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"Context warnings throughout..." please tell me you aren't defending that walking piece of literal shit.

How is it that we tell people to believe all women and yet we're giving a washed up shitty recording artist/activist/whatever he's fashioned himself as this week a pass for HUMAN TRAFFICKING?!


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"Police did nothing to help"

What are they supposed to do? Some people said the word "defund" a couple years ago, and although this didn't happen, anywhere, it hurt the cops' feelings so bad they had no choice but to ignore the raped women.


who ISn't bothered
by all this Talk of fascism?

The Uncomfortable Truths
That Could Yet Defeat Fascism

Polls swing this way and that way, but the larger story they tell is unmistakable. With the midterm elections, Americans are being offered a clear choice between continued and expanded liberal democracy, on the one hand, and fascism, on the other. And it’s more or less a dead heat.

It is time to speak an uncomfortable truth: The pro-democracy side is at risk not just because of potential electoral rigging, voter suppression and other forms of unfair play by the right, as real as those things are. In America (as in various other countries), the pro-democracy cause — a coalition of progressives, liberals, moderates, even decent Republicans who still believe in free elections and facts — is struggling to win the battle for hearts and minds.

The pro-democracy side can still very much prevail. But it needs to go beyond its present modus operandi, a mix of fatalism and despair and living in perpetual reaction to the right and policy wonkiness and praying for indictments. It needs to build a new and improved movement — feisty, galvanizing, magnanimous, rooted and expansionary — that can outcompete the fascists and seize the age.

By Anand Giridharadas
Oct. 17, 2022

More at


"[Pro-Democracy] needs to build a new and improved movement — feisty, galvanizing, magnanimous, rooted and expansionary — that can outcompete the fascists and seize the age."

let's hear it for Feisty
and SEIZING the Age.


Solomon “Raz” Simone, a local hip-hop artist and nominal leader of the CHOP / CHAZ protest zone of 2020.

In case readers are struggling to remember where they've heard that name before. Feels like a newsworthy detail.


That article makes the Seattle Human Rights Commission sound like they are just throwing a tantrum. If their opinion isn’t valued (and it sounds like it’s not) maybe they should be disbanded.


Obviously we need to stop building new highway lanes and build high speed rail instead.

I'd recommend we put the downtown train station next to the County Courthouse.


Mayor Mike was right. And every Gregoire can suck a dick.


@12: my recollection is that once CHAZ was up and running, young men came there to settle longstanding grudges against other young men that they knew were there. one death was a kid (14?) that drove by, opened fire on a group in Cal Anderson, and when he returned for a 2nd pass, was killed by return fire.

I don't know if that shows that riots do or don't "work". CHAZ wasn't exactly a riot at that point.

riots draw attention to grievances. they've never been safe.


I heard Meinert lost some clients. Maybe he can rep Raz.


@18: Antonio Mays Jr was 16. There is no evidence he "opened fire" nor was any weapon recovered at the scene.


Riots work if your goal is to elect more Republicans.


Alex Mingus...well, that was awkward. Much praise for helping the victim, Mr. Mingus. I don't know about the "riots work" thing though.

Seems like a lot of cars are crashing into homes and business all of sudden. What's up?

Steve Bannon's lawyers are saying Bannon only deserves probation because he didn't commit a violent crime. Yes, because he leaves that for his henchmen.


Loch Katrine started on September 2.


@15: That Take Our Ball And Go Home letter from a group of putative adults was quite the classic of embittered, petulant whining. I hope it features prominently in every interview each of them will ever have, be it for academic, business, or other political positions.

My favorite part is their blatant abuse of language, when they finally get past all of the many petty insults they supposedly suffered, and onto the real reason they’re sniveling:

“Within 24 hours of our April amicus option vote, the City’s Attorney’s Office violently silenced the Commission in every conceivable manner…”

Bureaucratic letters from lawyers now count as actual violence? They’re really comparing dry legal language to the actual, silencing violence women and children experience at the hands of domestic abusers? (By extension, does pissing and moaning into a word processor now equate to leaving home in the middle of the night with only the clothes on one’s back? Wow.)

Now, we can understand the shock they felt when the letters arrived from the City Attorney’s Office. In all the coverage of this story, we have absolutely no evidence of any kind whatsoever to suggest the Commissioners ever doubted they had the power to seek amicus status with the court. (Indeed, they seem never to have considered the existence of any limits at all on their powers.) They clearly did not know Seattle’s City Charter grants the City Attorney’s Office “full supervisory control” of all litigation conducted by the City, or that the legislation which enables the Seattle Human Rights Commission in no way exempts the Commission from this “full supervisory control.” To continue the previous analogy, they might now sympathize with the domestic abuser who, until now, has settled all family arguments with his fists and impunity, when he suddenly gets hauled out of his own home by the SPD. Truly shocking!

In conclusion: door, ass, etc.


@30 I think we both know that all those who resigned will simply end up on some other type of activist board where the letter they wrote will be considered a badge of courage rather than the wallowing victimhood narrative that it represents. I went back through their various pronouncements and resolutions and could not find a case where they added any sort of outside perspective that advanced some human rights issue in the city. Most of their resolutions are on par with the stuff Sawant puts forth in council chambers. Again I wonder why we are funding this body and what purpose it serves.


Wow...I'm not shocked, for heaven's sake, but does anybody remember a more explicitly illustrated cover?


Monday, October 17th truly has been a weird day.
That is one sad photo of charred Washington State forest land.

I tucked my beloved VW away into fall & winter hibernation today.
Monsoon and winter storm season is gonna hit like a raging case
of dysentery. We're supposed to have another ugly winter for 2023.

It was an exciting season, Mariners! Thanks and see ya next spring.

Let's save hard earned taxpayers' money. The Orange Turd and ALL its bootlicking minions, not just Steve Bannon, should face a firing squad. May the mass extinction of the GOP begin!

@6 Brent Gumbo: Not funny. Nobody asks or deserves to be raped--especially not women or girls.

@7 kristofarian: Bless you, kris.


@20 PrincessAngeline#2: Keep on rocking the house!

@26 KEK55: Bingo. And among many reasons why I vote Democrat. There is no alternative.


@31: Well, the signature “achievements” of this particular group of Seattle Human Rights Commissioners will always and forever be putting the City’s stamp of Human Rights approval upon a blatantly racist event at Pride, AND fully exposing the complainants to public shaming — because once whistleblowers get exposed by the Human Rights Commission, all of the City’s potential future whistleblowers can be damned sure they’ll be fully exposed to their harassers, too.

In conclusion: door, ass, etc.

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