"objects are not influenced solely by their surroundings and they may also lack definite properties prior to measurement."

I figured this out 20 years ago while high on mushrooms. Damn, should've published my findings to get that prize.


"drivers in this city really have no respect for the rule of law when it comes to parking in bike lanes."

Stranger writers only care about lawfulness when it comes to bikes, apparently. Excuse vandalism, theft, larceny, violence, but don't get in the way of my virtuous planet-saving ride to work!


"...passive-aggressively shaming drivers on the internet"

This is part of a broader agenda of replacing the police with Twitter as the sole mechanism by which society enforces its rules.


For someone who could care less about Talton's latest there sure is a lot of column space devoted to trying to dismiss it. Instead we get more gaslighting about the how the SCC didn't technically defund the SPD (and that was only because they would have been sued by the union). What they did do was make the job so toxic most officers left of their own accord. The only question that matters is do we have more or less officers than we did in 2019 and why and anyone with half a brain cell knows that answer. Will even mentions in his comments the SPD has only been able to staff 30 of 125 positions this year, gee why is that? With all this money we are throwing at the police according to Will why does no one want to do the job? Addressing root causes and maintaining public safety are not mutually exclusive things despite what TS thinks. We need programs to help these people and they need to be coerced into accepting them if need be. In the meantime we also need to hold accountable those who choose to prey on others as part of their addiction.


"Meta claimed it was 'impossible to comply' with the same rules that tiny newspapers have followed for years, but didn't explain why."

well they're
to GAF.

"DHL delivery drivers
were violently arrested while
peacefully striking last month in Rhode Island.

Picketers were attacked by
police in riot gear and suf-
fered broken ribs, a frac-
tured tailbone & con-

not All
Unions are
Created Equally

some of them
have Police Powers
they can use to Beat Down
Union Strikers. who the Fuck knew?

Will the Po-po
attack Itself?

stay tuned.

"… we need to tax big business and/or the ultra-wealthy who profit from them much more heavily if we're ever going to provide enough affordable housing and behavioral health treatment capacity for everyone who lives here." --@Will



@6: the root cause is ignorance and/or selfishness. most of the violators i see (on western ave. near the market) are commercial vehicles making deliveries, or tourists who can't figure all the striping out. if you're not from around here, it's pretty byzantine.


Fun fact: We were actually closer to Armageddon in November, 1983. We held exercises that spooked the USSR, who kept escalating their nuclear readiness to launch, as did we. Before it all got straightened out we were officially at Defcon-1. During the worst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, we never went beyond Defcon-2. The 1983 scare wasn't public at the time, so few people know about it today. Not sure if Biden does, although he should. He may just be saying the Cuban missile crisis, because that's the one most people are familiar with.


@12 - yes, almost everyone knows about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Far fewer people know about Able Archer ‘83, or several other escalations that took us perilously close to the brink.


Delivery drivers are selfish?

Regarding the cops: My dopey sister-in-law, who goes to some trashy cult church down in Puyallup, regularly attends church meetings where butthurt cops come and talk about how their "hands are tied" because "Olympia" "muzzled" them. There's a whole industry pushing that meme.


To criticize the SPD for not addressing the root causes is silliness. That is the council's job.


Most of the cars I see in bike lanes are Uber or Lyft. An Uber driver literally threatened to run over me a couple of years ago when I complained about him blocking the lane.

Frankly, getting rid of street parking would do more to make cycling safe than the partial network of bike lanes that are going in can ever do.


What? A republican terrorist foot soldier plead guilty to seditious conspiracy to overthrow a free and fair election?

But I was told by the SLOG trolls that there was no coup attempt and it was just some unhappy bubbas having a picnic?


"...Republican candidates step up efforts to fear-monger their way back into power."

Which would explain the influx of cowardly, cringeworthy stooges in the comments lately.



I've had wages garnished for an unpaid parking ticket (yeah, I'm an idiot.)

Granted, not everyone has income reportable to the IRS, but the majority of us do, and anyone who does is vulnerable to this action for unpaid tickets and powerless to stop it.


Unless there is an emergency and only for delivery, required vehicles there is no need for the Pike Place market to allow visitor parking and driving. Period.

This is one of the most backward cities on the planet in terms of services and decent housing for the people who live and work here. Yet it is one of the most wealthy cities in the world!!!!! Disgusting.

You know who many of the services to the homeless come from?

Other poor and ordinary people who out of love and concern give up part of their time and money to feed, clothe and care for the homeless.
One example is the group “Food not Bombs” who are all volunteers.
Yet the richest motherf......ers do not do shit and suck up our workers. time and infrastructure like the true vampires they are.

Screw you city government except for a very few you are truly worthless.


13 Love you Blip!


24 Beautiful - Roger the Shrubber and thank you. You made me laugh!


@12 Morty and @14 NoSpin: So the 1983 Matthew Broderick / Ally Sheedy thriller WarGames had a chilling ring of truth to it? I remember Ronald Reagan really seemed hellbent on nuking the Russians, SALT talks notwithstanding.
We were perilously close to WWIII during the Cuban Missile Crisis, a Cold War confrontation between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The escalation lasted from October 16 through October 29, 1962. And I wasn't even born yet.

@24: Roger Over and Out for the WIN!! Bravo and well done!

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