Could you really stand to disappoint such a cute face??? Get that ballot in! WC



Luckily Republicans have shown responding to subpoenas is optional so there's really no reason for any Democrat to show up for their bullshit.


If Twitter is so awful, at what point will The Stranger stop amplifying Twitter's media influence by reposting tweets and imbedding content in their articles?

Srsly, stop.


Here's Will with another disgusting take! Big surprise!! To reiterate, if twitter offends you so much, you can just leave it, or are you afraid you might have to actually write an article instead of just posting more bad takes from twitter? Now that free speech is allowed to go unchecked, Stranger and other news outlets are working overtime to protest and shut it down. I saw the same regurgitated article on 3 other MSM websites how some D-list celebrities were leaving twatter now because "mah freedom" , or something. Just go away , no one cares!!


In defense of the Seattle cop, odds are good that those sheriff's deputies were also Proud Boys.



You seem to care a great deal.


@6 "Now that free speech is allowed to go unchecked"


Bonus points for "MSM."


McMitch KkKonnell's kangaroo court long
ago sold Free Speech down the River
and now ONLY the Wealthy
can truly Afford it.

Rupert Murdoch
Newt Grinsrich
Ellon Musk
and especially You
Rush 'the Oxymoron' Limpbah

may he Remain in


Re: Baseball . Everyone still complaining about them cheatin' Astros need to check their history. The Phillies were instigated in the same sign stealing shenanigans awhile back :
To be fair I am in favor of a good game, but there has been alot of accusations and its pretty unfair considering the Astros team that was guilty of the cheating has only 3-4 players that were on that team and zero management.



"Now that
free speech is al-
lowed to go unchecked... "

promptly followed up by

"To be fair
I am in favor
of a good game... "

we Believe you.
we're really stupid.


media be the
Death of usa yet.

but the Rich
already Got theirs
so not to Worry folks

They're gonna
be Just


Yep some cognitive dissonance criticizing Twitter, where this alt weekly has plenty of presence. Recognize this anti-democracy tool owned by a shady billionaire for what it is, delete your accounts!


Accusations of hypocrisy against entities for having the gall to both use and scrutinize twitter are so fucking stupid. It is (quite unfortunately) among the most far reaching and widely used platforms in the history of human civilization. Stranger writers would be morons to refrain from both using as well as critiquing it. It's reminiscent of the idiotic criticism of the kayakers who were protesting the oil industry, because kayaks use oil in their manufacture. Ideological purity demands are for dim-witted idiots. When even the freaking evangelical nut jobs at the Washington Times are pointing out your nonsense, you've entered into a dark place.


The problem is the Stranger did not just blow their credibility when they went all-in on a half-baked "abolish" platform, but in the case of this specific writer they have achieved negative credibility. Now when they stan for a candidate I have to apply extra scrutiny-- is this another zealot who doesn't know or care to know how government works? Another reverse Trump-land public official, who only wants to be selected to lead an institution so they can dismantle it?


Anyone who votes republican is a fascist shit bag.


Thank you for the podcast referral.


Silly me. I thought the appropriate way to keep Trump from office was to vote in the other guy. Shows what I know.


"It's the economy, stupid: Or maybe that line has always been nonsense and our national media institutions construct reality for most people without the time and training to interpret raw economic data?"

It isn't the economy, and it hasn't been for a long time. American voting is dominated by tribalism. In particular, the supertribe of white-, male-, and christianist-supremacists consistently vote against their own economic interests. Some of them (e.g., my mother) even know it. However, they consider it a sacrifice worth making, to forestall the horrifying prospect of sharing the country with uppity, er, brown people, "feminazis", "heathens", etc. as anything like equals. It's a politics of spite.


Elon is like what happens when a neckbeard wins the lottery. I think there's a good chance he gets caught jerking it to hentai in his office.
Also, boo Astros.


^^ So great. The "rest of the country" will literally vote for a cult of total lunatics that attempted a coup to overthrow a free and fair election. Just so gas prices MIGHT get cheaper. Even though the president and congress have almost zero effect on commodities prices.

That right there is like reading a book about the rise of Nazi Germany in a nation of illiterates.

And Jesus. Can you please just try to type a cogent fucking paragraph with some punctuation every once in a while, shitbag?

Like, what the fuck does this mess ("These are the same Democrats that what people would called Election Deniers back in 2016 or Vaccine Skeptics before they got in office in 2020.") even mean?

This is a nation of god damned morons.


@29 - I couldn't figure out what the hell that sentence was supposed to mean either. And if people are dumb enough to vote for Nazis who promise them cheap gas, then we're all fucked.


It's the RepubliKKKans, stupid.

@25 blip for the WIN!

@30 dvs99: I share your concerns, frustrations, and outrage.
The GOP relies heavily on the dumbest morons to ensure that their self-serving 1%er demands are the law of the land. MAGAts the easiest to manipulate into voting against their best interests by fahtin' fer their Free Dumbs for "Record Profits". The grinning Big Suit among the Proud Boys of Misinformation on Fox TeeVee says so. The insurrectionist goons of January 6, 2021 are nothing but bootlicking pawns of the insanely wealthy and corrupt.

@31: The truth hurts, raindrop. And often far too many of the wrong people.

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