Loretta Lynn died.


"Trump's lawyers say that the 'Big Lie' 'is a direct reference to a tactic employed by Adolf Hitler and appearing in Hitler's "Mein Kampf."'"

don't hair Furor's lawyers
realize trumpfy IS a Nazi?

and that he still gets most of
his ideas from herr Goebbels
who (amazinigly!) Still works
for Rupert Uncle Snoopy Mur-
doch over at FOX? surely they


I would love to see how close to a circle the venn diagram of "anti-choice assholes" and "secretly paid for abortion assholes" would be


big lie
was a gölfing term



no silly that's
Bad Lie which
el trumpfo no
longer Believes
in -- he just picks
up his Ball and sets
it on the Green and
if Anyone says Word
One they're 86'd.*

*typically taken over
to Fifth Avenue and
summarily Executed

and his Disciples
Eat It Up.



3: Yes - the circles fully encompass each other.


@3 I think @6 has it. Some anti-choice assholes haven't had the opportunity to pay for an abortion because their retrograde beliefs make it nearly impossible to find someone who will have sex with them.


'Trump's lawyers say that the 'Big Lie' 'is a direct reference to a tactic employed by Adolf Hitler and appearing in Hitler's "Mein Kampf."'

SNL used that exact same joke when Alec Baldwin was portraying the Dotard.


@3 @6


The GOP could own the abortion issue if they'd take a new tack. Making abortion illegal and telling women the only thing to do is 'Keep your knees together and think about Jesus' is ridiculous.

Rather than make abortion illegal, leave it alone and instead promote policies that all but eliminate unplanned pregnancies. Fully fund comprehensive sex ed in schools. Ensure equal access to contraception (with honest stats on how effective each method is). Make it easier to adopt, and remove the stigma of giving up a child for adoption. Ensure equal access to affordable child care, pediatric health, and quality public education.

If you do these things, abortions will decrease. No one wants abortion. Anyone who thinks that is silly. The trick is to reduce the number of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. If the GOP can make this shift (and reject Trumpism), they will dominate American politics for the foreseeable future.


Blip is correct. The GOP has no interest in doing the things @11 said. Because it's about control and cruelty. Nothing more.


"Pro-Life" people don't care about abortion if it's one of their own. Just don't talk about it.

Here's something I saw this morning: What if abortion is actually an act of Christian Mercy? Releasing a soul from a life full of pain and/or missed opportunities for it to engage to another clump of cells? Works as well as the current anti-abortion theological theories.


I ran @11's comment through my patented Simplification Filter and got this result:

"If the GOP fully capitulated on abortion and endorsed every progressive stance re: reproductive care, there would be no major political issues around abortion anymore."

The arguments wouldn't end, of course, but the only ones railing for bans would be the absolute nutters and without political allies they ain't getting shit done. Maybe the occasional clinic shooting/bombing.

I, for one, endorse the idea of the the Republican party dropping every one of their stances (since they don't really have policy propositions these days) and adopting all progressive policies. Let's start with redoing our whole energy system so that we can all, like...keep living and then we can start knocking out the other stuff. Scratch that - start with a major overhaul of tax laws so that the county is flush with cash from billionaires and corporations THEN we work on the climate THEN we work on everything else.

Who's with me?



oh, please, Hershel Walker, sue your son BEFORE the election. get on that lawsuit.

also: LOL at *'s suit against CNN.


That would the the reverse Bill Clinton move, steal your opponents decent at best policy positions and leave them with nothing but pissed off nutters.


@15: Also to ponder: What if Mary had an abortion after being being immaculately impregnated by God?


@11 and 12 and others: Thing is, we tried this. Well, Colorado did anyway. They had a pilot program to give anyone who wanted it long term contraception. It was a smashing success. Abortions were down. Teen pregnancy was down. State Medicaid costs were down. Welfare costs were down. Everything that conservatives supposedly want.

What happened when the program was up to be made permanent? Conservatives objected because some of them thought that one of the birth control methods provided was insufficiently pure. So it lapsed.


@11 Hahaha. Riiiiight.
The TLDR version of your stupid comment:
"If only republicans adopted every democratic social policy then by magic everything would work great!"

Fun fact: Republicans are currently actively proposing to outlaw birth control because they are a cult of religious lunatics.

That reminds me there was some trolling idiot on here who bet that wouldn't happen? Where is my money, asshole!


@19. What if she had a miscarriage?


After 3 days in the bio hazardous waste container the Fetus of Man would have risen up and said. "Mom, for being such a slut I will guilt trip you forever for thinking you had bodily autonomy."


@19 Also ponder: Did Mary choose God over Joseph because she was a size queen?


@19 and what if Boromir were really the true king and Aragorn actually had him killed to ascend the throne, completely ruining the denouement of the Third Age?


When I saw that player taken off the field for a concussion, my first thought was ‘now he will run for Senate’…
Traumatic Brain Injury patients often have rigid delusions, and get extremely emotional when gently exposed to their own disassociated claims. It’s exhausting work. The hope is that their brains can form new neural pathways. But when TBIs are reoccurring, as in American football or boxing, damage can be really entrenched.

I don’t know Mr H Walker, but I think he’s being used by more sinister parties and that he may not still have the full complement of judgement required for the job he’s after. He’s another Ronald Reagan, just saying what he’s told to say…



Oh shit, I vaguely recall that bet. Funny (not ha ha funny, but you know) in that I kinda thought you ultimately could be proven wrong there. I guess it still just boggles my mind that it happened, even as I've been railing for years now about the threats posed by our fundamentally undemocratic governmental institutions.

Don't remember who the troll on the other side of the issue was, unfortunately.


Maybe we should give the GOP the refreshments concession at the Abortionplex. Once they start making money they’ll surely drop their “moral” stance.


Warnock clinching the race, not clenching . . . oh. I see what you did.


Coat hangers didn’t exist in 0 BC
(or O AD).


well then
what about (???)
the big bad lie??


what if
had been aborted?


WAS aborted
but He came back
Anyways to Rule the World
with an Iron Fist & a Juandiced eye
focused mainly on Retribution* and such.

*like what Kavanaughtius Maximus
Promised the Dems trying to
Assess his Binging Problem
& 'fitness' to serve on our
Highest Court -- MkKon-
nel's which he utterly
Failed the Test but
'repubs' found
him absoutely
Perfect for Su-
Preme Court
Stacking &
ing Cent-
uries of


Hey Jas, it’s kind of a pissy move to casually toss off, “Oh, btw, Loretta Lynn died”, and then immediately post a video of some silly rando pop music “diva”… Would it have killed you to post some music by the actual American country music icon, to honor her passing?
@8: A possibly more accurate description of the basic GOP politician’s mindset would be, “Don’t do what we do; do what we SAY.”


Yeah, what's up with just one line about Loretta Lynn? (And just a short factual line at that.)


@34: Such reverence is out of her mindset and she has inferior music taste.


oops -- looks like
your Projector's
running loose
again dewey

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