Funny, that's also the face I make when I inadvertently break society. Getty



What is the coding flaw that causes the Today/Yesterday to be off at times?

It seems before a day has a post yesterday's posts will still be marked as "Today".

i.e. before this slog post the previous one was labelled "Today 6:22 PM", but a little later I reloaded, saw your post, and then the last one from yesterday was labelled "Yesterday 6:22 PM"


If Facebook or other similar channels are able to influence elections it's because voters are unengaged and deliberately ignorant. It's somewhat ironic that Will chooses to complain about this when he and TS regularly publish articles that also prey on low information voters by appealing to base emotions and abstract alarmism. It's unfortunate that the electorate isn't more engaged to weed through the bullshit to elect qualified candidates and then hold them accountable once they are in office but we are a distracted society who would much rather blame others for the problems we are facing than take ownership and look for real solutions. That being said the US system is still far better than most other countries and there is no place I'd rather live than here despite the warts.


speaking of fb*
rigged Elections &
Busted Democracy

you know how
They say you Broke it
you Bought it like that's Bad thing?

the far Reich's bought
the USOFA right out from
underneath US. it ain't Broke

it's only just Fixed.

welcome to
2022 to
& Be-

*fuck zuck but
he's just a


-well vastly MORE than a symptom.


the Billion$ $pent
on OUR Elections
to denigrate the

serve to turn peeps
Away from the
voting Booth

blaming the Electorate
for the Schmear

is like the Teevee
telling us they
Only give us
what WE

as they Pocket
all those


"There has been a rise in anti-lgbt hate groups, with armed protesters threatening gay bars & per[f]ormers... "

on Earth
could it Pos-
sibly happen HERE?



creepy photo of Android Z from horror film ‘The Book that Ate My Face’
fits nicely with the current Halloween season!


@11: except Bush v Gore was full-on bullshit and the SCOTUS knew it, because they specifically said it shouldn't set a precedent: “our consideration is limited to the present circumstances.” the teeny tiny GOP-operative "brooks brothers riot" was bullshit, and Dade Co. let themselves be intimidated. Gore conceded.

& i must have missed HRC & Abrams refusing to concede in 2016. all I saw was the pink pussy hat march, a collective expression of grief. whoop de do.

but sure, exactly equivalent to president sociopath and J6. both sides etc.


@13: JINX.


Don't worry readers, even though the Stranger is committed to relentlessly mocking the horrible scourge of "Free Speech" (note to writers: always include scare-quotes when using this term) wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head, rest assured we will continue to honor our commitment to keeping you abreast of the latest developments in mass-produced entertainment products! Today's Exclusive: We rank the Disney IPs!


"That being said the US system is still far better than most other countries and there is no place I'd rather live than here despite the warts."

The U. S. is 36th on the Democracy Index ( just a bit above Cape Verde and Jamaica. USA, USA! Seriously though, like a lot of our public policies, we just aren't that good. Compared to most industrial countries, we are deficient.

The U. S. does have outstanding universities, and it does have outstanding writers. Many of them write for The Atlantic, which has featured articles about Facebook for a while now. Like this one: or this one: Of course these take advantage of a gullible public. You could say the same thing about Putin's Russia. That doesn't excuse it.


@28 if you want to abide by the democraxy index to govern your view of the US I won’t stop you but it should be noted the “top” democracies are primarily smaller countries with homogenous populations and culture something which the US can never be. We clearly have flaws but if you aspire to be Denmark it will never happen.


Wait, what's that? The 8th Circuit just issued a stay on Biden's student debt forgiveness program?

That's awesome!

Working class people shouldn't be stuck paying off the college loans of law degree recipients. Even those who can't hack it in the legal industry and resort to writing in local blogs.


@42 Those are features not bugs. Tyranny of the majority and all that. They are not just preserved because of white supremacy, they are there to ensure different views are included. You only think it’s bad now because you believe the majority agrees with you politically. That may not always be the case.


How dare Dem Leadership fail to pass things for which they obviously do not have enough votes! Worse, why won't they make a symbolic stand that will cement the ongoing narratives about the party being incompetent, not really wanting to pass things and being no better than Republicans anyway. FOH.


Please point to me where the two party system is enshrined or documented anywhere. In fact we have many parties but the fact only two are electable speaks more to tribalism than any flaws in our government.

We are not ruled by the will of the minority but the minority have a voice as was intended. The Dems have the votes in the senate right now to do whatever it is the want but they can’t even get aligned in they own party so it has nothing to do with how the US was designed.


@34: Each state, regardless of population size, has exactly the same number of votes in the Senate. This was done explicitly to prevent a few states with the largest populations from making policy without regard to the smaller populations of the remaining states - In other words, to prevent a tyranny of the popular majority. This has been a basic foundational principle of the US federal system from the very start.


America is over. If you're young, please take over from the fascists. Hint, it isn't going to be easy, and you better start thinking practically, not pie in the sky bs about a wide array of social bs. The only thing that matters is removing most guns from this society. Without that, you'll never improve the police because you'll automatically reduce crime by 2/3. WIthout gun removal, you'll never surmount the plantation elites of this country.

If you're older and you have means, leave. Living in a superpower isn't worth the nightmare.

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