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Will people really be able to tell a difference if Trump returns to Twitter?

Everything he posts on truth social or talks about at rallies already makes it to Twitter immediately, so he never really left.


I like the Greg Nickels redistricting map. I'm pretty sure it draws Alex Pedersen out of D4.


A Trump return to Twitter should be viewed as an acknowledgement that Truth Social is a failure. The only reason for anyone to be on Truth Social is Donald Trump, and if that's no longer his exclusive platform, what's the point?

Unrelated, but it's pretty rich to see Musk complaining about the "relentless pursuit of clicks."


So you either gerrymander the U District or gerrymander Magnolia. They should just go back to the original proposal and split Fremont. There are no perfect solutions here and that one was the lessor of them all.


Associating a popular social media platform with racist morons drives away advertisers which is bad for their customers brand safety and therefore their investors bottom line as advertisers and agencies take their $$$$$ elsewhere. This was already proven with Kanye West, and the former guy is no different. Might take Musk a while to figure that one out.


Solanwatch - not what I was hoping for. I was really expecting his tenure at chief spokes-liar at SPOG to be on life support, with the whomever has the power of attorney to cut it off.
Hershel Walker - somewhere a childs Halloween Sheriff's costume is missing a badge.


"Shell’s Q3 profit in 2021: $4,130,000,000

Shell’s Q3 profit in 2022: $9,454,000,000"

the place that gave us 9/11 hijackers
now gives us Shell Oil

it ain't price gouging
it's just Profiteering
and it's as 'Repub-
lican' as hating
the Homeless

Windfall Profiteerings Tax, anyone?

"They want you to know that way more people struggle with SUD [substance abuse disorder] than you think, and that (shocker!) showing compassion and support for people in their journey to recovery makes a huge difference in whether they succeed."

& I learned
it right here
that they Prefer by
5-1 getting hit by a stick

specially if
they're Homeless


@19 I'm pretty sure Will knows exactly what he is writing and is just gaslighting the readers as part of it.

forgot to mention in my first post that if the commission ends up going with the new proposal and moves the UW to D3 Sawant would probably be untouchable. I can only assume TS doesn't like it because it would also make Peterson fairly untouchable as well.



Nearly 1/4 of all 80+ year olds suffer from some form of dementia, but yeah sure, let's go ahead and force them all to learn to keep & use deadly firearms as well, what could possibly go wrong? On a semi-related note, it seems absurd that one of the half dozen or so most prominent politicians in the country isn't afforded full time security protection.


The Phillies beat the Padres, thus making my San Diego friends sad and depressed. They need to go down. Go Astros.


Talton is a good writer. When he focuses on the big picture, he usually gets it right. When he focuses on smaller potatoes (like Seattle issues) he often gets confused. His thinking on transit, for example, is just misguided. Believing that a light rail line from Seattle to the Tacoma Dome will somehow change Tacoma is absurd. It will be a huge waste of money, better spent on decent bus service. But again, Talton is more of a macro guy, and people like reading about micro things (like a so-called Amazon tax).



black & white porn


giving a gun to an
Alzheimer's victim at
later stages would be like
giving a three year old a pistol

and they'd Never believe
they'd shot anyone


speaking of Weaponizing
anti-social media or not nyt:

'Regulators will closely monitor what changes Mr. Musk makes at Twitter, especially in Europe.

A new law that passed this year in the European Union could subject the company to fines if it fails to address problems like toxic speech and misinformation.'


but these United States are too
Weak to stand up to
innernet Bullies
and Profiteers
'cuz WE may
be One

and I'm gonna
buy a Network.

and maybe a Spaceship.


"Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hellscape": Wait, isn't it that already? Remember when Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admitted, in a leaked memo, that the company "sucks at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform, and we've sucked at it for years"?

I signed up for a Twitter account in 2007, because it was the darling of Silicon Valley, and I had a professional obligation to pay attention to such things. In the beginning, it was merely ridiculous, a sort of internet telegraphy. Then it became beloved of trolls and spammers and hence obnoxious as well as ridiculous. I never used it much, and I stopped altogether about ten years ago. (Even then, the porn bots were getting to be more than a bit much.)

I suspect the ascendancy of King-in-his-own-mind Elon will be the death of it, at least outside the USA. In Europe, Canada, and other relatively civilized places, his idiotic notion of "free speech" won't go over well. If so, good riddance! If there must be Twitter-like services at all, there's no good reason why there shouldn't be lots of them, and they certainly don't need to be American. As I commented here earlier this month, the "tech" isn't deep.


And then there's Facebook (I refuse to call it Meta). "Facebook parent Meta Platforms is making a huge investment in virtual reality, but its actual reality is looking like a real disaster.": I predicted this, and I expect many other people did too, because it's rather obvious. Few people outside the "tech" bubble feel any interest in "the metaverse". It strikes most people as just kind of dorky. That isn't to say there's no money in it, but if you're hoping for a billion users, you're going to be disappointed.

Having Zuck's name on it does it no favors, either. Because he lives in a billionaire's bubble, Zuck probably doesn't understand how badly he screwed the pooch during the past few years. 15 years ago, when Facebook was on the rise against MySpace, most of the public vaguely trusted Silicon Valley. Not anymore, and particularly not Facebook. It's hard to think of another company that has sustained and survived - so far - such brutal reputational damage (and deservedly so).


Why does anyone care about twitter? It has to be the dumbest platform ever developed. It's a triumph of marketing over substance.

Think about it: You can say something on the internet and people can repeat it or reply to it. It's like a "see and say" for adults.

With that said, I had a Twitter account, and this morning I deactivated it. People on the left are saying that we need to "stay and fight" but why? At it's core, it seems to be bots, celebrities, governmental agencies, and corporations.

How about this: Everyone of normal intelligence and earning potential deactivate their accounts and then put pressure on those celebrities, governmental agencies, and corporations (especially the agencies and corporations) to deactivate their twitter accounts. General Mills knew how to tell people about Cheerios before Twitter, and they'll find a way to do it without Twitter.

Let's start with local government: Why does the City of Seattle allow any department to have a twitter account? Is there really anyone out there who you can't reach without twitter?


@49: meantime the RW is pleased as punch that boycotting Twitter will de-platform Libs. we'll all stop giving them shit and they can have another echo chamber.

@16: I'm not aware of any passed or impending legislation that would remove handgun rights. the Safer Communities Act? Maybe you were just exaggerating?


@49: +1 Catalina for the WIN!!! Keep on rocking the house! This is exactly why I never opened a Twitter account and never will. The further away I am from Donald Trump, the Orange Turd, and its equally sick loyalists, the better.

@50 Max Solomon: I hear you, Max. I'm just exhausted seeing and hearing about Donald Trump, the Orange Turd in the media All.The. Fucking. TIME.


@17: We need to ban RepubliKKKans and the idiots who keep voting for them NOW!


@35: I had no idea. You have my condolences. I am very sorry for your loss.


Max dear, Twitter is a money making organization, not a public utility. If enough people leave it (and the agencies, etc). they will lose advertisers, or be forced to go with the sort of low-rent advertisers that AM radio carries (survival food, Medicare Advantage, patent medicines, etc). This will in turn affect their stock price. All that will be left will be the cranks, the bots, and probably the porn stars.

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