«Things are going very wrong in the Metaverse»
I saw a young lady with an infinity knot inked into the back of her neck walking around Greenlake. She did not think ahead that she might be wearing a visible corporate logo on her body. If she did any research at all she would know that Microsoft had also been using the infinity knot since the 90's.


"According to KOMO, this will add around 10 to 20 minutes of travel time, but what is 10 to 20 minutes compared to saving the lives of beautiful sea beasts? "

That's money being lost, which is more important than any form of life.


"The game lasted a staggering 17 innings. No points were scored until the Astros' Jeremy Peña hit a home run at the top of the 18th..." Replace "lasted" with "was scoreless for"; problem solved.


:2 Empathy for animals is very popular. If British Columbia has any luck with it, we should too.


"George Bush doesn't care about white people" ~ Ye


"So, we are reversing the one-drop rule?"

Much to the dismay of those on the left and right who are determined to slice and dice Americans into identity tribes, we continue to integrate our diverse culture in the best way possible. People from different backgrounds meet, fall in love, marry and produce an ever increasing number of young people who identify as multi-racial and multi-cultural. That is the only way to slowly and steadily create a successful pluralistic society and overcome the residual bigotry that has plagued America since the beginning.


It astounds me that Kanye West makes a penny off anyone anymore. His music always sucked, IMO, his clothes are shapeless crap-garb that costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars simply because his name is sown in, and his public spoutings are those of someone who has checked out, but also typical of a man who came from nothing, maybe benefitted from social programs in his youth, but is now wealthy – wealthy enough to buy good lawyers, press, and sycophants, and doesn’t want anyone else to share in his good fortune.

Not a truly evil man, maybe, but a very selfish one, and it doesn’t seem to take much for him to derail. He doesn’t deserve pity; he deserves our disgust.

Don’t get me started on Mark Zuckerberg - King of the Asswipes for as long as anyone can remember. He’s lost half his wealth over the past several weeks. But he won’t be having to skip lunch – so don’t worry. All I can say is, “Good…couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

I feel your pain, Mariners fans. The Dodgers are out of it, too. After the winningest season in baseball: 111 wins. Doesn’t seem right somehow that a wild card team can come in and ruin what had been a brilliant season. Makes me pine for the old pennant days where the best NL and AL teams went to the World Series. The system in place now may make boodles more money with division games, etc., but you often wind up with two teams that many don’t give a shit about – if you give any shit about baseball which, I think, more and more don’t.


I don't know. There is sort of a cynical symmetry to Kanye being welcomed with open arms into a cult of racist lunatics then getting simultaneously praised for his antisemitism by a MAGA high priestess Candace Owens AND grifted by Candace Owens. It all just makes sense.


There was nothing chaotic about Saturday's Mariners game. It was a pitching duel.


@12: Damn right. Greatest game I've ever attended.


Thanks for the really good news out of SW WA.

Marie Glusenkamp Perez has a very relatable background story. She shows up to press events in Carharts and a blouse, while pro-facist Kent is in a cheap suit. This in a very depressed area of broken loggers, resentful unemployed and a ton of meth addicts. It’s a sad corner of the state. They cut everything and there’s nothing much left to exploit now. Hence the attempts to ship coal and oil out of the funky port in Longview.
What is her vision for addressing the hopelessness of an area? Besides being a bedroom community for Portland (OR has income tax), it’s pretty quiet around there.
Good luck to that area. They need it.



He and Kimmy Kardash? Yeah...that was a marriage made in heaven.

And now, nothing but vultures around him? Maybe they'll pick him clean.


Ye/Kanye is of the same temperament as Alex Jones, George Zimmerman, Kyle Rittenhouse, and Adolf Hitler. Those of thoroughly degraded trust/faith who operate entirely in their heads because their gut (instinctual intelligence) and their hearts (emotional intelligence) are non-functioning. They're floridly defensive troublemakers ridden with anxiety, question everything to a fault, obsessively monitor who follows rules while feeling the need to test the limits of what is permissible. They impulsively cause controversy, ally themselves with authoritarians, militarism, dogmatic religion, and 10 times out of 10 feel compelled to take matters into their own hands.


5 Yes, that is Kanye GOLD no matter what else happens.


“after the winningest season in baseball: 111 wins”
Maybe in the National League.
Didn’t the Mariners win 116 games, and then fold like a cheap tent in the playoffs?
That’s baseball - the team with the best record doesn’t always win.


@2, If money is lost, that's less income to tax.

"Taxes are the price of civilization." - Associate Justice Louis Brandeis, United State Supreme Court.

To collect taxes, first there has to be money making activity.


Man, Zuckerberg had to have known the relentless mocking was inevitable, and just figured it as part of the calculus going into the rollout of his dumb product, or whatever it is. Though this has got to be among the worst case scenarios they could've envisioned. He should consider entering into a partnered branding campaign with the Space Force to help repair the companies image.


@7 @17 The 2001 M's tied the 1906 Cubs record of 116 wins -- achieved eight years before Wrigley Field opened, when the season was ~20 games shorter, so the Cubs still own the best season winning percentage.


@22 I suppose you also believe OJ is innocent too. If juries are infallible and all.


@23, So tell us, based on the letter of Wisconsin Law, and the letter of the instructions given to the jury, you would have reached a different conclusion. That is the basis on which the jurors considered the case.

Wisconsin jury instructions for use of self-defense are found here:

Wisconsin self-defense statute is here:

Rittenhouse shouldn't have been there with a gun doesn't fly because under Wisconsin Law Rittenhouse had as much right to be where he was as anyone else and in Wisconsin you can walk around armed.

So you have some reading to do. We'll wait for how the facts, beyond a reasonable doubt, don't fit the letter of those jury instructions and state laws.


@25, Also Rittenhouse was only added as an afterthought to a single lawsuit by the parents of one of the people Rittenhouse was accused of murdering. The main target of the lawsuit is the police for being negligent in securing the area, so that their son wasn't in a dangerous situation. The lawsuit hasn't gone to trial.

Assuming Rittenhouse is found to have committed wrongful death in the civil suit, that does not mean the jury got it wrong when acquitting Rittenhouse. They are two different acts, judged by two different standards. People are often guilty of the civil offense of wrongful death, but are never charged with any crime.


ah Zuck's Metaverse
kinda like Real life
only vastly

with good ol' Zucky
EVERY thing


Interesting that the white supremacists have changed course and are now choosing to use Blood Quantum on Black people (it's something they've done to Native Americans forever). If non-whites are not fully Native or Fully Black (or Fully whatever non-white race the white people deem is not white), then they can't be considered Fully {insert race here} and therefore not have any rights white people don't want them to have. Perfect way to eliminate all sorts of things white people want to get away with and can't (hey they're part white or part something else so it can't be considered a hate crime! hey they're part white or part something else so they can't receive any assistance based on race - a totally made up thing by us white people)! Can't have any movements regarding the lives of non-whites (but not fully x, y, or z) mattering if white people deem them ineligible for consideration of humanity! FUCK WHITE PEOPLE. As a white person I am sick to fucking death of the bullshit white people do to all other people in the name of preserving their privilege. White people are LITERALLY the minority on the face of the earth and they should suck it up and deal with it. Humanity is the only race. GET.THE.FUCK.OVER.IT.


@2: WTF Brent? Have you been hanging around Elmer and his new roommate, TarZany lately?
Our dwindling Southern resident orcas are well worth saving, and among reasons as to why I limit my driving and consumption of fossil fuels. Are you still pissed that we disagree on driving in snowy conditions, too?
Winter 2023 is supposed to be a bitch again like last year, so bundle up. After a lovely summer, despite its late start and equally nice early autumn--until the wildfires started wrecking havoc on our forests and air quality--my beloved car is already in seasonal hibernation.

@7 & @14 Bauhaus I: Why are idiots like Kanye West such enraptured Trump fans in the first place? The Orange Turd is laughing its ass off from the bunkers of its Mar-a-Lunatic Swamp at goons like "Ye", most likely taking cheap potshots at him at privileged whites only parties. I hope vultures pick the entire GOP clean. May a nationwide blue wave permanently wash away RepubliKKKan neofascism.

@13 PrincessAngeline#2: Hooray for the encouraging news about Marie Gluesenkamp Perez! Here's hoping SW Washington voters have the sense to avoid Joe Kent like the plague at the polls.
I feel just sick about the current shit wave in the 42nd District hate rallying around Mitch McConnell's Trump ho, Tiffany Smiley. They're the exact same idiots who, led by COVID eliminated RepubliKKKan shitwipe Doug the Thug Ericksen, rallied behind the Orange Turd in 2016. I am so glad Ericksen is finally being cornholed in Hell along with his buddy, Rush Limbaugh. A number of dumbfucks in Ferndale actually rallied to name an I-5 overpass after Ericksen, oblivious as usual of Douggie's glaring crimes against humanity and the environment, pandering to the insatiably gluttonous fossil fuel industry.

@15 walldawg: BINGO.

@17 pat L: It was definitely a fun and exciting Mariners season. I'm looking forward to next spring. Go, M's!!

@22 and @25: AHHHH-YEE-YAHHH-EE-YAHHH-EE-YAH-EE-YAAAAAAAAAAH!! What's up, little TarZany? Still lodged in the Orange Turd's cavernous buttcrack and can't get out? Life's a jungle, and hell on Earth when the neofascist you worship so much is nothing other than walking dysentery. You might want to use Spellcheck next time you senselessly rant, ya MAGAt moron.


@28 xina: I share your frustrations. One I have particular trouble with is why anyone of African American lineage is considered Black. I personally do not know any human being with black skin. Seriously. It would be char-burnt.
We as a nation and planet need to embrace biodiversity, not shut it out or threaten mass extinction of everyone and everything non-white.

@30 & @31: YOU'RE the one needing serious help, TarZany. That's a lot of spewing for one whose brain is the size of a peanut. What are you, 40 going on 14? Or are you 14 and mad as hell that you still can't vote and mom won't let you use the car? Get over it already.

@32 blip: Forget it--TarZany is beyond reasoning with. He's blindsided by too much MAGAt misinformation. He probably gargles with hydroxychloroquine every morning.


The Metaverse has always been a desolate wasteland. I'm glad Zucky's losing money ( I agree, Bauhaus I--it couldn't happen to a nicer guy).
Next in line for the race to Chapter 11 are Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.


@24, the jury erred in that case just as much as the OJ jury did. You have a lot of reading to do, not me. And yes, this will be on the midterm.


Why are we pretending that the GOP is not comprised entirely of people who are suffering from mental illness?


@37 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I knew that. RepubliKKKans are all mentally ill as well as horrible people.
This is Reason #1 why I vote Democrat.


@31. Are you Dewey logged into a different account? You sound much younger so I think you are just a weird 20 something asshole. If Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero to you just because maybe he was technically innocent of a crime I would feel incredibly sorry for you, that is of course if your dangerous and fucked world view didn’t make you completely undeserving of empathy.


@39 shoobop: TarBaby's too MAGAt stupid to realize how deeply sunk in the Orange Turd's propagandic muck he is. So much so he gleefully bathes in shit. I think you nailed it---either TarBaby is really Dewey (a.k.a Elmer, a.k.a Raindrop) under a new account name, or Elmer as I have predicted is using his mom's basement as a MAGAt shelter for wayward fellow Trumpist goons. The younger and dumber they are, the more Elmer likes it.
It's supposed to make him feel big, badass, and "important".
(actually impotent--Elmer, TarBaby, ad nauseum are just typical trolling incels).

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