Brad Klippert on the State House floor doing his favorite thing: screaming about anal TVW Screenshot



Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.

And soot. Mostly the soot, but scum would be nice too. And oil while it's at it.

And by someday, I mean tomorrow.


What's left with the Starbucks brand? The left have destroyed its ambiance, a union store or a non union store? Nobody can tell. We're told it's an evil company run by an evil billionaire, yet its products are raved about and copied by competitors. This Starbucks Love/Hate dilemma at least illustrates that the anti-corporate mantra among the left is not as genuine at first thought.


«I thought I would take this opportunity to implore you to do your gender shit in the privacy of your own home»

Priveleged Caucasians do whatever wherever they want - everyone else must do their shit in the privacy of their own homes, or else!


Thank the FSM that the protestors can now return to endlessly bitching about all the homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks now that they've ensured that they've nowhere else to go.

Our terminal kleptocracy is causing exponentially more people all over the US to lose their livelihoods, their homes, and their minds.


@5 -- well that's* what
keeps the Status Quosers 'happy'

see: raindrip
et al

*Dystopia &
Owning the Libtards


@1 Max Solomon: Here's hoping we can get enough rainfall to repair our wildfire charred region without reaching the other extreme---massive flooding. Human made climate change is indeed real.

Hopefully enough rain will wash away every RepubliKKKan to mass extinction. It will be from their own Party-of-Trump-induced Reign of Shit.


I'd be surprised if that Klippert fellow stood much of a chance up there, but the nationwide Secretary of State races and the freaking batshit nut jobs who stand to gain control of profoundly important elections are just another bizarre facet of our outdated, corrupt and undemocratic institutions that continues to wreak havoc on the lives of ordinary citizens.

The Today, Explained podcast did a pretty good summary a couple weeks ago, focusing on a few specific SOS races and talking about the outsized importance they and their outcome will ultimately have.

The Michigan lady in particular, Kristina Karamo, is a freaking trip and I'll never not enjoy the freaking hell out of a mainstream political figure who rails on about the evils of satan (abortion is a satanic practice!) and other paranoid delusional nonsense. Of course, I fondly remember heartily yukking it up every time whatever Trump related idiocy sprang up into the narrative back in early 2016. Remember when he got into a spat with the pope on twitter!?! Man, that was some funny-ass shit.


@5: this is one neighborhood asking why they disproportionately bear the impact of so much of this intractable crisis. it's a legit complaint.

the ID is in rough shape; the squalor is appalling from dearborn & rainier to 4th & yesler. the walking dead are shuffling everywhere. if I were an elderly resident, I wouldn't feel safe, and no, I would not want additional shelter beds added to the neighborhood. particularly after that crazy meth head clocked that lady at the light rail station. and he's probably back out on the street by now.

king co. and the city could provide a plan to address the concerns and try again.


Is Robert Reich taking a cue from kristorarian?


raindrop, starbucks is basic coffee for basic people. no one with an ounce of taste sets foot in one of their stores.

yes, climate change is real, but the reason we were deprived of an absolutely GLORIOUS october was because some idiots set the woods on fire.


«It’s SECB day, baby!»
You and Jas are the leading offenders with the "baby!" suffix as a headline qualifier. This is not your message feed with your mothers. Adding "baby" to a phrase does not make it newsworthy.
Neither of you will get real journalism jobs if you do not start seriously sharpening your chops.


@2 and @11: Incel much, Elmer? Or is it sheer boredom until your usual nightly glut of KVI and Fox TeeVee, ya trolling old MAGA fart?

@5 Original Andrew and @9 Max Solomon: What is currently happening in the CID is all so sad. What is especially frustrating is that it was all preventable. I will never be able to unsee the angry protester with the sign reading "Why Always Us?"


Oh auntie, how could anyone be bored with you around?


Trump's butt-ugly MAGA goon Brad needs his ugly shrooms Klippert. All RepubliKKKan men should be castrated at birth. RepubliKKKans are horrible people and shouldn't be hellbent on overpopulating the Earth.


@15: I keep forgetting--you've still got a couple hours before SuperFriends on Channel 4.
But then again you're up and ignorant 24/7.


@15: Juggling roomies in your mom's basement and changing user names as frequently as you do must be exhausting work, Elmer. A hobby is supposed to pass the time, not fill it.


@13: Agreed.


"he wants to use the office to end vote-by-mail, which is a fucking disastrous policy that would only lead to voter disenfranchisement": Bingo! As I expect you (Ms. Krieg) realize, that's a feature, not a bug. "Conservatives" are all for democracy, provided only the "right" people are allowed to vote.

"Liz Truss resigns": And BoJo the Clown is back, baby! According to the Daily Telegraph, "Boris Johnson tells Tories: I can save party from election wipeout":

The saddest part is, he probably could, if they'd let him. Tories can't win elections without large numbers of people voting against their own interests, and BoJo's one true skill is demagoguery.


good Catch dewey:

one of my Biggest fans*
Bobby 'forgot' to Morph
trickle down into tinkle down.

I shall have a Word with
mr Reich (No relation
to either the Third
nor Fourth) soon
as he can get

*about 5' 2 1/4
in High heels


Schultz reminds me of a typical revolutionary in the developing world. It starts out great. The new government is a huge improvement over the previous regime. He listens to the people, and things improve for the average citizen. But then, over time, he becomes more and more of a dick. Eventually he is a brutal dictator, and the country is no better off than when it was a colony.

Schultz gave a lot of his employees free college tuition (at ASU -- not some crappy university). He pushed for fair trade and ethical source policies that helped reduce the exploitation common in the coffee farms. It is easy to criticize the coffee as second rate, but his main competition is McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts. For millions, Starbucks changed the conversation as to what constitutes not only good coffee, but what it means to drink it. This was nothing new (urban coffee shops in the U. S. go back to at least the beatnik era) but he brought it to the (suburban) masses. I doubt that McDonalds or Dunkin' would have done the same. That might have made opening up a new little coffee shop even harder, just because of the novelty.

It is just sad that he is likely to be known as a rabid union buster, given all of that work. Of course around here he will also be known as the idiot that sold the Sonics (either he was really stupid or didn't give a shit -- either way, shame). I want to think the best of him, but I'm afraid he is just another egomaniac that doesn't second guess his decisions, even if he actually means well.

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