Capitol Hill Halloween revelers looked cute this weekend: Capitol Hill Seattle Blawg posted a nice roundup of Halloweekend from photographer Alex Garland. Phoebe Bridgers and her skeleton costume really has a hold on a whole generation. I also noticed a lot of "scary clowns" (redundant) this year. What's up with that? 

New poll on banning cars: According to a poll from KING 5, the Seattle Times, and the University of Washington, 38% of Washington "adults" support Governor Jay Inslee's plant to ban the sale of gas-powered kid-killers after 2035. About 48% oppose the measure and 14% don't know how they feel. Support breaks down on predictable ideological lines: the planet-melters hate the idea, and liberals like the idea. 

Lay off this planter: 

Stop ramming stolen cars into pot shops to steal stuff: In one week, people used that tactic to rob five cannabis purveyors in South King County, KIRO reports. Police have arrested no suspects (lol), and though a security guard exchanged shots with someone during one of the incidents, KIRO reports no injuries. Pot shop robberies will continue at the current pace until Congress and the President pass a bill to let these companies use the fucking bank. 

The lack of formal opposition to the minimum wage increase measure in Tukwila is mind-blowing. Read a full breakdown about the Stranger-endorsed initiative over at the Seattle Times

Gun injuries and deaths in King County have dipped, but the number of shots fired has increased. According to a Seattle Times review of the county prosecutor's dashboard, 2021 saw 73 deaths, 283 injuries, and 1,036 shots fired by this time of year. So far in 2022, we've seen 70 deaths, 256 injuries, and 1,246 shots fired. Those aged between 18 and 24 account for a lower share of gun violence victims, which could be a result of violence intervention programs championed by the likes of Leesa Manion, the Stranger's pick for King County Prosecutor. 

Before you start going off about Democrats in Olympia responsible for the gun violence, its useful to note, as the Times notes, that "the increase in gun violence has been largely attributed to the social and financial stressors associated with the pandemic, coupled with a surge in firearm purchases nationally." 

Did you catch the US Senate debate on Sunday? Republican Tiffany Smiley sounded like an idiot, Hannah reports.

Biden looks to lower gas prices. The President told gas and oil companies they need to increase production in an effort to lower the price of gasoline at the pump. If they don't, then he's gonna tax the fuck outta them. That is not a direct quote, but it's what he was probably thinking. Dude loves to curse.

The Supreme Court has blocked Trump's tax returns. Writes CNBC, "Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday temporarily blocked the House Ways and Means Committee from obtaining years of federal income tax returns of former President Donald Trump and related business entities from the IRS." I am so tired of hearing about Turnip's tax returns. (One time my fingers accidentally typed Turnip when I meant to type Trump, so I'm going with it.)

For the true crime followers. Indiana police have made an arrest in what has come to be known as the Delphi murders. Teen girls Libby German and Abby Williams were murdered in 2017, and video footage of a man allegedly following the girls not long before they were killed was found on one of their cell phones. Fifty-year-old Richard Allen, who initially came forward as a witness in the case, has been charged with two counts of murder.

For the book nerd followers. Penguin Random House doesn't get to merge with Simon & Schuster after the "District Court for the District of Columbia found that the proposed merger might 'substantially lessen competition.'"

Taylor Swift makes history. Or should I say HERstory??? lololololol anyway she's the first artist to fill the entire top 10 slots of Billboard's Hot 100 list. Drake came close last year when he had nine songs featured in the top spots of the list but no dice Drake, sorry. Swift also announced a stadium tour this morning. She'll be at Lumen Field July 22 with Haim and Gracie Abrams. Paramore, Phoebe Bridgers, MUNA, GAYLE, and more are also playing dates with the singer, which is great because for DECADES Swift only had white men with her on tour. Thank you, Tay Tay. 😘

Look at this dummy.

Takeoff, of rap group Migos, was shot dead early this morning. Kirsnick Khari Ball was reportedly attending a private party at a Houston bowling alley at the time of the shooting. Two others were shot and injured. Police say they are looking for a suspect and it will be investigated as a homicide.

My actual nightmare. More than 130 people have died after a cable bridge in India collapsed. The bridge, which was built in the late 19th century, reopened just last week after being closed for months for repairs. Nine people so far have been arrested.

In honor of the Swifties, we leave you with "Midnight Rain"