the red wave barely made it to shore as a trickle. in a low turnout year, there is a lot to be hopeful about with these results. with inflation, biden's low approval rating, and the relentless hammering of GOP PACS about how everything is apocalyptic, the fact that dems held them back is pretty astounding. think of what the results might have been in a high turnout year. abortion will be on the ballot in 2024 as well.


Hahaha eat shit and fuck off Smiley. It was clear she never even understood what a US Senator does since her whole histrionic shtick was about crime in Seattle.

But did you hear her husband is blind? She thought playing that card over and over would be a winner, but I bet even he could see her hilarious loss coming.


Cautiously optimistic about the results. Turns out most voters aren’t demanding fascism after all.
I want accountability from the lying mass media:

The New York Slimes
The Washington Pust
The Hell
dumFux Nooz
Our own local Suburban Times
and an extra special fuck you to 538

Those gawd-dam, soulless, fascist propagandists, cheering the ongoing Republinazi terrorist attack against us–they’re shameless, lying whores who’ll say anything for a buck.


Joe Kent going down would be a sweet MAGA backfire. Imagine if the Dems hold the House by a single vote...


“Roevember, however, did not happen either.”

Meanwhile, back in reality, abortion rights did extremely well:

“Voters in four states moved to affirm abortion rights on Tuesday, CNN projects, following a months-long push from Democrats nationwide to act on the issue in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade in June.”



@8, might wanna take your sarcasm detector to the shop.


wow even The Trees
are cheerful this am.

speaking of Jews
I LOVE Alan Shapiro
see also

"And in Oregon: Voters decided that slavery can't be used as punishment for a crime. It is 2022."

see the Beginning
of the END of Capitalism
geesh we barely Knew ya.

Adios, Bitches.
el Zucko: "I’ve decided to reduce the size of our team by about 13% and let more than 11,000 of our talented employees go. We are also taking a number of additional steps to become a leaner and more efficient.. " …and Ruthless Destroyer of all things Social -- except, duh, ANTI-Social Mass Media

Welcome, Komrades to Our Future.

@3 -- good List but you've
Somehow totes Forgotten
the Post-birth Retroactives
sure: it's A Thing.

thanks!!! Chas.


"Fire One Million"
-Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zuckerberg


@Andrew see:

The Politicians Who
Destroyed Our Democracy
Want Us to Vote for Them to Save It

listen or read:

NOT for the Faint of heart

btw -- the ny Times commentariat
is worth More Than the
Price of admission
@ $4/wk

@11 -- and this the tease from Rolling Stone:
Has This Democrat Cracked Trump’s Code?

By constantly taking the fight to someone, Josh Shapiro has found a way to channel working-class rage away from unwinnable culture wars and into populist economics.

Shapiro WON by the way.


Governor Shapiro. apologies


Florida going deep red isn’t all that shocking. The northern half was always considered Old South. Only the Jewish people, the African-Americans, and the Cuban-Americans in and around Miami moderated the vote. Lots of yee-haw everywhere else. But the Cuban-Americans, rabidly anti-Castro, have been switching parties since Nixon, and they are largely devoutly Catholic and socially conservative. Remember all that shit with Anita Bryant?

Ohio going so red is the big surprise. I know the state is greatly rural and small townish, but the urban, industrial north doesn’t seem to have much of a say anymore. They can’t all be Rust Belt victims supporting Trump, can they? JD Vance, seen as possibly the worst campaigner of all time, wins. “Hi, y’all. I wrote ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ so vote for me. Trump is the Messiah. I’m off now in my private plane to somewhere fun.”

Beto, Stacey, and Charlie Crist. All very good people I have no doubt. But Democrats, let’s stop running people who can’t win elections. They’ve all moved now from Contender category to Perennial Candidate classification. We gotta stop using elections and candidates to make statements.


@7: what to do with all those Handmaid's Tale outfits now that the voters have confirmed the Forced Birth Apocalypse is not upon us?


"We gotta stop using elections and candidates to make statements." --@Bauhaus

sure be Nice
if We, The PEEPS
Owned a little Mass Media

and NO, NPR*
does Not count

see Democracy Now
the Thom Hartmann Program

*corporate fucking Funded


@9 -- fuck you
and your Complicity too.


Yes. There was not a Red Wave. Exclusively due to full effort of Democratic alarm, a fair ground game, and the increasing ferocity of GOP delusion.

That said I hate to burst everyones bubble, but a shift to the right occurred in EVERY demographic. Including women. Fear mongering absolutely DID win last night.

And that does not bode well. Because the Republicans seized key positions to further block progress and sabotage the democratic process further. It's not going to be an easy two years. (And why I am doubling my efforts to move over seas full time.)

Americans are quickly deciding that reproductive rights, democracy and sane policy is much less important than fear mongering about crime and gas prices.

And that bullshit could be not better demonstrated than right here with our local Dipshit commentariat who swallow that same fear propaganda hook line and sinker.

There is no more fascist symptom than trading the principles of democracy for the illusion of some kind of "security" for the narrowest band of shrinking middle class pearl clutchers. And the unemployment is about to get worse now that the GOPutin can practically sabotage all policy and interest rates are going up even more.

It's less and less my worry. But I'd spend less time whining here and more time organizing in meat space if I were you. Vain hope.


@19 oh fuck off asshole. They literally plan to outlaw all abortion, you shitbag. And the worst was barely held at bay.


nyt: Warnock and Walker head to a
runoff in the pivotal Georgia Senate race.

ATLANTA — The race between Senator Raphael Warnock, the Democratic incumbent, and his Republican opponent, Herschel Walker, will continue into a December runoff election, according to The Associated Press, as neither candidate cleared the 50 percent threshold to win on Tuesday.

The result injects even more uncertainty into a race that both parties see as critical to deciding control of the U.S. Senate.

Mr. Walker, a political newcomer with significant personal baggage, ran a hyper-conservative campaign with thinly outlined policy plans and heavy appeals to social and cultural issues.

Mr. Warnock, who is also the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, campaigned largely on his work over the last two years in the Senate. He emphasized the legislation he passed alongside Republican senators, and his party’s policy wins for low-income Georgians and those over age 65.
--by Maya King

& they'll be spending
BILLION$ on this
little Run-off.


@23: I feel downright blessed by your response - as if I really hit a nerve! Spent lots of time sewing those outfits, eh?


@26 I'm an old. The future is not mine anymore. What scant time I have I want to spend it in civilization.

No place is perfect. But I honestly do not care about "political agency" when I will be living in a nation with universal healthcare, reasonable gun control, police accountability, higher scientific literacy rates, low tolerance for religious extremism, and laws firmly in place governing how much power billionaires can exert.

These are not leftist positions in most of the EU. They are simply how society works. Right and left largely agree about most of the above. I held out hope that America might learn this. But that hope is long dead. America and Americans are stupid as shit.

You people are on your own.


corporate Dems
Hate ths shit:

Democratic Socialist Summer Lee’s
Victory in Pennsylvania Gives
Progressives a Boost
in House

she's a fucking

send 'em fully packed to Utah.
they'll Know what to Do with 'em.


Beto didn't stand a chance. You can't tell Texans you're going to confiscate guns and expect to win an election there. Biggest "duh" of the decade.


Kristo, I know you have a
hard on for me, but
what exactly did
I do by
out Blip was
‘avin a laff that
prompted your “fuck
you and your complicity too”?


@22, @23, @28, ad nauseum ad infinitum:

Thank you for finally doing the only thing you could ever do to improve the United States. (Door, ass, etc.) We will continue to improve our great country, with neither your permission nor your “help.”

(Note: it remains the “world wide web,” so you can still be banned from here. Again. And again. And again…)


wrong asshole:
@21 was for @8.


Reproductive rights are effectively illegal in almost three quarters of the nation.
The Republican Party tries to overthrow a free and fair election.
More official government sponsored book bans and political censorship in the last five years than the previous twenty.
Rogue governors abducting human beings.
Healthcare costs just jumped an average 13-25% in the last year alone.
US Life expectancy is contracting and lower than most of the OEDC.
Sixty-one percent of U.S. adults were considered middle class in 1971, dropping to just 50% in 2021.
And we have almost third of a major political party that purportedly believes a former Secretary of State is pedo vampire.

Great improvement. What exactly are you bragging about, shit for brains?


@12: KY is not TN - they even have a Dem. governor (!)


@31 -- a decent Effort.

oh and my suck-my-dick
Rejoinder* to your Dis-
paraging comment
to me recently was
metaphoric Not

sorry to get
your Hopes up.

*a Classic Mark Morris retort -- after being
asked by a fellow student upon entering
a rest room at Mercer Island High if he
was gay -- way back then a homo-
phobic slur-- 'come in here, suck
my Dick and fucking Find Out.'


Having lived in Texas most of my adult life, I can say that Democrats should absolutely not give up on Texas; they just need to find candidates that are considered serious. I always knew Abbot would win, as Beto is not as popular down there as he certainly seems to be nationwide. He's sort of like a Democratic Sarah Palin in that the locals feel he is an attention hog focused more on the national media than local issues. His schtick has gotten old, and it's time to put him out to pasture.

That said, Texas is far more pale pink than red, and the right Democratic candidate(s) can certainly win there. Unfortunately, as with so many parts of the country and as with potential Presidential candidates, the Democratic bench doesn't seem that deep in Texas at the moment.


Roevember did happen.

Normally, the election 2 years after a change in party for the President, you lose either the House by 40 or the House by 40 and the Senate by 20.

When the numbers come out this weekend, you'll see neither happened.

Oh and lots of Governors turned Blue.


@7 five (5) states voted pro-choice laws onto the books, actually, not four.


Sir Toby II, I agree with you to a point, but I think the problem comes down to three things:

1) Dubious election practices in "red" states: There is no excuse to not have nationwide mail-in voting. No old-timey polling places with or without armed goons. The current process is designed to discourage votes in certain areas and encourage voters in other areas.

2) Democratic Abandonment: This one is near and dear to me as a part-time resident of Eastern Washington. I had a look at a ballot in Grant County and it was a disgrace. Only one Democratic candidate out of a slate of a dozen or so races. Rural areas - especially in places like Grant County, which basically exists because of "big government" programs (Bonneville Power Administration, Bureau of Land Management, Farm Subsidies)

3) Gerrymandering. This is a failing of both parties, but particularly of the Republicans.

Unfortunately, #1 and #3 can't be fixed until we get enough Democrats in Congress to resolve it.


4) Americans perpetual PollyAnna attitude that "The New Normal Isn't That Bad." And there's never a time for radical changes — unless it's radical rightwing changes.

5) America is a Fear Based Thinking society. It always has been. And fear based thinking is one step away from fascism.

The Right plays aysemtrical warfare. They can weaponize best intentions of the Left with culture wars and fear. And the Center just shifts into the Overton Window because NEW Change is too frightening and takes time, OLD Change they've seen before and generally only effects the disenfranchised initially.

Crime and homelessness are the litmus test issues for this. See how easy it was to turn people who claim to left of center to the right by simply frightening them with a few scary ads largely based on bullshit. Slog past 2015 is the quintessential example.


No red wave yet I'm still getting a pop up ad from The Stranger telling me it's imminent please give us money!


@35: You’re still here? Oh, yeah, right — your brilliant, classy repartee just shouldn’t be missed.

Since you pulled 1971 out of your ass, here’s a few questions:

Did you attend a lot of same-sex weddings that year?

How many American teenagers got sympathetic diagnoses and peer-support for gender dysphoria that year?

Clean Water Act — just established the year before, most waterways were still unfit for human use.

For how many openly gay elected officials did you vote, back then?

Life expectancy dropped because of COVID, which didn’t exist back then.

Counting down the days…


@47 - Those are still anecdotes, not statistics. Crime is still far, far below what it was at its peak in the early 90's. It's also cyclical with routine up and downs; we're in a slight upward trend now, but it still doesn't even come close to early 90's levels. Democrats did a shitty job of pointing that out.


@49 raindrop is right if we take his key words to be "...we see in news reports." Crime is way, way down, but crime stories in the media -- particularly local news outlets -- are way, way up.


Dems are SAF
at pointing shit out
like running against the
certifiably batshit crazy etc

and their Inability to
Seize the Day
is fucking

no wonder we're
neck and neck

it's almost
like it's
that way.


@4 Brent Gumbo and @6 DOUG: Agreed. Pretty sweet, indeed.

I'm grateful that enough Washingtonians could see right through Mitch McConnell-appointed Trump ho Tiffany Smiley to re-elect six-term Senator, Patty Murray. If the MAGAts in the 42nd District (i.e., Lynden) are pissed, tough shit. Suck it and CHOKE, Turtle-boy!

@30: Down, Swifty, down. Don't go off like a truly unhinged gun nut. You could hurt yourself.

@38 Morty: I truly miss the days of when Ann Richards was Governor of Texas from 1991-1995, and Ann's daughter, Cecile was president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund from 2006 to 2018. WTF besides unchecked good ol' boyism, the NRA, and RWNJs has caused the rise to such blood red extremities ever since?

@40 and @41 Will in Seattle: Thank heavens.

@43: Catalina Vel-DuRay: So spot on, as usual. Well said and summarized.


@51 - Hey Dipshit, I've done more in any typical week over a three decade period to console and assist victims of crime than you could ever dream of doing in your entire lifetime, so fuck off with your deflecting "compassion" bullshit. Writ large, those incidents you note are anecdotes, statistically they are anecdotes, and when you're talking about a widespread perception of crime run amok, that matters when actual statistics are very counter to that perception.

Until the last 2 years, we had been a steady downward trend with crime for over 20 years. That's an amazing run, one that given the up and down nature of crime shouldn't have been so consistent AND so long. I was, tho, but it was never going to last forever, never. It was always going to come to an end, and we were always going to see a significant increase over a few years, always. That's simply the cyclical nature of crime. It always has been. But even with the recent increase, crime is still far lower than it was throughout the 80's and 90's.

I can go to a period in our history when crime was at its all-time low point and still find more than plenty of horrific and/or gruesome Republicans have done for this current period during their campaigns. All the gruesome crimes that I would find for that period would not mean it wasn't the lowest crime time. The Dems did a shitty job of pointing out a little concept I like to call "perspective" to people.

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