The one on the left can tell they're on their way to be test subjects for some of Dr. Oz's weird research. iStock / Getty



It's insane we are letting nine unelected people run our country. I hope it's getting close to "let them enforce their decisions" time.


I just thought that "Dr." Oz sold snake oil miracle cures to bored housewives--that dog murdering fucker should experience exactly the same torture to which he subjected those poor puppies.


@ 2,

And the illegitimate Republinazi judges Roberts, scAlito, Go-suck, KKKavanagh, and Aunt Lydia were installed against our will by CaliguBush and ex-Prezinazi AntiChrist after they lost the popular vote.
Uncle Thomas and his psycho wife are trying to overthrow democracy.
They're abusive, lying, soulless sociopaths trying to impose a kleptocratic theocracy against us.


How many people complaining about the Supreme court said there was no difference between Clinton and Trump?


Maybe instead of spending God knows how many millions of dollars to restrict THC dab levels, enforce the requirements, and then arrest/incarcerate those who fulfill the inevitable black market demand, we could launch an educational campaign to make young people (and older ones) more aware of the health risks involved? I would be in favor of warning labels, though.


@14 it's a broken institution. Minority rule by theocratics and authoritarians is not appropriate for any type of democracy or republic.


Granted I'm blinded by my hatred for the institution, but I think I'd argue that the senate is a worse institution than the SC. At least in part because it (the senate) is responsible for confirming appointees TO the court (as well as those lower level appointments that are also wreaking quiet havoc on our local municipalities.) And of course all THAT shittiness is itself enabled by the dumb electoral college who regularly promote the less popular presidential candidates, who themselves nominate those shitty justices. It's kind of a nice perfect circle of self-perpetuating shittiness and there's no realistic hope for meaningful change in our lifetimes.


@17: it's really difficult to rank the worst aspects of our Fedrul Gubmint.

Electoral College? 2 Senators/State, regardless of population imbalance? A filibuster that doesn't require filibustering? Fewer SCOTUS Justices than there are Federal Court Circuits? 2nd Amendment?

All pretty close.


Got to prop up the slave states, am I right, @19?

That's why we have those systems.

And ONLY why we have those systems.


@20: yes, but DE, VT & RI were tiny states at the start, too. the bias has always been in favor of rural power.

the 1790 census is illuminating; VA has almost 20% of the US population; 40% were slaves:


“Ghost cattle?” Jesus God. How is something like that even possible? I guess business budgets are all about marketing, shareholders, and executive salaries these days. Nothing left over for business practices and feasance. Bookkeeping 101. Tyson isn’t going to win any awards for ethics, but no legit outfit should be criminally screwed out of money. I wouldn’t, however, lose too much sleep over Tyson’s recovery from the loss. The guy who thought he could cover his gambling debts by doing this and getting away with it? Kinda stupid and kinda mean. You know, I know people who play the Lotto twice a week. I know people who go to Las Vegas knowing they’ll leave at least $500 behind. I suppose it’s a matter of degree, but my feeling is that you shouldn’t gamble at all unless you are Monte Carlo rich. But then I hate losing money, and it’s always been way too hard to come by for me to piss it away. I mean, look at my residence, then look at the casino. Who’s gonna win?

I could have gone without the puppy story. I know that kind of shit happens – less now, thankfully, than before, but I don’t like thinking about it because there is nothing that I can do to reverse it. Fuck Oz. Fame whore charlatan.

Also, we all knew that Trump and the Federalist Society was staffing the US Supreme Court in order to protect the country (and themselves) from future roadblocks on the expressway to Fascism. Now, T-Man has hit the panic button saying, “SCOTUS! Get me outta this!” Expect it to be deeply considered.

And between them and that Florida judge he appointed who is pretty obviously marching to T’s tune, he’ll continue to enjoy the rest of his days in comfort and privilege much to my dismay - and surrounding himself constantly with sycophants telling him how utterly macho, utterly marvelous he is.


It's comically absurd to think that policies enacted hundreds of years ago when our countries landmass and population were both tiny fractions of what they are today, and when cutting edge technology amounted to holding a metal rod up in the middle of a thunderstorm should be dictating the lives of modern people, but here we are. And this is where fax always chimes in to point out that all we have to do is enact legislation/legislators that more accurately reflect current societal needs, ignoring the simple reality that this isn't possible, owing to the fact that doing so would require support of those minority factions who've been directly exploiting and benefitting from the same dysfunctional and inherently corrupt system.

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