and they know just the camera that may have caught the thief. For more, check out KIRO 7

Happy (belated) Birthday, Darya Farivar: 

Cops open fire in a bar: Last night, a cop shot a gun inside The Office Bar and Grill while responding to a bar fight in downtown Tacoma. No one got hurt. 

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