Are all strangers writers contractually obligated to mention they don't watch or know anything about sports when they write about them?


@4 "Yeah, but the "I couldn't care less" shtick is tiresome old fizzed-out snark. Staffers could at least throw a modest bone of enthusiasm or grace..."

Perhaps you could model showing a modest bone of grace by not calling their work tiresome old fizzed-out snark. Not putting "I couldn't care less" into their mouth might be a good start.


if only
we had
a Mass Media
that made Politics
half as 'relevant' as Sports
with an Electorate tuned TF In.

speaking of Northern GIANT Hornets
rumor has it Monsatan's GMO'd 'em
to play Chess and can now Easily out-
Wit the Ag Dept.'s silly tricks & traps

they wanna use 'em for some
sort of 'Alien' takeover of
Planet Earth which Mon-
Satan'll rule* from Afar.

right Now'd be
a damn good time
to buy a little Stock

before the Rush?


speaking of McDonald's apple pie
filling scooped right outta the
Volano -- whoa! make some
Forms and Make your Very
Own Basalt WhatevertheF-
ucks. and don't forget to
leave some Holes for
Eyes* should the
thing ever Cool
off enough to
Touch. wow


"This is the second year in a row that the King Crab Harvest has been called off, likely disrupting many in the trade."

perhaps the word Devastating
may be more appropriate
Adios King Crabbers
tho the Big Guys'll
likely Survive and
have More to

they Ever hap-
pen to come Back.

Good Luck

you Really
NEED it.


Respect is earned, not given. Sports fans have done nothing to earn our respect.

Tangentially, check out the song "Sports" by Viagra Boys if you haven't already. Great music video, too.

Jas, I'm pleasantly surprised to hear you're a Blink fan, since they're so different from the music you usually end your news posts with.


Man, I'm probably as big a baseball fan as anyone on here and I can't imagine why anyone would be put off by the "I couldn't care less" statement. I've said the exact same thing about things I find dull that other people like to discuss here, finance, comics, etc. So what? It's not even snarky, just an objectively factual statement about his interests. He didn't disparage anyone, snarky or otherwise. Yeesh.


Now, cage matches of murder hornets, I could totally get behind that!


I’m not an advocate for the death penalty. I don’t know. I just can’t get my head around the notion that an enlighten civilization kills people for justice (or revenge). I’d probably feel way different if someone in my family was the victim of a murder – reason would have to prevail because I don't have Jesus.

But you know what? Killing Dylann Roof isn’t justice. What would be in keeping with the justice theme would be (and I’m not advocating this either) to bring him into a room and have him watch someone shoot his mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, uncle and aunt, son and daughter because that’s exactly what that little shit did.

He deserves no freedom, no fun, lots of time to think about what he’s done, and prison food for the rest of his life.

The Supreme Court takes up animal cruelty today. Can we guess where they are going to fall on that issue (as they chomp their BLTs)?

If you look up the word unstable in the dictionary, there’s a picture there of Tulsi Gabbard.

If I ever got stung by something that looked like that hornet, you wouldn't have to wait for the venom to take effect. I'd die of a heart attack.


@13, 18 Oh, my mistake. When it's you insulting people, anyone who responds needs to adjust their tongue-in-cheek sensors. When Sloggers do that, it's a crisis of incivility. Clearly, your tongue-in-cheek sensors are perfectly calibrated, and you can tell at an instant whether people you have never met are sincerely and deliberately insulting others or just being a little ironic. I bow before your deep intuition about the motives of human beings. You, sir, are a paragon of virtue and we all should endeavor to be like you. Your application of double standards is so effulgent, it's a wonder mere mortals can see your form.


@25 I bow before you! "Tiresome old fizzed-out snark" is a compliment and not an insult! Thank you, oh great one, for enlightening us. We might never have known otherwise.


"...elitist cabal of warmongers."

If Gabbard had stopped there, it would have been hard to argue with, but as usual, she flew off into fever swamp land.

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