Proud of her for not going the Loren Culp route. ANTHONY KEO



Makes sense for Musk to ban remote work. It's harder to impregnate your employees that way.


I'm so glad I don't have to see Smiley's stupid, fake face anymore. "I'm 100% Pro-Life" still reverberates through my nightmares.


Simply reheating won't kill bacteria. The deli advice needs revisiting.


oh man, she got the crazy eyes


We can't access our profiles anymore on Slog to change our pictures. Hope they fix.


@1 hahaha. Well done.

As for the election deniers. The only reason they abandon that course of action is they don’t have the money for the official challenges.

Smiley is not in a strategic position for the GOP to send her precious war chest funds (what Trump did not steal). And she sure as shit isn’t spending her own money.

However people like Smiley continue to claim phony fraud and all that to their base and happily further undermine faith in democracy.

Trump lost 63 straight court challenges and every other effort to uncover supposed fraud failed because they wasn’t any fraud and they never intended to find any.

It was a fund raising grift. One that continues. And Trump is keeping all the money. And suddenly the rest of the cult is discovering there are no resources to back their bullshit.


Per CDC guidelines, heating to 165 Fahrenheit (74C) does kill Listeria (and most other bacteria that can live in the human body), and destroys the toxic proteins that Listeria makes. But you must make sure that the food is 165F throughout, not just on the surface.


@3 Reheating to 165F will not kill all bacteria, but it will kill Listeria. The FDA knows a lot more about this than you do, Phoebes.


@11 Even if I had another account I couldn't change that picture so your response isn't helpful.


@9: Yes, not just until the cheese melts!


40s?...30s?, November? That’s a good thing, right? I’m sure there’s some who’d adore the idea, but I don’t want a Thanksgiving picnic at the beach.

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Brad Klippert. Who has the time and energy anymore to worry about what people put up their butts? Those of us who consider ourselves city folk forget there are still people like Klippert out there. Still trying to make a name for themselves by arousing the supposedly dildo-less, silent majority. We often get accused, we city folk, of ignoring or dismissing people who still listen to Billy Sunday’s call for oppression. Hey, Brad, we don’t fuck animals because animals can’t consent and because – well, ew. But we are consenting adults amongst ourselves. It’s not so much that we ignore Klippert and his club. We are just tired of the same ol’, same ol’ and simply don’t have the time or energy to give audience to such nonsense. At least, I don’t. I fought and mostly won those battles years ago.

I had a friend who work as an aide in Congress for many years – started out as a young guy there. Two things he told me: People in Washington are always working. Even at parties they are working. And as cliched as it sounds, there is, he said, an inversely proportional ratio to conservatism and kink. It’s almost always the Bible thumpers who like to get it on in a distinctly big way. So, their roles as arbitrators of their brand of social morality is what? Performance art?

Not to imply, perhaps, that Klippert is pervy, I’m just saying we all have out soft spots, so give it up, pal. Yawn. The world has moved on.

It would be great fun if it weren’t so problematic. When these people are in control of legislation, they can make it pretty unpleasant for people like you and me, we city folk, who just want to be happy, not hurt anyone, wish everyone well, and live our lives the best we can for the short time that we are here.

It's too Trumpy to accuse the other side of playing with ballot boxes, so I have very mixed feelings about talking about Kevin McCarthy (sigh of grief) already planning to take over the House. He sure seems sure that it’s a done deal. Sort of reminds me a little of Jeb Bush phoning his brother at 10 o’clock in the morning on Election Day 2000 to say, “You don’t have to worry about Florida.”

Lastly, here’s wishing a peaceful day to all our veterans on Veterans’ Day. Thank you so much for your service to our country.


@1 and @4 are correct.

As for Putin, humiliations galore.


About 15 - I guess the more conservative you are, the more likely the kink is a direct proportion. I apologize for the error.


Musk bans remote work at Twitter! Yes! Having laid off half of the staff at Twitter, he’s now goading the other half into quitting. Who wants to return to cube-farm commuting when there are so many remote-work tech jobs available now? Twitter is a toxic wasteland of garbage, and the sooner it dies, the better. Go Elon, you’re a bona fide genius, and don’t let anyone who still works at Twitter tell you otherwise!


There's nothing quite as dreary as working in an office building that is mostly empty because so many people have been laid off. Believe me, I've been there.


@18 not so sure about that anymore. Meta laid off 11k today. Many other techs have either done similar lay offs and/or have hiring freezes in effect. Job market went from calling your shot in the spring to feeling lucky to be employed by the fall. Probably best to hunker down and come into the office until next year when companies will start actively recruiting again.


@1 Brent Gumbo: Bravo and bullseye! This time I got your sarcasm loud and clear.

@2 theincrediblek :+1 Thank you, and congratulations for beating me to it. Word and amen.

@4 Middleman: What did you expect for a McConnell-appointed Trump ho full of hot air?

@7 RogertheShrubber: Maybe if we're lucky the MAGAts will eat their own until they reach mass extinction.

@19 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I feel your pain.


‘Also, the SHRC cannot “simply” move the funding designated for the Human Rights Day celebration to something else without a “multi-step process.” Should the commission vote to cancel the event and not properly redirect the funds by the end of the year, the money will go back to the general fund,‘

The Seattle Human Rights Commission should never have believed Howard Gale when he told them they were independent. He was just using them, in his attempts to interfere with the federal court’s police-reform efforts. After their attempted meddling got smacked down by the City Attorney’s office, Gale abandoned them to wallow flatulently in their shallow ocean of whiny butthurt.

Even after some resignations, the leftover Commissioners seem not to have learned their Commission is not independent. It exists to advise the Mayor on policy; the Commission cannot pursue policy contrary to the Mayor’s or City’s policy. Sweeping encampments is the Mayor’s and City’s policy, and the Seattle Human Rights Commission cannot oppose this policy, especially not by misallocation of public funds to a blatantly political activist group like Stop The Sweeps.


That song sucks. I voted Dem, but if they keep letting punk carjackers get off scot free, then eventually they'll lose the mainstream voters who help the wackadoodle wing fight the psychotic right. Americans were smart enough to see the agitprop for what it is, but once fascism is off the ballot, they'll start running away from the loons on the left (jail for GTA and assault doesn't work crowd) for people who want to EVICT fentanyl addicts (renters, not the entitled home owners (city elite media and govt) who get to speculate on what living next to these nutcases is actually like).

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